Written Horoscopes with Ancient Astrology, BaZi and Yi Jing Astrology

I offer written horoscopes with Ancient and/or Chinese Astrology (BaZi and Yi Jing Astrology).

Ancient Astrology is a complex science that covers in incredible detail the whole life of the person. All the main topics and evens must be described with the 7 planets and 12 houses. An in-depth examination of the life path makes it impossible to do partial written horoscopes. Everything is connected and there is a risk of missing key connections if an astrologer offers partial written horoscopes.

Chinese Astrology has a more general view on life and it is therefore possible to offer partial written horoscopes as well. They are also for those who prefer not to have astrological consultations.

Ancient and Chinese Astrology services - written horoscopes

Full Written Horoscope with Ancient Astrology

You can search far and wide, but you not find a more detailed written horoscope on the internet. With any Astrology.

  • This Ancient Astrology written horoscope contains about 25,000 words (100 translation pages)
  • I also draw on over 10 ancient astrological authors
  • It takes me 2 months to complete it
  • This written horoscope does not contain any psychology, karma, beliefs about collective evolution, etc.

It does not contain any automatic computer interpretations

Who the full written horoscope is NOT for:

  • For those who are satisfied with the information from the astrological consultation
  • For those who do not want to actively participate in shaping their destiny
  • For those who are not ready to take the most out of their lives

Full Written Horoscopes with Chinese Astrology: BaZi and YiJing Astrology

Unlike Ancient Astrology, Chinese Astrology cannot get into such great details in the topics. If a person wants to actively participate in shaping their destiny with Ancient Astrology, they should come for an astrological consultation every year or at least once every 2 years.

Chinese Astrology, on the other hand, offers a more general view of the overall destiny. The topics in the Chinese horoscope are not as many as in the Western one. Moreover, since it has only 1 predictive technique, BaZi and Yi Jing Astrology allow you to look at the whole life – not only at the natal level – but also at the future level. For this reason, the full written horoscope with BaZi and He Luo Li Shu determines the periods of ups and downs, while the Western one requires more examination and work and does not include them.

I am one of the few astrologers in the world who offer a horoscope with I Ching Astrology in English. Since the chart from the Four Pillars of Destiny is used to calculate it, I offer the He Luo Li Shu written horoscope as a bonus to the full one with BaZi.

Partial Written Horoscope with Four Pillars of Destiny and/or I Ching Astrology/He Luo Li Shu

I have clients who have used Western or Indian Astrology with another astrologer and are very interested in a written horoscope with Chinese Astrology. Some of them prefer the partial one, as it still provides them with unique information about their life, and it is also cheaper. These are often people who plan far ahead and need the “bird’s eye” view of Four Pillars of Destiny and/or YiJing Astrology.

The Yi Jing horoscope (the lower one) is derived from (upper one) from the Book of Changes. The hexagrams are not used for divination, but have separate interpretations and represent the whole life of the person. There are no topics in He Luo Li Shu. This method defines what the life is for in a general way, whether the horoscope is powerful, when the ups and downs will come and which of the two halves of life will be more successful. In addition to these 6 and 9 year periods, there are also annual hexagrams with meanings.

Written Annual Predictions with Ancient Astrology

I offer two types of annual written predictions with Astrology: shorter ones and detailed ones.

I have clients who, out of a desire for anonymity, prefer annual written predictions and not astrological consultations. These astrological written predictions can only be made with Ancient Astrology, as Chinese Astrology cannot go into such details.

These people are aware that astrological predictions cannot be very detailed without first reading their horoscope fully. For them, this is not a problem, as they want a general overview of the year with highlights from it. For example: which planets and topics are activated, where are the challenges of the year, where are the positive things and so on. Short annual written Astrology predictions are made from birthday to birthday.

The more detailed annual astrological predictions go deeper. The requirement for them is that I have already delineated your horoscope, either in writing or in consultation. In this service, in addition to the annual charts and 2-3 more predictive techniques, I go down to the monthly charts. That is, I break the astrological year into 12 monthly charts and examine each one. As you can guess, this is a demanding and time-consuming process and is therefore more expensive.

Written Yearly Predictions with Yi Jing Astrology

The yearly I Ching horoscope offers information about the year in a more general way. For example, is the year favorable for you to take control of things, or will you have better results if you are passive and let things come to you? Is it appropriate to focus on short-term things, or will you be more successful if you play it safe and research things more carefully?

