Ancient Astrology FAQ

Here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Ancient Astrology and how it differs from modern astrology. I have also touched on how Chinese Astrology (BaZi and HLLS) differs from Western astrology.

Some questions pertain to the astrological services I offer and which is the right one for you; others touch on the practical value of Astrology; and others examine existential questions such as fate, choice, freedom, and happiness and how to maximize them. 

General Questions about Ancient and Chinese Astrology

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Ancient Astrology represents the fullest development of the original astrological science. It started from Mesopotamia, then moved through Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, the Arabs, and Medieval Europe.
Ancient Astrology is divided into four branches: mundane, natal, electional, and horary.
Chinese Astrology is one of the five branches (namely, “Destiny”) of Chinese Metaphysics. There are 3 main types of Chinese Astrology:
  • BaZi aka Four Pillars of Destiny
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu aka Emperor Astrology
  • He Luo Li Shu aka Yi Jing/I Ching Astrology

Chinese Astrology does not deal with real astronomical bodies, but with the interactions of energy and its manifestations and phases.

The information provided by Chinese Astrology is free of psychology and karma. BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are highly respected in Asia and Russia. There are BaZi consultants in other European countries, as well as in the United States and Canada.

I am one the few astrologers in the world who offers services with He Luo Li Shu/Yi Jing Astrology in English.


This is an Ancient Astrology FAQ, which must be widely discussed. The reason is because people confuse the advancement of technology with eternal knowledge that does not change.

Ancient Astrology will always be relevant because of the apparatus with which it works, namely the planets, stars and constellations. They were there before human life appeared and will be there after its disappearance.

Precisely because of this, Ancient Astrology shows objective truth, and the latter does not change over the millennia or from cultural differences.

It is important to know that people do not really change over the millennia. Just like their predecessors, modern people love, create children, poetry, music, theatre, sports, have professions, get rich or impoverished, travel, have friends and enemies, are interested in spirituality or religion, fight, get sick and die.

Modern science reveals that the human brain has not really changed in the last 40,000 years. In fact, it has even shrunk slightly in the last 10,000 years. Ancient Astrology, as we use it, is only 2,500 years old.

The elective astrological charts from the coronation of the Persian king Khosrow I in 531 and that of the English queen Elizabeth I in 1558 have survived. Astrologers from both empires used the same rules when choosing these horoscopes. Why? Because the nature of Ancient Astrology and humans does not change.

We should use Ancient Astrology because it is the original and pure version of this science before the emergence of monotheistic religions, materialistic science, theories and beliefs about collective evolution and karma, as well as psychology itself.

We would do well to take advantage of Ancient Astrology because we can. Countless astrologers and their clients from previous eras would give their all to have access to the classic astrological texts that are available today for the first time in centuries.

Who would miss the opportunity to learn unique information about themselves, which in the past was only available to kings, religious, military leaders, the aristocracy and the rich?

This is similar to Ancient Astrology FAQ which are being asked in other parts of the world. No matter which Astrology we are talking about, there are no limits to it. The reason is because it is based on Heaven and Nature.

As I explained in this article, Chinese Astrology is only one part of Chinese Metaphysics:

The Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

For example, Crystal Therapy is believed to have been used and developed first by the Chinese. And people use it all over the world.

It’s the same with Chinese martial arts. There are no Chinese kicks and fists.

It is the same with Yi Jing / Book of Changes. To say that Yi Jing applies only to China is like saying that Nature applies only to China. Everywhere we have Day/Yang and Night/Yin. The same goes for Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Water, Fire, Mountain and Lake – the Eight Trigrams.

There is a star in Chinese Astrology called the Traveling Horse. Until a little over 200 years ago, horses were the most used and fastest vehicle. People who have this star in their horoscope, depending on where it is located, travel/live abroad and their lives are full of changes. Yes, today we have trains, buses and planes and people do not travel by horse. But this star, of course, is just as valid.

