Sports Astrology - Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Sports Astrology

In this Sports Astrology section I will be making analyses and predictions of various sports events using Astrology ONLY.

Here is an analysis and prediction of the World Chess Title Final that takes place tomorrow – April the 24th 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Anand-Topalov World Chess Title Match 2010

I was thinking of nothing in particular that night when suddenly a question popped up in my mind “Who will be the next World Chess Champion?” The Title will go either to the Bulgarian challenger Topalov, or will remain with the reigning Champion from India – Anand. There exist a few variations of this question but going to its core, and given the context, it can only be: Will the World Chess Champion Be Dethroned?”

Chart calculated with Morinus free software.

Sports Astrology - Will Anand Be Dethroned in 2010 WC

Doing the chart for the time the question was properly formulated: 4.48 AM on the 7th of April 2010 in Ruse, Bulgaria, Regiomontanus houses, one notices right away two of the classical considerations before judgement: Saturn in the 7th House and the Moon void of course (unless the outer planets play a significant role, I do not pay much attention to them, therefore the Moon’s sextile with Uranus is ignored; the Moon does not perfect its trine to Saturn before changing her sign.) According to the tradition, this chart should not be judged. The Astrologer will experience hindrance in his judgement due to Saturn’s 7th House position and when the Moon is void of course, nothing happens. Well, that depends on the context!

Now, such questions concerning a King and a challenger, unlike other sports ones, require a different approach to the assigning of the significators. When the question came to me, I had no preference to either player. Thus, Anand who is the King, receives the 10th House and Topalov, who is his open enemy, (the 7th from the 10th) gets the 4th House.

Anand’s significator is Jupiter, Topalov gets Mercury.

Accidental dignity is much more important than essential dignity in such charts. In this one, Anand’s planet is angular, therefore very strong. Yes, it is intercepted but nevertheless it is quite well placed. Topalov’s significator is in the succedent 2nd House – definitely a weaker position. Here we have one strong testimony that Anand will retain his Title.

Looking at their essential dignities, Anand’s Jupiter is in his own sign and therefore has honor of rulership, while Topalov’s Mercury is peregrine, floating like a homeless wanderer. This is another testimony, albeit not as significant as the first, that Anand will not be dethroned.

There are no significant aspects in this chart. Mercury applies to conjunct a dignified Venus, which means nothing. Mercury also forms a wide square by antiscion with the Lot of Fortune, but the orb is too big.

The Moon is void of course: a very big indication that nothing will happen. Interpreting this in our context, no action=no change=the King retains his Crown.

Finally, but very importantly, Mercury is 19 degrees before the Sun. It is gradually decreasing in speed and will soon enter station – a very vulnerable state, after which it will turn retrograde. This is a huge debility. Jupiter on the other hand, is moving with a very steady pace, at 14 minutes per day, which is even very slightly higher than its natural movement. This is a strong testimony that Anand will not be dethroned.

Summing it up: Anand’s Significator is accidentally and essentially stronger; it is also faster and the Moon is void of course, a significant indication that there will be no change in the status quo = Anand retains his World Chess Champion Crown.

World Snooker 2010 Championship Final

My sports Astrology section continues with an analysis and prediction of the World Snooker 2010 Championship Final that takes place today – May 2nd 2010, at 3 PM in Sheffield, England, Placidus houses 1.

Neil Robertson is the bookmakers’s favorite, with odds varying between 1.65-1.85, while Graham Dott is gets 2.10-2.25.

I am using the so called Event charts for this prediction. The rules are different from the ones in Horary Astrology. I take the time when an event happens and make a chart instead of asking a question and taking the time of asking and the place where I am. In this Sports Astrology section, almost all predictions will be made with the event charts approach.

Robertson is the favorite and gets the ASC and its ruler. Dott is his open enemy and rival and gets the DSC and its ruler. So Mercury is the significator of Robertson, while Dott receives Jupiter.

In these Event charts accidental dignity is much more important than essential dignity, but in order for the effect to be notable, the distance should be no more than 2-2.5 degrees to a relevant House cusp. So Dott’s angular Jupiter in the sign of its own rulership, and situated in its own House, would be an advantage over Robertson’s retrograde and peregrine Mercury who is cadent, if the testimonies for both players are very balanced.

Aspects to the POF 2 are significant. The Moon shows the flow of events and the scales can be seriously tipped in one’s favor depending on its aspects. The atiscion is of great importance and is very often decisive when there are no other testimonies.

