Determining the Profession with Ancient Astrology and BaZi

Determining the Profession with Astrology and Four Pillars of Destiny

Determining the profession with Astrology is done by using your natal chart, which is unique and valid only for you. In recent decades, it has become fashionable to talk about “vocational guidance”.

There are various methodologies for vocational guidance or for the more specific choosing of a profession. Although they have some benefit, they are all general and not deep enough. This is because they do not take into account your uniqueness, which is encoded in your horoscope.

What Is Profession in Ancient Astrology

By profession, Ancient Astrology understands the unique contribution you make to society in the form of skills and knowledge. Your profession is not at all costs the job you have. A job is done for survival; profession brings you satisfaction. Some people have a lot of skills. Their horoscope shows this of course. Such people have 2 or more different professions.

Why It Is Important to Determine the Correct Profession

The average person:

  • Works 30+ years of their life
  • Invests years of their life to learn a profession
  • Invests money/borrows to gain access to education/knowledge and to have diplomas/certificates

Many people choose a profession based on the expected financial reward in the field. Others choose a profession under pressure from their parents or peers. Others make their choices based on the environment in which they live and in which a given industry predominates. In addition, the political and economic situation in a region and country and the laws of government influence the professional choices people make.

Can such a choice of profession, prompted by external factors, satisfy your passion and potential? The best option is to consider such issues and choices before deciding what profession you will have. Why? Because today it is difficult to make changes in the profession. The levels of indebtedness in the form of loans and mortgages are higher, divorces are more frequent and, accordingly, the payment of child support. Many people are forced to work unqualified jobs to survive. It is sad, but it is a fact that the potential of many people will remain only partially realized.

If you choose a profession that is not favorable for you, then your achievements and growth will be limited. Not only that, but if your horoscope has a structure of loss of status, then your fall will be severe, if not catastrophic.

If you choose a profession that is favorable for you, then your growth will be far greater and there will be no such obstacles in front of you. Not only that, but your possible fall will not be so severe.

Methodologies for Choosing the Profession with Modern Astrology

Some astrologers try to determine the profession mostly from the aspects between the planets. Others look for the 10th house and its ruler. Other astrologers look at the modality of the signs. Even combined, these are extremely incomplete methodologies for choosing a profession with Astrology.

Even if they manage to identify the planet that rules the profession, they are not complex enough to distinguish between that planet’s various manifestations. In other words, how would you distinguish the horoscope of a neighbourhood beautician (Venus) from that of an international singer (Venus)?

I will not comment on “astrologers” who try to determine the profession only by the client’s Sun sign.

Determining the Profession with Ancient Astrology

Determining the profession is the second most difficult topic after calculating the longevity in Ancient Astrology. The given basic meanings of 12 houses show that the profession isn’t present. The 10th house participates in it, but it is not the profession.

Therefore, the astrologer has to examine the whole horoscope. He has to study its strength and weakness, to determine the temperament, which planet rules the profession in the horoscope, to see the configurations of the Moon not only in the horoscope but in the prenatal chart, to consider the 12th parts, fixed stars, to pay attention to specific configurations and aspects, Lots, and more. I believe you understand why there are not that many astrologers in the world who offer quality astrological career guidance.

BaZi - Why Selecting the Right Profession May Not Be Enough in Itself

Chinese Astrology works on a different principle from Western and Indian Astrology. This allows it to examine the determination of the profession from another angle. For example, let’s say that your western horoscope shows that Mercury is your professional significator/rules your profession. After a significant shortening of possible professions, a class astrologer arrives at those that involve numbers and money. Some of these are: an accountant, a financier, or a bank employee.

These professions by themselves are ruled by the element Metal. Everything would be very good, as long as Metal is a useful element in your BaZi chart. However, the astrologer with Modern, Ancient or Indian Astrology does not know BaZi. Therefore, he/she cannot check whether Metal is a favourable element for you. If it is, then all that remains is to check whether the element governing the industry to which you are practicing your profession is favourable to you. If it is, then everything is fine. But if it is not, then you have a problem. And if both the industry (macro level) and the profession (micro level) are among the unfavorable elements in your BaZi chart, it would be the most unfavourable and hindering for you.

Does this mean that you will have to change your profession at any cost? No. There is a solution that mitigates the level of disadvantage. It involves changing the industry while maintaining your profession. Using the above example, if instead of moving to an accounting firm (Metal) you move as an accountant in an industry ruled by Wood (publishing house, newspaper, furniture, organic business), then the macro environment will at least be favourable for you.

In addition, I always consider the Ten Gods as well as they provide a more in-depth information as to which are most suitable professions for a given person. In the above example with Wood being a favourable element, it makes a big difference whether that Wood is the Output or Controlling element. Also, my career recommendation would depend on whether the Output element is the Eating God or Hurting Officer, or whether it is the Direct Officer or Seven Killings.

My Service for Determining the Profession with Ancient and Chinese Astrology

What I offer is rare in the world. Astrologers like me, who know Ancient + Chinese Astrology, have such an advantage over other colleagues in helping their clients make the smartest choices and get the most out of their profession.

Moreover, it is very important to know not only what are your favourable and unfavourable elements, but when you are in a favourable or unfavourable 5-year cycle. This is because when people are in a negative cycle, they most often make mistakes/make wrong decisions, which they then regret and it takes them time and effort to change. This does not hold true just for choosing a profession, but about choosing spouse, a city/country to move to, etc.

Also, people have asked me if Astrology can determine if they have the ability to start their own business or it is better to work for someone else. The Ancient Astrology and BaZi I practice can answer this question. However, against the background of mass business bankruptcies, high rents, etc., if you are going to take a risk by opening your own business, you must be in a favourable cycle according to your BaZi chart. You can’t afford to accumulate a large debit before you start earning revenue on a consistent basis.

One of my tasks is to show you the path of least resistance – where you move smoothly on the path to success, and do not suffer setback after setback, which costs you money, time and, nerves.

Summarizing, when choosing a profession with Ancient and Chinese Astrology for you, I determine your temperament, the planet ruling your profession, the power of your Western horoscope, the structure of your Chinese horoscope, the favourable and unfavourable elements, Ten Gods, stars, and cycles. In addition to this, I pinpoint the periods where you will reach your peak/s. It is different for everyone. It could be in a few years, or in 10 or 20 years, etc. In this way, you gain advanced specialized knowledge that applies only to you. You do not need to attend career guidance seminars, fill in questionnaires, be interviewed, etc., in the hope of extracting some general information that may be useful to you.

How Much the Service Costs and What is Required

The service of determining the profession with Astrology costs 325.00 eur.

You need to have an exact time of birth, with a deviation of no more than 4 minutes. If you do not know the time of birth, I will have to rectify your horoscope. If your time of birth is approximate, I will also need to rectify it.

It is preferable not to have been born in the Gray area (it is easily checked at a glance in the Chinese calendar or from an online calculator). If you are, I may have to to use only parts of your BaZi chart to determine your profession.

I Want This Service. What Do I Do?

1 Contact me, provide your astrological data, and say where you have the time of birth in question: from the memory of a parent, from an official written document and so on. We decide if you need rectification. If so, I do it first. If not, you tell me what you studied, worked and several professions between which you hesitate – in case you have such.

2. I give you my payment details and you transfer the respective amount to me by bank transfer or another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I start working on determining your profession, which takes me 4 business days. We schedule a day and time for a 60-90 minute online astrological consultation on Viber, on the phone or on the free Wire program.