Determining the Temperament with Ancient Astrology

The temperament is the mixture of the four elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) that make up the physical body. It encompasses not only the physical body, but also part of our character. Temperament is like the “garment” we are made of. It does not change throughout life. There are different methods for determining the temperament.

I offer determination of the temperament with Ancient Astrology, not psychology. I calculate your temperament according to your horoscope, basing the information not only on astrologers, but also on some of the most famous traditional doctors in history – Hippocrates and Avicenna.

Determining the temperament with Ancient Astrology

More on Temperament

There are 4 main types of temperament: choleric (Fire), sanguine (Air), melancholic (Earth), and phlegmatic (Water). There are also mixed types that are a combination of these. In fact, most people have a mixed temperament: a primary and a secondary one, or two with almost equal strength.

Temperament predisposes our physical body to a certain shape and susceptibility to health imbalances. Traditional medicine has used temperament for millennia: in the West, in the Middle East, in India, in China. The father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, used it as a founding one and said, “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor, but a fool.” Traditional medicine focuses on balance, nature, and common sense. Why do people eat tarator and gazpacho in the summer and hot soups in winter? The answer lies in the four elements. The temperament of summer is hot and dry and we should balance it with cool foods. The temperament of winter is cold and moist and we should balance it with warm foods.

It is important to keep in mind that the ancient astrological method for determining the temperament is the original one. All others are based on it. The astrological method is much more complex than the psychological methods for assessing the temperament. The latter contain lists of questions that are general and are centered entirely on psychology. In this way, the psychological methods provide more general information and not such that only applies to you.

The astrological method I offer for calculating the temperament is based solely on your natal chart, which is unique. It uses your gender, season of birth / Sun, your age, Ascendant, Moon, and certain planets.



Why Determining the Temperament Is So Important and What You Will Learn



It is important because:

  • You will learn what health imbalances * your body is prone to
  • Which foods are recommended to eat more and which less
  • Which physical activities/sports are more suitable for you
  • What kind of activities/professions suit you best

For couples/spouses, learning about your temperaments will reveal why he/she acts and reacts in this way and how to help them in times of crisis. The approach is different for each temperament and horoscope.

For parents and children, learning about your temperaments will reveal why he/she acts and reacts in this way and how you can motivate him/her. Again, there should be differences in the approach to each child based on his/her temperament and horoscope. The Waldorf schools inspired by Rudolf Steiner use the knowledge of the four temperaments in the education of children and adolescents.


How Much the Calculation of the Temperament with Astrology Costs and What Is Required



It costs 100.00 eur, takes 3 business days, and you must have an accurate time of birth.

If it is off by more than 4 minutes, or if it is round, half or quarter, then I will have to perform horoscope rectification first before calculating the temperament.

I Want This Service. What Do I Do?


1. Contact me, provide your data for calculating your horoscope, and say where you have your time of birth from and how accurate it is.

2. I give you my payment details and you transfer the amount to me by bank transfer or another method.

3. After receiving your payment, I calculate your temperament and send it to you in writing by email. If the calculation shows that the difference between the temperaments is small, I will ask you to send me a brief history of your health problems. This is only to help me in ruling out the incorrect temperament.

Note*: I am not a doctor of modern medicine or a nutritionist. I do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This astrological service provides information that you use at your discretion and entirely at your own responsibility. By using the service, you agree to these terms.