Client Testimonials

This page will only include testimonials from my clients published here as comments. My clients’ email addresses will not be published, only their name and the country they are from. There are people who are not comforable with leaving their full name after receiving astrological services from me. Some occupy public official positions, others do it for privacy reasons. In such cases, those that choose to leave client testimonials, do so with their initials. I will always guarantee the confidentiality of my clients.

Please note that leaving client feedback varies according to the astrological service. Some astrological predictions take years to happen, annual predictions take up to 1 year, and the outcome of a horary question can take months. The shortest ones last days.

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  1. I have really appreciated your responsiveness to my initial enquiries by email with prompt replies.
    The work I requested was thoroughly researched – and I was impressed by the breadth of your preparation.
    P.K., England

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