Having said that, Ancient and Chinese Astrology developed in societies with different social classes, and some of the concepts really need to be adjusted. However, they do not in any way jeopardize the integrity of this ingenious system for reading destiny.

I’ve received all sorts of questions about Astrology over the years, and be it as a joke or not, quite a few people have asked me this one. The answer is Astrology cannot predict the lottery numbers. The same goes for determining the lottery numbers with a pendulum or another method of divination.

The reason for this is rooted in the choice of the Soul/Higher Self for the respective life. Having a huge amount of undeserved money would distract a person from following the chosen path and going through life’s lessons and trials.

However, this does not mean that you cannot increase your chances of winning with bets in various games through Astrology. As long as it is not a huge amount and as long as it is promised in your natal chart. I know of books and materials in the United States and Asia that are dedicated to this topic.

This is an essential Ancient Astrology FAQ.

Fate is what is destined for us at the moment of our birth. This is about our individual destiny, which is unique for everyone. At the same time, however, our destiny is partly subordinated to the destiny of humanity/the destiny of the planet.

In English, the word fate comes from the Latin fatum, which means spoken. So we have a pronunciation/word/ logos. Who has spoken aloud our fate?

In Chinese, the word for life is made up of two characters: mouth and command. Again, we have someone/something that enunciates/speaks aloud and that issues commands. Who/what speaks aloud and commands our lives?

There are two methods:

1) through Astrology (Ancient, Indian or Chinese);

2) through Physiognomy (reading the whole body, but mostly the palms and face).

Physiognomy does not deal with such depth and detail. Besides, the body, the contours of the face and the lines on the palms change as the life progresses and depending on the experiences. Moreover, the chance to find an authentic physiognomist in the West is not that big. So far, I have not come across anyone who reads fate on the palms and face and does not use almost entirely psychology.

Astrology is the better and more complete method.

Many people have similar questions about Astrology because they want their problems to be solved or to disappear.

There is no way to change fate, as this would mean that you can change the position of the planets and the elements during your birth. Changing fate is like being able to oppose the universal order and the direction of the river.

Anyone who claims to be able to change your fate is a fraud seeking personal gain and control over your life. There are astrologers practicing modern or even traditional Astrology who claim that you can change your destiny by moving to a distant place that is favorable to you. Other says that you could avoid the difficulties in a given year by spending your birthday in a location with a different Ascendant. This shows not only basic ignorance of fate, but proceeds from the view that the planets physically cause fate and by moving you will avoid their rays. This is wrong. Fate is not only external. Everyone carries their fate with them.

However, it is quite possible to make the maximum of your fate and even improve it. This is one of the most central questions about the type of Astrology that I practice.

There is no serious evidence that today’s people are the pinnacle of human development. On the contrary. Despite the unprecedented development of economics and science over the last few centuries, today’s people:

  • eat the most contaminated food
  • breathe the most polluted air
  • suffer from many more diseases
  • have the highest suicide rates, including among young people
  • have the highest divorce rates
  • have the highest levels of indebtedness
  • are the most addicted (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, mobile phones,)

And do we need to compare today’s music, theatre, books, philosophers and leaders with those of the past?

What about the two World Wars? What about atomic bombs? And the bombing of civilians? What about the concentration camps? What about communism?

All these facts suggest that modern people are actually less developed/advanced than those of the past. In Ancient Astrology, however, there are no theories or beliefs about collective evolution. That is, people do not change over the centuries. What has changed is the centralization of power and the advancement of technology, which has allowed these brutal actions to take place.

People cannot create their own reality. As long as they have a human body, it is subject to fate. It is their horoscope with Ancient, Chinese or Indian Astrology that reveals their fate.

If today’s people could create their own reality, then the facts on the list above would not exist. The people who create their reality would also be millionaires, geniuses, world-famous executives, athletes, scientists, heads of state. They would have happy marriages, there would be no diseases, divorces. There won’t be millions of starving people, there would be no suffering. People would not be paying thousands of euros in the hope of having a single child, and so on.

