Birth Time Rectification

Birth time rectification is an astrological procedure used to determine what time a person was born when the birth time is unknown, approximate or rounded.

There is really no horoscope without a time of birth. This is because the Ascendant/Rising sign cannot be calculated, and all the houses align based on it.

Most rectification techniques used by modern astrologers are of the same type and do not work reliably enough. I don’t use them. Chart rectification is one of the services I specialize in. I am the author of the only Astrology rectification course in the West which teaches 24 hour rectification.

Why Birth Time Rectification Is Important

The accuracy of Astrology depends on the data people provide to calculate their horoscope. All the work the astrologer does is based on the data used by him/her. The time of birth is the most important, because unlike it, people record the rest of the data nowadays. There are countries people write the time of birth on the birth certificate by law.

When your time of birth is remembered or recorded as round, half or quarter, then the probability of being correct is very small. This is because, statistically speaking, there is no way for the majority of people to be born in exactly these 3 minutes out of a total of 60. The majority of people are not born at 11.00 am, 5.15pm. or 9:30pm. Therefore, I recommend to rectify your horoscope when the time of birth is round, half or quarter. This is even more valid when the time of birth is between two Hour Pillars in your Chinese horoscope.

Whether One Can Go Without Horoscope Rectification

When I prepare a full written horoscope, or calculate the length of life, then it is obligatory that I rectify the horoscope. The reason is because I cannot afford insufficiently accurate data to mislead me.

When I do an astrological consultation and the time of birth is not round, half or quarter, it is possible to go without rectification. The condition is the birth time must from a reliable source. It is best when a parent’s memory matches a written document. If it doesn’t, I recommend rectification, but I don’t force you to do it. I will just skip some astrological techniques that are most sensitive to the accuracy of the time of birth.

If you do not want to spend extra money for birth time rectification, I will work with whatever data you provide me. However, the responsibility is yours. Please note that many times people have told me that their time of their birth is correct based on their parent’s memory. Later, however, it turned out that there was a difference of several hours. Accordingly, this gives a completely different horoscope! I have also had cases when the parent remembers an hour of birth and insists on it, while the registrars had recorded a completely different time in the municipality. The time of birth recorded in the municipality, although rounded, is, in my experience, more often correct than that of the parents.

If you do not know the time of birth, or it is uncertain, you will have a huge advantage over other people. The reason is because, in addition to Ancient Western, I am also versed in Chinese Astrology. The Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology is the only one in which the horoscope can be read, even when the time of birth is unknown or uncertain. The condition is that your horoscope does not fall in the Gray area.

Cost of Birth Time Rectification

In the case of unknown time of birth

In the case of time of birth being more than 12 astronomical hours off

When the time of birth is between 3 and 12 hours off

When the time of birth is up to 3 hours off

400.00 eur

350.00 eur

270.00 eur

175.00 eur

Rectification requires an advanced level of mastery of the astrological science. Not many have really mastered it completely. For example, few astrologers dare to offer rectification services without a time of birth. Considering how carefully one has to approach this procedure, I believe you understand why my price list for horoscope rectification does not have fast and express order. The period I need to do rectification is 5 business days, when the deviation from my final result is up to 12 hours, and 10 business days when it is over 12 hours or the time of birth is unknown.

Given my character, I impose extremely high standards on myself. If you contact me to rectify your horoscope and it so happens that after the work I did I am not satisfied my result, I will reimburse the entire amount.

Years ago, a slightly arrogant acquaintance of mine tried to challenge my rectification skills. When I offered that we bet a more serious amount of money that I would rectify the horoscope of a stranger, he refused. Statistically, the chances were many times in his favour, but he gave up and never brought up the subject again.

How to Order This Service

1. Contact me, provide your astrological data, and say where you have the time of birth in question: from a parent’s memory, from an official written document and so on. I will give you my payment details and you transfer the respective amount to me by bank transfer, or another method.

2. After receiving your payment, I will send you a document in text format by email, which you fill in. It contains various categories of questions. Some will apply to you and others will not. After you fill it in, you send it to me by e-mail and I start the rectification of your horoscope.

3. When I am done with the rectification, I will send it to you in the agreed period. If you have any questions about my end result, you ask me.