Astrological Consultations with Ancient and Chinese Astrology

I am pleased to finally offer the long-awaited astrological consultations with Ancient and Chinese Astrology.

The consultation is the most widely offered astrological service. Unlike the full written horoscope, it is much cheaper, easier, and faster. Through the astrological consultation, people can have frequent access to an astrologer. My astrological consultations are unique in the knowledge I give to the client. My preparation for the consultation is longer than the consultation itself.


What I Am Offering

I offer consultations with Ancient Astrology and the BaZi aka Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology.

Ancient Astrology is the original form of this science. It is the mother of modern Western Astrology and has had a strong influence on Indian Astrology/Jyotish. Ancient Astrology includes Babylonian, Hellenistic, Persian-Arabic, Jewish, and European Traditional Astrology.

The Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology is the most famous form of reading destiny not only in China but throughout Asia. Also known as BaZi, it has been gaining ground in Russia, Western Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia for the past 15 years.

The knowledge encoded in your horoscope is valid only for you. I provide specific information in simple language and for practical use. It does not contain psychology, karma, and other unproven beliefs. For this reason, you can easily tell whether what I have said about you and your life is true or not.


What My Astrological Consultations Include

The astrological consultations, which I offer with Ancient Astrology, include:

  • General examination of your natal chart;
  • Examination of the some of the topics of your horoscope. If you have 1-2 topics that you would like me to prioritize, let me know when you order the astrological consultation so I can spend more time on them.


    A comprehensive examination of some of the complex topics, such as profession, emigration, strength and weakness of the horoscope, length of life or imprisonment requires a full delineation of the horoscope, which cannot be done within this type of consultation.

    For the sake of completeness, when examining the topic of children, it would be good to consider your partner’s chart as well.

  • Important: Since detailed astrological predictions cannot be made without reading your horoscope, for this reason I always focus on it at the first consultation. There is no way to make predictions this first time because I am looking at your birth chart with 2 astrologies and 90-120 minutes is not enough. However, once I provide all this information to you, I do not dwell on it again. That is, at each subsequent astrological consultation with me, I answer your questions and provide you with detailed predictions in the form of an yearly horoscope with 12 monthly charts (read below about it). In other words, each subsequent consultation after the first looks more and more like the detailed annual written astrological predictions.

These are the main topics used in Ancient Astrology:



The Chinese Astrology consultations focus more generally and holistically on your life, character and health. With them, long periods of life and given topics can be more easily examined. I determine the structure of your horoscope, the beneficial and harmful elements, the most important stars and their meanings, the timing of your most favorable and difficult periods for you, etc.

If you are interested in when you will start a relationship, whether you have good compatibility/synastry with a certain person, what your chances are of having children, you will find out from me. Whether a certain period is auspicious for taking risks, investing, starting a business, you will find out that too. I also explain in which part of the body and which organs/meridians you are likely to have health problems with, and when you will be vulnerable to them. I also reveal which are your favorable colors according to your Chinese horoscope and which are your unfavorable ones.

These are the main topics used in Four Pillars of Destiny consultations:


Astrological Consultations - Price, Medium, and Required Information

Type of consultation



With Ancient and Chinese Astrology (BaZi)

90-120 min.*

(*most popular choice)

220.00 eur

With Ancient Astrology or BaZi

60 min.

150.00 eur


I conduct the astrological consultations online – on the free softwares Viber, on Zoom or on Wire (like Skype).

I record the audio consultation and send it to you afterwards. If you also want to record, please let me know at the beginning. The recording is for your personal use only and you may not upload it to the Internet, use it for commercial or other purposes without my written consent.

It is not advisable to freely share your horoscope with other people. In addition to your entire life, it contains some of your innermost secrets and fears.

Since you have selected me out of all astrologers, I am always on your side. I sincerely wish to help you with my skills. Ultimately, the information extracted from your horoscope is valid for no one else but you. It almost always happens that the 90 minute consultation with Ancient and Chinese Astrology is not enough to share all the information I have extracted from your natal charts, as well as to answer your questions. Despite this, I do not charge you extra for the additional time and insist on finishing the notes I have taken for your consultation, because this is your horoscope, this is your life. This knowledge is way too precious to remain unrevealed, and it is also not valid for anybody else.           