This is one of the fun questions about Astrology, especially these days – when people’s trust and faith is severely shaken, and for good reason, and new systems of knowledge are emerging.

You don’t have to believe in Ancient or Chinese Astrology to work. They are based on the Sky / Sun and Earth/seasons. No matter what you believe, spring comes every year, then comes summer, then autumn, and then winter arrives before the cycle repeats.

In other words, every human, animal, and plant on Earth is born, reaches its peak of development, then reaches old age, and finally dies. These are the 4 angles of each horoscope. These are the four points of sunrise, culmination, sunset and anticulmination in the primary movement of the celestial sphere.

One of the most general approaches to reading the horoscope in Ancient Astrology is to see in which parts/quadrants of the horoscope the benefic planets are located and in which ones the malefic ones. For example, if you have malefic planets around the quadrant of the 10th house/culmination, then, in general, you will have the hardest time at the zenith of your life/adulthood.

Again, the types of Astrology that I practise do not contain psychology or karma. They are pure and virgin – like Nature on which they are based.

Natal Astrology/Destiny

Ancient Astrology is an extremely complex and demanding system of knowledge. The astrologer practising it follows its many specific age-old rules. Deviating from them only leads to mistakes. Modern psychological astrology does not have a specific uniform methodology which modern astrologers use to read a chart.

Ancient Astrology does not rely on “intuition”. Modern psychological astrologers routinely say that the practitioner should relax and let the information about the reading of the client’s horoscope “come from above”.

Ancient Astrology deals with objective reality. The planets are not symbols, but represent specific people and topics in the client’s horoscope: mother, father, siblings, spouse, children, friends, pleasures, finances, travel, profession, diseases, and more. Unless they rule or aspect the Ascendant, the Sun and Moon do not specifically describe you.

Modern psychological Astrology views the entire horoscope as a reflection of the client’s inner subjective world, with each planet describing some subjective emotional or mental process. Modern psychological astrology cannot predict and speak with concreteness. It can talk about past lives, family karma, collective growth and other beliefs and theories, the information about which cannot be proved or denied by the client.

Many modern astrologers like to look condescendingly on making predictions and talking about fate. However, they themselves do not have the knowledge to make specific predictions, nor do they have the necessary understanding of the complex role of fate and that predestination is only one part of Ancient Astrology.

The Scottish author of the first astrological course I completed, John Ballantrae, tells a story about the famous Western psychological astrologer and author Liz Greene. This happened about 40 years ago. After saving money, the young man at the time went to a consultation with her. The most important question that interested him was whether to stay in his homeland or emigrate. Liz Green looked at his horoscope, thought, thought, and finally said, “You might.” He could stop a child on the street and ask him/her the same thing, and the child could give him that answer. After this experience, John was terribly disappointed, but his eyes “opened” and he realized that modern psychological astrology cannot deal with specifics. He gave it up and 30 years later produced an Astrology course without psychology.

After taking Robert Zoller’s first course in Medieval Astrology and passing the exam, I enrolled in the second one. In it, in Lesson 10, he has the student calculate the year of death of a horoscope of their choice, preferably their own.

I think this illustrates well the differences between Ancient Astrology and modern psychological astrology.

Modern astrology uses the client’s horoscope as an aid to preparing a psychological profile and providing psychological guidance. The main focus of modern astrology are internal events and psychological motivation.

Like Ancient Astrology, Chinese Astrology works with objective reality and provides information of practical use. It looks at the client’s horoscope in a holistic way. Chinese Astrology is able to look at long periods of time and provide information on and predict topics such as health and disease wealth/poverty, marriage, children, career and more. it can choose favorable dates for marriage, for the birth of a child, for starting a business, etc.

