Calculation of the Length of Life with Ancient Astrology and BaZi

The ancient astrological science is based on eternal knowledge that is not of this world, but uses the eternal planets and stars. Thus, calculating the length of life with Ancient Astrology is part of its apparatus. Due to its complexity, however, few astrologers in the world know how to do it consistently.

At the same time, calculating the life expectancy is a daunting and impossible task even for the best doctors and the most advanced technologies. This is because the knowledge they use is based solely on the physical world.

Why It Is Possible to Find Out the Longevity with Astrology

It is good to keep in mind that in Astrology a distinction is made between body and spirit. The length of life times the death of the physical body. The Soul continues on its way. Astrology can determine the lifespan of a body because the latter is made up of the four elements. They are Water, Earth, Air, Fire and are part of the sublunary/physical world. The planets and stars, on the other hand, are composed of the fifth element, ether. In this way, they are eternal, especially from a human point of view, such as ours. And our bodies are mortal and subject to decay, as the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle described it. Given that astrological software can calculate the motions of the planets by several thousand years forward and backward, what is human life against the background of these great periods?

Having said that, it is important to know that only Ancient Astrology (and perhaps Indian/Jyotish) contains techniques for calculating the length of life. Neither modern nor Chinese Astrology contains such. However, based on my experience with hundreds of horoscopes, BaZi/Four Pillars of Destiny has been of some use to me in finding out when death will occur. There are astrologers around the world who have mastered the ancient astrological techniques for life expectancy. That in itself is not enough. In addition to these techniques, it takes a long time to test and research before one can create a multilayered system containing fail-safes – like I have. One can find astrological courses on a variety of topics, but determining the longevity is not among them. Given that it is the most difficult topic, this is not surprising at all.

Why Ancient Astrology Is the Only Valid Way for Calculating the Length of Life on a Consistent Basis

There are methods for reading destiny, such as Physiognomy (reading the palms, face and whole body), which can provide information for determining the longevity. This is because, like Astrology, they work with what the ancients call  “root.” “Root” is a chart, a code that contains destiny, like the horoscope. The problem with Physiognomy is that facial features and palms change over a lifetime and depending on the experience. Whereas the horoscope does not change. Accordingly, predicting the longevity based on Palmistry and Face Reading cannot be made on a permanent basis and decades before death occurs. However, these methods can be extremely useful for monitoring the weakening of a person’s life force when there are only a few years of life left.

This reminds me of the following real-life case case: years ago a woman from Africa asked me to inquire about the length of life of her spouse. They had gone on a spiritual journey and the priest from the temple looked at her husband’s palms and saw that he would have a short life. Her spouse and her got worried and asked him to look again. The priest confirmed it, but also wanted to look at her husband’s horoscope, using Indian Astrology. The conclusion was the same. However, the priest did not tell them the exact year of death and left them with this general prediction.

There are psychics who predict the length of life. Again, such predictions cannot be repeated on a permanent basis and cannot encompass decades. Ancient Astrology, being a science and using astronomy and mathematics for the necessary calculations, can do this.

There are methods of divination that can predict death, but not life expectancy. For example, with horary Astrology one may ask “When will my X die?” However, for the question to be valid, the person in question X must be very ill, in hospital, or there must be have suspicions of a possible impending death.

How Much Does the Length of Life Service Cost?

In Ancient Astrology, the planet Saturn is the general significator of death. Using its orbital period of the Zodiac as a landmark, it take approximately 30 years. Therefore, I divide the human lifespan into three groups. I form the price using the fact that people live up to about 70 years on average. That is, the calculation of a young person’s longevity would take the most time, and of an adult – the least. Accordingly, calculating the length of life of young people is the most expensive, and of old ones – the cheapest.






How long it takes me to do all the calculations

0-30 years

1990.00 eur

20 business days

31-60 years

1440.00 eur

15 business days

61 years +

990.00 eur

10 business days


Some critics of Ancient Astrology argue that its techniques for determining the length of life are not as relevant today. The reason for this is because, unlike our ancestors, we live much longer. This is not true – modern people do not live longer than their ancestors. I wrote about this a few years ago, quoting from an article for a scientific study.

The reason it takes longer to calculate life expectancy with Astrology for young people is that I don’t just look at the natal level/static, but I look at the coming decades and years. That is, for a person under 30, this means in addition to his/her natal chart, potentially 40-50 or more separate annual horoscopes. This does not include the additional monthly ones, which are 12-13 per year.

Unlike many spiritual currents, healthy lifestyle programs, and modern technology, Ancient Astrology teaches that the length of life is predetermined. Spiritual cultivation and a healthy lifestyle do contribute to improving health and strengthening the immune system, but this cannot affect the choice of one’s Soul. Genuine shamans and healers have reported cases where an external invisible force/wall did not allow them to heal the person because his/her time had come.

I Want This Service. What Do I Do?

1. Contact me and when you give your astrological data you say where you have the time of birth in question: from a parent’s memory, from an official written document and so on. Your horoscope must have an absolutely accurate time of birth. Even if it is, I will rectify it anyway. The difference is that if there is a deviation of more than 4 minutes, I will charge you for rectification. If it is less than 4 minutes – I will reimburse your money. There are specific very malicious fixed stars that indicate death, as well as certain configurations, but to be used reliably, the time of birth must be exact within seconds. Next, I give you my payment details and you transfer the respective amount to me by bank transfer or another method.

2. After receiving your payment, I will send you a document in text format by e-mail, which you must fill in for rectification. After you fill it in, you send it to me by e-mail and I start the rectification of your horoscope.

3. When I’m done with the rectification, I start calculating the life expectancy. First I categorize the chart, then I determine the year and month of death, trying to calculate the exact day. If you have any questions about my end result, you ask me.