Sports Astrology - World Snooker 2010 Final

Looking at the chart, there are 4 major indications:

1)         The Moon forms a mutually applying trine with Robertson’s Mercury – an indication that he will win;

2)         The Moon makes a trine with POF – indication that the favorite Robertson will win;

3)         Mercury, which is retrograde, is within 16 minutes of arc of forming a conjunction with POF – an indication that Robertson will win;

4)         The Moon’s last aspect is a square to the antiscion of Dott’s Jupiter – a decisive indication that Dott will win;

However, when the Moon forms an aspect with POF, it is decisive and no more aspects are formed – end of the match. If this were not the case, Dott would win.

Therefore Robertson wins the World Snooker Championship.

1 I made and posted this prediction on my old English blog hours before the match started. I also posted it on my Bulgarian one as well. If somebody does not trust this, they can check the date of the publication.

2 Part of Fortune or Pars Fortuna. An Arabic Part that is significator of wealth and is very important. It is not a planet. Its formula is ASC+Moon-Sun. In these charts alone, I use only the diurnal one.

German Football Cup 2010 Final

My sports Astrology section continues with analysis and prediction of the German football cup final 2010 between Bayern Munchen and Werder Bremen, which starts in 30 minutes (May 15, 2010 Berlin at 7.00 PM, Placidus houses)

Bayern are the favorites with odds at 1.85, the draw is at 3.40 and the odds for Werder to win are at 4.20.

Bayern take House 1 and 10 as the favorites, and Werder take House 7 and 4 as their open enemies.

Bayern-Werder 2010 DFB Final

Mars who is L1 1 is within 22 minutes of House 10 – an indication that Bayern win.

The Moon applies to sextile L1 – an indication that Bayern win.

The significators of Werder are doing nothing in the chart.

The Moon’s aspect is her last, which means that

Bayern win the German cup final.

1 An abbreviation of Lord 1 or Ruler 1 – the planet that rules that House in question. From now on, I will be using this type of writing.

Madrid Tennis Masters 2010 Final

I am continuing my sports Astrology section with analysis and prediction of the Madrid Tennis Masters 2010 Final that will take place today May the 16th 2010 at 18.30h in Madrid, Spain, Placidus houses 1.

Nadal (number 2) is the favorite with odds to win at 1.33, while Federer, the world number 1, gets 3.25 to win.

I am including a match with such uneven odds for 3 reasons:

1)       Up until this year, Nadal on two occasions was winning 2 out 3 Masters series titles on clay in one year, and in both times when he reached the final of the third tournament, he lost it to Federer, including last year’s final here. Nadal already won the previous 2 Masters series titles on clay this year.

2)       No one in tennis history has won the 3 clay Masters series titles in one year;

3)       If Nadal wins, he will break Agassi’s record of 17 Masters series titles and will become the most successful tennis player in the history of this series.

Astrology prediction Nadal-Federer Madrid 2010 Final

I do not see any activity in this chart. The Moon’s last aspect is a square with Uranus, which if ignored because Uranus is an outer planet and above all very rarely plays an important role in these types of charts, = Moon in void course = nothing happens = the favorite wins

The Ascendant which is the significator of Nadal is less than a degree of Spica – a very beneficial fixed star, which is the brightest of the constellation of Virgo and brings success and riches. I am using it here because it is so close to the 1st House cusp – an indication that Nadal wins.

An almost inactive chart, with 1 unusual testimony for the favorite to win. Given the context, however, something serious would have to happen in order for the favorite to lose.

Therefore Nadal wins the final in Madrid.

1 Tennis is an inconvenient sport in terms of posting predictions due to the fact that it is difficult to know when exactly a match will start and one cannot post the prediction in advance and on time if they do not assume that the match will start in a 2-3 minutes range, which could be fatal. Matches usually start 9-12 minutes after official time due to the announcing of the players and the warm up. Yesterday and today they started 12 minutes later and for this reason I have put the beginning of the match at 6.42 pm. May there be no deviation because that could alter the outcome of this chart.

Football Champions League 2010 Final

I am continuing my sports Astrology section with analysis and prediction of the Football Champions League 2010 Final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, which will start in less than 1 day, at 20.45h on May 22nd 2010 in Madrid, Spain, Placidus houses.

Inter are the favorites with odds to win at 2.20, the draw is 3.20 and a Bayern win is rated at 3.40.

astrological predictions Inter-Bayern Ch. League 2010 Final

The Moon applies to an opposition with L4 – a testimony that Bayern will win. The aspect is perfected before the malefic Saturn, who is retrograde, prohibits it by forming a conjunction. If this Moon-Jupiter opposition did not perfect, this would not be a testimony for Bayern to win.

The Moon applies by sextile to the antiscion of L7 – a testimony for Bayern to win.

The Moon is in the 10th House – a testimony for Inter.

By antiscion the Moon lands in the 4th – a testimony for Bayern.