While modern astrology focuses on psychological descriptions, BaZi and He Luo Li Shu are unsurpassed in character descriptions. Ancient and Chinese Astrology teach that our character does not change. Specific astrological configurations mean specific things. In a previous article, I showed stinginess in the horoscope.

Astrology indications that a woman will be tempted by other men

For example, the above configuration in a female’s BaZi chart shows that she will be courted by many men and it will be difficult for her to choose which one to be with. Depending on her entire horoscope, it will be judged whether this woman has a tendency to succumb to the advances of other men and fall into temptation, or remain faithful to her partner. The same configuration means something else in a male chart.

Astrological indications that the man is tempted by other women

The above BaZi chart of a male shows that he will not only be a great womanizer, but will succumb to temptations and will cheat on his girlfriend/wife. It also shows that, when in good cycles, he will make a lot of money. If this a female chart, the indication will be correct when it comes to making money, but not for the cheating.

When it comes to the natal branch, i.e. your horoscope and having an astrological consultation, it is best to go to an astrologer around your birthday, because the year in Astrology is strictly individual and starts from the date you were born. I recommend that you go and see an astrologer at least once every 2-3 years. Once per year is the shortest period.

There are “astrologers” who offer monthly and weekly “forecasts” without making multi-year and annual predictions. This is a scam and greed for money. A basic principle is that the small is subordinate to the large.

Four Pillars of Destiny and I Ching Astrology cannot provide as much information as Ancient Astrology. There the focus is longer and the view is more “bird’s eye”. Therefore, unless a special configuration is activated, I reoommend to see a BaZi consultant at least every cycle. Each cycle lasts 5 years, but begins in a different year and month in each horoscope.

However, if you own a business or if your income and life are full of ups and downs, I would advise you to consult an astrologer more often – either to save potential losses – or not to miss out on profits.

When it comes to selecting a favorable date, it is no problem to seek astrological help more than once a year.

If it is about answering a specific question/ the horary branch, you can also contact an astrologer more often, because this branch is not related to your horoscope.

Clients have told me how other astrologers, behind smiles, make-up and manners, have tried to control their lives; how they have intimidated and depressed these people, trying to make them dependent.

What I provide to you is information that applies to you and no one else. You, not your partner or your parents, have to make the decisions about your life. I will give you guidelines and advice, but you alone choose what to do with them, if anything.

I always prepare for each astrological consultation. While my preparation time varies according to the duration, type of consultation and selected topics, it is always longer than the Astrology consultation itself.

I have studied and taken the example of astrologers from Western Europe or North America, or those that live there. Competition is fierce there and one of the things that irritates clients the most is to see how the astrologer they have selected has not set aside time to prepare for them.

I have had people who wanted a consultation on the spot and when I refused because of the necessary preparation for it, they told me that they would come and see me another time and did not return. I have no problem with that.

We have a saying in Bulgarian: “there are passengers for every train”, which roughly means that there are people looking for a particular service regardless of its quality, as long as it suits their requirements. My principle is that I want to give the best astrological service to the client, and to do that I have to prepare for the astrological consultation, the horary question or date selection, etc.

Yes, you can. And for two reasons.

  1. I am one of the few astrologers in the world who offer rectification even when the time of birth is unknown, and not just approximate or uncertain. I even have an Astrology rectification course on this. Before doing the birth time rectification, I recommend that you check whether your time of birth is kept in the municipality where you were born. Also, ask your parents and relatives and look for a family book or other document from your family archive.
  2. Without a time of birth, the only Astrology that can be used is the Chinese one – Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi. The only condition is that you must not be born in the “Gray area” in the Ten Thousand Year Calendar. Thanks to my expertise in BaZi, I have a distinct advantage over any astrologer who uses only Western or Indian Astrology, because they cannot calculate a chart and then read it when the time of birth is unknown.

If you want to ask a specific question from the horary branch, you can do it, because it does not use one’s natal chart.

You are asking something which is generally not considered Ancient Astrology FAQ because many people assume they can just change their fate by creating their own reality. 

