Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology provides true and reliable information about your specific question without using your horoscope or time of birth. Instead, the astrologer uses the exact time he understands your question to cast the chart. This is its birth chart.

Horary Astrology is a branch of this ancient science that has always been revered. It is known for providing the most accurate and detailed answers, not only for the past and present, but also for the future.

You can ask any specific questions as long as:

  • you sincerely want to know the answer, and you are not doing it out of daily curiosity
  • they do not concern your whole life, but a specific situation
  • you are connected in some way to the object or person you are asking about

As you can see, you can ask about almost anything and get an answer to your question with this type of Astrology. Here are some sample questions:

Will I find my lost pet/object?

Is my spouse/partner cheating on me?

I had a serious argument with my friend. Is there a future for our friendship?

When will I sell my property?

Is this engineer/repairman/specialist good?

I applied for several jobs. Will they hire me? When will I start?

Should I stay where I am, or should I move?

How Much the Answer to Specific Question with Astrology Costs

TopicExpress order 24 hours*Normal order 72 hours*
Missing animals, items, people 145.00 eur 85.00 eur
Any other horary questions 135.00 eur 75.00 eur

The only possible exception to these prices is when there is a great material interest, such as litigation, jewelry, treasures, and so on.

* Hours count from receipt of payment. In case your request is urgent, send me a photo/scan of the payment. If I’m free, I’ll start earlier to save you time.

Conversely, if I am overloaded with questions, I will inform you that I will not be able to meet the deadline and I will tell you when I will be ready with the answer to your question.

Please keep in mind that I work on the horary questions  according to the order in which they are paid.

One of the best books on horary astrology is William Lily’s 17th century masterpiece.

How Do You Ask a Horary Question?

1. Concentrate on the question you want answered, then contact me (it is better if we speak on the phone, Viber or Wire, but an e-mail would also do).

2. During our communication, I help you to formulate your horary question most accurately. I write down the time and minute I understand it. I give you my payment details and you transfer the amount to me by bank transfer or by another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I will send you the answer to your specific question in written form by e-mail. My answer is in clear and easy to understand language.

Note: I do not control the future or fate, but read the astrological chart to provide an answer to a specific question with Astrology. If the chart shows a “No” answer, my answer will be “No”. If the chart shows an answer “after 3 months”, my answer will be “after 3 months” and not after 1 month, despite you wanting it to happen earlier or my intention to help you.

Please note that the accuracy of horary Astrology also depends on the information you provide. If it is incomplete, inaccurate or subsequently turns out to be invalid, the probability of getting an accurate answer is greatly reduced! Since you sought me out and asked me for astrological help, I strongly ask you to provide me with all the information.