Electional Astrology and Date Selection/ZeRi

Electing an auspicious date and time with Astrology provides favourable planetary configurations for the realization of a desired activity or undertaking. This astrological branch is known as electional Astrology in the West.

Unlike horary Astrology, where the natal chart is not used at all, the astrologer must use it in electional Astrology.

Choosing an auspicious date with Astrology is known as Date Selection/Ze Ri in Asia. The BaZi consultant must use natal chart here as well.

Electional Astrology and Date Selection

What One Can Use Electional Astrology and Date Selection for

You can select auspicious dates and times from all topics of life. For example: starting a health program, undergoing surgery, buying and selling a property, getting married, sending a letter to a manager/ institution, applying for a job, starting a trip, applying for a job, reconciling with a friend or child, and so on.

By “favourable”, I do not mean “good” but useful to you. You can elect a date for divorce, for demolition of a building, for separation from a friend, for leaving work, etc.

When it comes to more complex elections with Astrology, such as starting a business, investing in an asset, etc, this astrological branch can still help you, as long as it is promised in your natal chart. If your horoscope indicates that it is better to work for others, then choosing a date to start your own business will not have the same significant affect. Likewise if your natal chart does not indicate that you will gain from investing and betting.



These are the primary meanings of the 12 houses in Ancient Astrology. As you can see, one can choose a date and time for almost anything with this branch

Electional Astrology is like an inverted mirror of horary Astrology. There, when asked “Am I pregnant”, we examine and judge the indications of the astrological chart, which indicate pregnancy or lack of pregnancy. In Astrology, we know which planetary placements indicate pregnancy and childbirth. Accordingly, when a woman wants to get pregnant, we elect such an astrological chart that contains indications for getting pregnant.

Here’s another example: a client asking “Will I get this promotion?” We examine and judge the indications for and against promotion. In Astrology, we know what planetary placements indicate promotion. Therefore, we select a date and time with an astrological chart that indicates that a person will receive a promotion.

Electional Astrology + Date Selection

Can one combine the Western and Chinese method for electing auspicious dates and times?

Absolutely. The effect is much more powerful when you take advantage of both methods, not just one. There are very few astrologers in the world who know both Ancient and Chinese Astrology. I would like to remind you that in the leading Asian countries there was a Ministry of Divination or rituals for many centuries. It selected dates for marriage, pregnancy, alliance, going to war, ascending the throne and so on. The knowledge of electing an auspicious date was available only to the Imperial court.

When someone has already ordered a full written horoscope or astrological consultation with Ancient and Chinese Astrology from me, and I elect a date for him/her, I try to use both astrological systems to get the maximum benefit. I do this by not charging for both, but for one service. I make this gesture because I want to help my clients get the most out of their lives.

It is important to know, it is possible to use the Chinese method of Date Selection without a time of birth. However, the Western method requires an exact time of birth within minutes.


How Much It Costs

The Ancient/Western electional Astrology method costs 135.00 eur for an election chart per person.

The Chinese method of Date Selection costs 115.00 eur per selected date and time per person.

I Want This Service. What Do I Do?

1. Contact me and in addition to what I will electing a date and time for, you tell me:

  • the period I need to examine forward in time (1 month, 2 months, etc.)
  • which days and hours are possible (weekly or weekends, during or after working hours)
  • the town/village of the event

2. You provide the data for calculating your horoscope and say whether you want the Ancient and/or Chinese method. I give you my payment details and you transfer the amount to me by bank transfer or by another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I start eliminating dates and times until I find the most favorable one for you. Depending on the deadline you have given me, when I am ready I will send you my written result by e-mail.

Note: Having an exact time of birth is mandatory. If it is not accurate within a few minutes, I will either have to rectify it or I will have to use the Chinese method/ZeRi for Date Selection.

Please note that if you were born in the Gray area in the Chinese calendar, I will almost certainly only have to use the Western date selection method. The Chinese Ten Thousand Year Calendar or a free online BaZi calculator will immediately show whether this is indeed the case.