You need to have an accurate time of birth for the astrological consultation. Your birth time can be off by a few minutes, but it must be from a reliable source. If you doubt its accuracy, or if you were born between two Ascendants or Hour Pillars in BaZi, I will have to do birth time rectification.

If the time of your birth is uncertain or uknown, but you don’t feel like paying extra for rectification, then you can take advantage of the BaZi consultation. The condition is that you were not born in the Gray area. BaZi is the only Astrоlogy that can be used without a time of birth. This gives me a great advantage over other astrologers with Western or Indian Astrology. In this way, you save on the final price of the astrological service.

Given that few astrologers in the world offer consultations with Western and Chinese Astrology, it is not surprising that the majority of my clients choose precisely this type of consultation.

Annual Horoscope Audio Consultation + 12 Monthly Horoscopes

Type of consultation



Annual horoscope + 12 monthly charts

50-60 min.*

220.00 eur


Quite a few people have been to another astrologer and try to skip the birth consultation and just order an annual horoscope. This is not recommended in astrological science because the astrologer must first read the horoscope at the natal level before making predictions based on it. This is even more true when it comes to breaking down the annual horoscope in detail. Moreover, a horoscope reading by a modern or psychological astrologer cannot compare to the complex and multi-layered picture provided by astrologers like myself who use two types of astrology. Also, in the annual horoscopes with 12 monthly solar return charts, there can be no deviation in your birth time by more than 3-4 minutes. The reason for this is that the more yearly and monthly horoscopes are considered, the more likely it is that the Ascendant is different and therefore all the work on that yearly or monthly horoscope is wrong!
If you want a shorter annual horoscope, then check out the Ancient Astrology Written Annual Predictions service.

The vast majority of astrologers offering annual horoscopes in the form of a solar return use only the annual chart in question + possibly transits. Even if they use solar arc directions and/or secondary progressions, the activations of these techniques last  for an entire year. In other words, with such methodology, which is not the ancient way astrologers read charts, it is possible to extract a much smaller part of what a person’s annual horoscope reveals.

I am one of the very few astrologers in the the world who offers a breakdown of the annual horoscope into a separate monthly solar revolution chart for each of the 12 months. Thus you have a separate horoscope for each month of the year. This was only available to emperors, queens, popes and the aristocracy. In this way, in addition to providing much more detailed information and predictions to my clients, it is possible to chronologically order with a good degree of accuracy the sequence of events of the annual horoscope. In other words, your yearly horoscope contains the majority of the events you have coming up for the year (always from birthday to birthday). However, from the annual horoscope itself, there is no way to arrange them in the sequence of their occurrence. In addition to this, in keeping with tradition, I also use profections, monthly profections, distributions (primary directions and directions through the bounds), as well as other techniques.

Like my 90-120 minute Ancient and Chinese Astrology consultations, this is my most requested service. My clients are happy with the value they get from me and almost invariably come back for an annual horoscope for their birthday, either every year or once every 2-3 years.

I Want This Service. How Do I Order It?

1. Contact me, provide your data for calculating your horoscope, and say where you have your time of birth from and how accurate it is. I check my schedule and we schedule a day and time for the consultation. Please note that even if my schedule is free, I need 2 days for preparation.

2. I give you my payment details and you transfer the amount to me by bank transfer or by another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I start preparing for the astrological consultation. We hold it on the appointed day and time and after it I send you the audio recording.


Note: I am not a doctor of modern medicine or a nutritionist. I do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This astrological service provides information that you use at your discretion and entirely at your own responsibility.

I do not offer reimbursement for missed or canceled astrological consultations. Please do not book a consultation if you do not intend to come. Changing the day and time of the consultation is possible only if you inform me 48 hours before its start. When a potential client contacts me for a consultation and asks for a day and time, I check to see if my schedule is free. If you book this time and do not come, I deprive this person of the necessary consultation. This is neither fair to him/her nor to me.

By using the service, you agree to these terms.