Pluto is in the 2nd Hose weakening the favorites Inter, but not that much because it is in a different sign than the cusp.

Both planets of Bayern make aspects with the Moon, while the significators of Inter are neither aspected by the Moon, nor aspect POF.

There is not one single strong testimony that Inter will win, while there is a strong one that Bayern will win plus one not so strong one that Bayern will also win.

Therefore Bayern wins the final.

P.S. This is my first failed sports Astrology prediction and I must admit I am very unpleasantly surprised and puzzled, least of all becase I put money on Bayern to win. The only explanation I have, that is within the limits of the system for sports Astrology predictions I use, is that L4 is the dispositor of POF and as such is not used as a significator for Bayern. In other words it is not boosted by the Moon’s aspect. Putting it aside, the only testimony left is the sextile of the antiscion of L7. Inter are the favourites and in charts where there is little activity the status quo remains = the favourite wins. 2-0 is a solid result though and I do not have an explanation for it.

Barcelona-Real Madrid 2010 La Liga

My sports Astrology section continues with an analysis and a prediction of the football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which take place on the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain on Monday November 29 2010 in 9 pm.

I did not intend to make a prediction for “El Classico” as I am very busy right now, but a person asked me to. The major reason I am doing it is because this is probably the most expected football match in the world, as the two teams are some of the most successful and, on top of that, they are mortal enemies. Add to this that Real are now coached by Mourinho and you get a derby that is hotly contested, therefore the probability that the players will give 100% is much greater and hence this match meets the astrological criteria. Hence this occasion calls for a sports Astrology prediction.

Barcelona are favourites with the odds for them to win being 2.05, the draw is at 3.25 and a win for Real is rated at 3.25.

Astrological prediction Barca-Real football 2010

Data is: November the 29th 2010, Barcelona, Spain 9pm, Pladidus houses

Note: This match is with a late ASC-DSC axis, which is not good. Almost all of the matches in the World Cup this summer were like that as well. This makes the prediction of Barca-Real more difficult (Somebody knows this of course and therefore when to schedule the start of the matches). Furthermore, the Moon which is Lady of the ASC, plays such an important role in this particular application of these event chart predictions that when such a situation arises, the dispositor of Luna must be taken as L1 so that the Luminary is free to perform its role – to show the flow of events. Matches where she is L1 or L7 are tricky as well.

Mercury as the dispositor of the Moon is L1 and the main significator of the favourite who is Barca. The Messenger is at 28 degrees and 43 minutes in Sagittarius in the 6th House. L 10 is Mars who is the second significator of Barca. The Warrior is at 23 degrees and 52 minutes in Sagittarius conjunct the 6th House cusp.

L7 is the main significator of Real. The Greater malefic is at 14 degrees and 28 minutes in Libra in the 4th House. L 4 is the second significator of Real. The Lesser benefic is at 29 degrees and 55 minutes in Libra in the 4th House.

What is happening in chart?

The Moon is at 20 degrees and 21 minutes in Virgo and conjuncts the MC (at 11.39 Aries)  by its antiscia – a strong indication for Barca to win (the match must not start later than 9.02 pm for this one to be effective. If it starts later, it will still have some effect, as Luna applies towards the MC but it will not be that strong.

The Moon goes to oppose Jupiter and her last aspect is a square to Mars who is L 10 – a strong indication for Barca to win.

L1 conjuncts the Head of the Dragon by its antiscia – a strong indication for Barca to win.

That is all the activity in the chart. L7 is conjunct the IC but 3 degrees in too wide. Still, even it this had been a testimony, it would not have been strong but only moderately strong, at this is Real’s House.

There is one attention grabbing testimony that even though does not affect the outcome of the match directly, deserves to be mentioned. Note the receptions by detriment and fall (they indicate hate and abhorrence towards each other) The natural L1 who is the Moon receives L4 Venus in her fall in Virgo. Both L4 Venus and L7 Saturn receive L10 Mars in his detriment in Libra.

Conclusion: There are 3 indications in the chart, they are all major and all of them are for Barcelona. Therefore my prediction for Barcelona-Real Madrid is a win for Barcelona. If I have to give a correct score, I’d say a clean sheet win for Barca, by 1-0 or 2-0, as Real do not have a testimony in their favour.

Djokovic-Murray Tennis Australian Open Men’s 2011 Final

My sports Astrology section continues with an analysis and prediction of the Men’s Final at the first Grand Slam tournament of 2011, in Melbourne, Australia.

Djokovic is the favourite with odds at 1.61, while Murray is rated at 2.20.