Generally speaking, everyone has a limited amount of time and energy/effort. If they do not use them as intended, they will make mistakes that will take time and effort to correct. If a person makes a few such big mistakes, or wastes their time in endeavours that are not  beneficial, they will drift with wherever the current takes them, they will be hit by the vicissitudes of fate and in case they have something left as a reserve, it will be far from enough.

Therefore to improve your fate with Ancient and Chinese Astrology:

First, you need to know what your destiny is. This is possible either through a full written horoscope or through an astrological consultation.

Second, you need to know your fate not only at the birth level/static, but also how it unfolds over the course of life/dynamic level.

Once you know the above information, you will know your favourable/strong and unfavourable/weak periods. Based on this, you will know when to act and take risks, and when not to make changes and play it safe.

This is an Ancient Astrology FAQ that emperors and religious leaders had in their mind upon summoning their personal astrologer to delineate their baby’s horoscope.

The first steps to get the maximum of your destiny are:

  1. By having a full written horoscope with Ancient, Indian or Chinese Astrology, done by an authentic astrologer.
  2. By having astrological consultations almost every year with the same astrologer, through which you will find out which topics of your chart are activated and you will thus take informed and prudent actions.
  3. By exploring the fates of the important people around you so that you can make the most of their skills and talents, as well as to help them.

There are more steps. I recommend this article of mine on the subject.

Such questions about Ancient and Chinese Astrology are not widely discussed, as they shatter the belief circulated by the mass media and society that people are born equal and equally capable.

Ancient and Chinese Astrology will show that the former have strong horoscopes and fortunate destinies, while the latter have weak and/or injured natal charts.

No, it doesn’t. The horoscope/life is divided into many topics. No matter how strong and fortunate a horoscope is, some of its topics will be difficult for the person in question.

Oprah Winfrey, although one of the richest women in the world, never managed, over the course of 40 years, to maintain the ideal body weight she wanted. Why? It is not because of lack of funds and resources. It is not because of a lack of desire or will. The reason is she and the people she consulted about her health lacked holistic knowledge.

Dolly Parton, Liza Minnelli, Katharine Hepburn and many other wealthy, famous, and liked women never managed to have children. And they wanted and gave their best to do so.

This is another Ancient Astrology FAQ that has baffled practitioners of modern astrology, because it does not have the apparatus to give an answer.

Ancient and Chinese Astrology divide life into 2 halves and then divide it into cycles, each about 5-10 years long.

Those people who succeed early in life have horoscopes whose first half is more favorable than the second. Those who succeed at a later age have the opposite configuration.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Astrology, especially by its opponents. Astrologers should widely discuss this common rectification problem, not ignore it.

Different astrologers often have differences in the rectification of the same horoscope because:

  • they use different types of Astrology (mostly modern) and do not use a strict methodology to prevent the accumulation of errors
  • they do not know how to perform rectification when the time of birth has a large deviation
  • they rely on techniques that are not diverse enough

For example, a woman recently called me for a consultation with Ancient and Chinese Astrology. When I asked her about her time of birth, she said that it was relatively accurate and it was from her mom’s memory. She had gone for birth time rectification to a famous professional astrologer, who practices modern astrology though. This astrologer ultimately moved her time of birth forward by a few minutes.

Her time of birth was off by a few minutes and the Ascendant remained the same. Therefore, I was probably able to conduct the consultation without having to further rectify her horoscope. However, when I looked at it, the first thing I saw was that she was born just around sunrise. This does not matter to modern astrology, because the sect doctrine has not survived, but it is of paramount importance to Ancient Astrology.

The other astrologer’s result showed a diurnal chart. I told the client that I could not conduct a quality consultation without determining whether she was born during the day or at night. Focusing on selected information from her life, it was easy for me to judge that she was born at night – a fact that I repeatedly confirmed with various techniques – none of which have survived in modern astrology.

