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This page will only include testimonials from my clients published here as comments. My clients’ email addresses will not be published, only their name and the country they are from. There are people who are not comforable with leaving their full name after receiving astrological services from me. Some occupy public official positions, others do it for privacy reasons. In such cases, those that choose to leave client testimonials, do so with their initials. I will always guarantee the confidentiality of my clients.

Please note that leaving client feedback varies according to the astrological service. Some astrological predictions take years to happen, annual predictions take up to 1 year, and the outcome of a horary question can take months. The shortest ones last days.

2 thoughts on “Client Testimonials”

  1. I have really appreciated your responsiveness to my initial enquiries by email with prompt replies.
    The work I requested was thoroughly researched – and I was impressed by the breadth of your preparation.
    P.K., England

  2. I have used Zagata’s astrological services quite a few times over the years. I will share a few different examples.

    In one case, I asked him а horary question whether I should stay at my current accommodation abroad or accept the accommodation offer that my employer additionally made me. I had potential concerns about an old woman who was rumored to be involved in unholy things. Zagata’s answer was categorical: stay at your current accommodation, because if you move, you will become like a servant of your employer. I’m glad I listened to him because his prediction turned out to be absolutely correct.

    On another occasion, I asked him whether I should stay at my current job or change it to a specific one. His answer was categorical: stay where you are, no matter how hard it is here, because the other one is much worse. Again, Zagata’s prediction turned out to be right.

    The most recent case: I spent a lot of money traveling to different medical specialists in different cities in Bulgaria, as well as to one abroad. They were all telling me that I had to undergo surgery because of a health problem. Meanwhile, I also tried various natural methods, but they did not help me much. After so much effort, I finally had the familiar feeling and need to resolve this issue at last. I asked my specific question to Zagata: Should I undergo surgery or not? Zagata explained to me that the astrological chart clearly indicated that I should not undergo surgery. It even categorically showed that the operation would harm my body. I could not take that risk as there was a possibility that I would be disabled! I trusted Zagata’s astrological skills once again. In about a month it will be 3 years since I asked him my question and I can confirm that Zagata’s prediction turned out to be correct. I found other natural methods that helped me and have continued to live a productive life, including regularly doing sports, without undergoing surgery.

    This is part of my experience and the reason I recommend astrologer Zagata. His predictions in question are in written form and remain in my email to this day.

    G.M., Bulgaria

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