As it is seen, the odds are pretty close so the position of the Serbian as the favourite is overrated. Moreover, the “flying Scotsman” Murray beat him in the last 3 matches on hard courts, two of which were in finals, without losing a set in any of the three matches.

I am describing this as in the sports Astrology system I use it is of primary importance to know who the favourite is. As the odds are closest to reality, at least in most cases, I am taking Djokovic as the favourite. Still he convincingly dethroned last year’s champion Federer in the semi-finals.

Astrology predictions for tennis - Djokovic vs Murray AO 2011 final

Chart calculated with Delphic Oracle software, the best program for traditional Astrology in the world.

So the chart is tricky as late degrees of the horizon axis are rising and on top of that the Moon is Lady of the ASC. I am replacing L1 with its dispositor – Jupiter. He makes no aspects though.

G7 is Saturn who also makes no aspects. He could have trined the antiscion of Fortuna but is retrograde, which would have been a mini indication for Murray.

Moon is void of course – a strong indication that the status quo will not change = the favourite wins – a mighty testimony for Djokovic.

If I let the Moon to leave its sign, her first and only aspect it makes is a square to L1 – a  strong indication for Djokovic.

The Moon is going to conjunct the Head of the Dragon, which is not a testimony as it shows the flow of events, otherwise it would have been a very strong indication for Djokovic, if it were used as L1.

G 10 is Venus which forms no aspects.

And here comes the key. G4 which is Mars, comes with its antiscion on the IC – an indication for Murray. But Mars is combust – an incredibly severe debility of the significator of the underdog, in this case Murray – a powerful indication that Djokovic will win.

There are 3 indications in the chart, 2 of which are very strong and are for the favourite Djokovic; the third one is strong for Murray, but not as strong as the others.

Therefore the favourite (Djokovic) wins the Final of the 2011 Tennis Australian Open

Nadal-Djokovic Wimbledon Men’s 2011 Final

My sports Astrology section continues with an analysis and prediction for the final of the third Grand Slam tennis tournament between the defending champion and still world number one Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who on Monday will become the new world number one. The final is scheduled to start at around 2.15 PM in London, England.

These are undoubtedly the two best players in the world in the past year and unsurprisingly they are occupying the first two places of the rankings. Nadal won 4 of the last 5 Grand Slam tournaments and is in the final here, while Nole was US Open finalist, won Australia and is in the final here. Rafa is playing in his 5th consecutive final in his Wimbledon appearances, while this is Novak’s first final and it is on the surface where he finds it most difficult to adjust. Even though the Serbian has conceded only one loss this season, Nadal is the big favourite. Although Nole beat him 4 times in their 4 meetings this year, Rafa has won both their matches on grass so far. The bookmakers rate Nadal’s victory with 1.57 while a win for Djokovic is rated at 2.37.

astrology tennis prediction - Nadal-Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 Final

Although the chart seems easy at first sight, it is tricky due to two reasons:

1)     The Moon is L10 and she makes aspects, i.e. there is a hesitation here whether to be used as a significator for the favourite or to be ignored as such and be used as showing the flow of events, which is her major role anyway. This first point is crucial as will later be made clear;

2)     If Luna is used as L10 then Saturn is used as L4 and significator of the underdog Djokovic . This would drastically change things.

So, Venus as L1 and Nadal’s primary significator is feral (unaspected)

Mars as L7 and Djokovic’s primary ruler trines Saturn but this is irrelevant as is his trine to the antiscion of Fortuna.

And here comes the key. The Moon opposes the antiscion of Fortuna. This is a powerful testimony which would give the win to Djokovic. But before the Luminary perfects the aspect she sextiles Saturn who bars (prohibits) Djokovic’ s testimony. If L10 and 4 were in play this would not have been a barring as Luna would have sextiled L4 first and then opposed Fortuna’s antiscion, thus giving two testimonies to Djokovic and a certain victory. In this situation, however, there is no testimony. It is interesting to note that if the match had started at 1.59pm or 2.00pm the Moon was sextiling Mars which would have been a powerful testimony for Djokovic, but when the final starts tomorrow she will have separated from the aspect.

As in this chart there are really no testimonies, the situation boils down to “what happens if nothing happens”, i.e. a dynamic is needed in order for the status quo to be changed. Here there is none, therefore the favourite Nadal wins the Wimbledon 2011 final.

P.S. I made a lousy mistake. The Moon shows the flow of events and as such it is not a primary significator and therefore her aspects cannot be barred, refrained, returned etc. Hence her opposition to the antiscion of Fortuna is valid and as it is such a powerful testimony it gives the win to the underdog Djokovic.

Written between March 2010 and July 2011

Addendum Feb 2016: Sports Astrlogy used to be a section but I have combined all the posts into one article.

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