Please note that the Ascendant remained the same here. However, other key points and the role of the planets changed. As such, while the chart would look the same at first glance, this would have altered its delineation.

I have had cases with clients with rectified horoscopes from other astrologers whose Ascendants are different, which means that the whole horoscope is different!

Again, all the knowledge and practical information I provide to you is based on the correct time of birth.

Electional Astrology/Date Selection

Electional Astrology is an astrological branch which selects a favourable date and time for the realization of a desired activity.

For example: getting married, starting a business, publishing a book, building a house, applying for a job, sending a letter/email to a person in power, starting a recovery program and so on.

Since I am one of the few astrologers who also know the Chinese method of selecting an auspicious date (ZeRi), when I do Date Selection for my clients, I try to make it auspicious by both methods, which enhances its power.

One of the most important principles in electional Astrology is that the astrologer must always use the natal chart when choosing auspicious times.

One of the reasons for this is that the electional branch is subordinate to the natal one.

Another is that without looking at what the horoscope promises, the astrologer would not know which of the planets to strengthen and which to weaken. Moreover, not taking the natal chart into account would mean that the same general elected astrological chart would be equally appropriate/helpful for every person on the planet, which is absurd.

Also, in Ancient Astrology, the rules for electing an auspicious date and time are much more complex and demanding than those that have survived in modern astrology.

In short, the astrologer who does not take into account his client’s horoscope ignores the fundamental principles of electional Astrology. It would be like a doctor trying to diagnose or treat without seeing the patient and examining them.

In addition to the activity/event for which I will electing an auspicious date and time, I need to know:

  • the period I have to work with (1 month, 2 months, etc.)
  • which days are possible (working ones, weekends, etc.)
  • which hours are possible (during working hours, after working hours, etc.)
  • the town/village of the event

This is one of the intriguing Ancient Astrology FAQ because some people want to use this branch’s power and gain a tangible advantage in their “shadow” activities. Likewise for those practising Magic or some other occult disciplines.

It is a fact that ancient astrologers used electional Astrology to start the building the capitals of Constantinople and Baghdad, St. Peter’s Church in the Vatican, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and more. These electional charts are preserved.

Similarly, in Asia, corporations, businesses, and people use the Chinese method for Date Selection (ZeRi) everywhere.

However, because the electional branch is subordinate to the natal one, it depends on the strength/quality of the natal horoscope of the person for whom the astrologer elects. Electing a date is definitely worth it, as it is better to sail in the direction of the current than against it. Selecting the right date and time will give you an advantage, but it will not be able to completely change a difficult situation.

Horary Astrology/Answer to a Specific Question

Horary Astrology is an extremely accurate type of Astrology that uses the chart of the question, not the natal chart of a person, to give information and predict. Horary means of the hour in Latin, and this branch is also known as interrogational Astrology.

Horary Astrology is better than natal Astrology at answering specific questions with a limited time range. For example:

  • Will I be employed at company X?
  • Will I marry him/her?
  • When will I sell my property?

Natal Astrology is better for questions that concern the life as a whole. For example:

  • Will I ever marry?
  • What profession will I have?
  • Will I live in my homeland or emigrate?

You can actually ask any question with horary Astrology as long as you sincerely want to know the answer. I highly recommend that the question itself concerns you in some way.

Your questions may be about the past, present or future. They may concern other people, but you must either have their permission or not violate their privacy.

The only caveat is that you can’t ask questions that concern your whole life, because your natal chart rules such matters. There must be an existing situation so that you can contact me and ask for the answer to your question.

For example, you can’t ask with horary Astrology “Will I ever have children?” because this covers your whole life. But you can ask, “Am I pregnant right now?”

You can’t ask with with horary: “Will I ever have a dog or a cat?”, But you can ask: “Is our lost/missing dog/cat alive? Will we find him?”

You cannot ask questions that concern the world at large and you are not involved in any way. Also, it is not desirable to ask horary questions whose answer cannot be proven.