The year is in the form of one of the 64 hexagrams, which is valid only for you. People born on the same day, month, and year will have a different annual hexagram for the period in question. Even your twin will have a different hexagram, as long as he/she is of the opposite sex. The year is broken down into 12 monthly hexagrams, which give additional information valid only for you for the respective month. This allows one to see which will be the favourable and unfavourable months during the 12-month period in question.

The annual I Ching horoscope method does not work with great predetermination, that is, it outlines the overall vibration of the period and what it is beneficial and unbeneficial. In other words, it is up to you whether you will take advantage of this information or not. It’s a bit like Numerology in that respect.

Important: the year for everyone starts on February 3-4 and lasts 1 year.

Why the Full Written Horoscope is a Lifelong Investment

In my life I have met millionaires and wealthy businessmen, most of whom are arrogant people. Some of them believe that what they have achieved is lasting and will only grow. They have no idea about the vicissitudes of fate and how insecure physical gains are. Before I started studying Astrology, I even worked for such people. I also know a person who lost his entire business. And it was a solid business and involved another country. He is a decent man, but that did not save him. Years of work went down the drain. After the bankruptcy, he had to learn another profession.

Businessmen and people in general, whose horoscopes have configurations for loss of wealth, status, threat of imprisonment, etc., must be extremely careful when the negative periods arrive in their natal charts. The wise say that prevention is the best cure. And this is where the knowledge of Ancient and Chinese Astrology comes into the picture. The client would be able to mitigate these setbacks and losses if they know about them in advance.

We have a saying in Bulgaria “when the cart turns upside down, there are a lot of roads.”, which roughly means: when bad stuff happens that turns everything upside down, then there are many explanations why it happened.

Take action early. How many people regret the time and efforts they have wasted on endeavours and people for whom their horoscope shows that they will not be beneficial for them.


Prices and Writing Periods

Type of written horoscope


Writing Period

Full with Ancient and Chinese Astrology

(BaZi and Yi Jing Astrology)

3600.00 eur

3 months

Full with Ancient Astrology

1920.00 eur

2 months

Full with BaZi and He Luo Li Shu

1920.00 eur

2 months

Partial with Chinese Astrology

650.00 eur

10 business days

Partial only with I Ching Astrology

325.00 eur

3 business days

More detailed annual written predictions with Ancient Astrology

325.00 eur

3 business days

Shorter annual written predictions with Ancient Astrology

185.00 eur

2 business days

Written annual predictions with I Ching Astrology

125.00 eur2 business days

Required Information and Peculiarities of the Full Written Horoscopes

Unlike the astrological consultation, where the astrologer can work with a time of birth that is not accurate to the minute, I do not recommend this for the written horoscopes. And full written horoscopes require a mandatory rectification.

Keep in mind that in Yi Jing Astrology, if the time of birth is between 2 images/animals, it will give 2 completely different horoscopes! He Luo Li Shu is unlike Four Pillars of Destiny, where even in the case of a difference in the time of birth the horoscope remains the same.

Full written horoscopes take an awful lot of time, effort, and concentration. While working on one, I can’t write another at the same time. From a financial point of view, full written horoscopes are much less profitable than astrological consultations. I can conduct dozens of online astrological consultations instead of sitting down to write a full horoscope. Your horoscope is like the Book of Life. Until I finish it, it gnaws on me. Writers understand well what I’m talking about. Even when I do  astrological consultations, part of my attention is on the full written horoscope.

For this reason, I reserve the right to refuse to accept orders for full written horoscopes.


I Want to Order a Written Horoscope. What Do I Do?

1. You contact me and say exactly which one you want. You provide your data for calculating the horoscope, you say where you have your time of birth from and with what accuracy it is.

Depending on the service, I do birth time rectification on your chart.

2. I give you my payment details and you send the amount to me by bank transfer or another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I start working on the rectification and/or the written horoscope or prediction in question. When I am ready, I send them to you on the appointed day.

Note: I am not a doctor of modern medicine or a nutritionist. I do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This astrological service provides information that you use at your discretion and entirely at your own responsibility.

I do not offer refunds for canceled reserved written horoscopes or annual predictions. Please do not order these if you are hesitant and subsequently decide to cancel. When a potential client asks me for a written horoscope or annual astrological prediction and asks when I’ll be ready, I check my appointment schedule. If you have ordered it and then cancel, I deprive this person of the necessary timely information. This is not fair to him/her or to me.

By using the service, you agree to these terms.