You cannot ask questions with 3-4 or more possible options for a given action. Some horary astrologers even accept only “Yes” or “No” questions.

Formulating your question is crucial and that is why I always suggest that you contact me to help you.

It depends on the type of question. One of the principles is that the answer given with horary Astrology remains correct until the situation changes.

Horary Astrology is extremely accurate and precise precisely because the question is formulated correctly/is focused, so it is difficult to give a specific period of validity. Some astrologers say 6-12 months. In my practice of horary Astrology, I have had questions whose correct answer remains valid for several years. William Lily also demonstrates this in his 17th century book Christian Astrology.

There are horary questions that last only a few days or even 1 day or a few hours. They are equally valid, as long the querent/asking party follows the rules of the answer above.

You can put a deadline when asking your horary question and thus put it into a time frame. For example: “Will I find a job in the next 3 months”? “Will I find a boyfriend by the prom/ball?” The condition is that time period you impose is real/natural, and not placed in a way that tips the answer in a given direction.

You can ask the same horary question as long as you don’t merely try to get the different answer you want.

When asking the same question, the answer is usually the same. Those who use Tarot, Lenormand, QMDJ, Plum Blossom Numerology or other divination methods, know this. However, if the situation changes, then the answer will be different.

Therefore, it is good to wait a while. The above period of 6-12 months is a good guide.

Many people have similar questions about horary Astrology, especially when they are not satisfied with the answer.

There is a reason why you chose this particular moment to contact the astrologer and ask the question. Please do not focus on what else could have happened. We cannot change the past.

A few years ago I ordered two big books from abroad for my birthday. They were quite late and did not have a tracking number. I asked a horary question if they would arrive and when, and the answer was that they would not arrive. I was unpleasantly surprised. For so many years of ordering from abroad from various websites, I had not had a single case when the items did not arrive. The books never came.

It is easy at the moment of the given unwanted answer to think how things could have turned out differently, but the facts are important – the books never came.

My point is that Ancient Astrology is always objective and when something happens it is not “personal”. It does not matter to Astrology whether the answer is “positive” or “negative”.

This is a universal Ancient Astrology FAQ. It goes back over 1,000 years when people’s personal effects went missing or they suspected someone might have stolen them. And animal and cattle owners routinely went to the local astrologer to ask such questions.

Another question arises, which is not common and is baffling:

How is it possible to find missing items with horary Astrology when they аre inanimate, do not have horoscopes and Astrology should not encompass them?

To answer the question, horary Astrology can find missing objects and pets. The same goes for missing people.

Such questions are the most difficult and not many horary astrologers accept them. The reason for this is that in many of the questions the astrologer may not answer 100% correctly, but will still resolve the client’s question.

When asked about lost items, property, dogs, cats, birds, the astrologer is either right or wrong. He/she can’t tell you, “You almost found it.”

I want to point out that, as a professional astrologer, I do not control the future. I just read the astrological chart calculated at the time of understanding your question. If it shows a positive answer, so will mine. And if it shows that the lost object or animal will not be found, so will my answer.

Questions to Professional Astrologer Zagata

I started studying Astrology in October 2008.

I started studying Chinese Astrology and Classical Feng Shui in November 2013.

In 2009 I took a course in modern non-psychological Astrology from the 19th century by the Scottish astrologer John Ballantrae.

In 2010 and 2012, I completed two courses in Medieval Astrology by American astrologer Robert Zoler, the one who predicted the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

It should be noted that in the last 25 years many classical astrological works have been translated, which have significantly expanded our notions about  how Ancient and Chinese Astrology were actually practised.

I have learned the most from the purchase, research and derivation of concrete practical benefits from these works – information that did not exist during the above courses, the teachers did not know about it and/or did not include it.

Here are some astrologers of our time who I am greatly influenced by and who practice, research, translate, and comment on the ancient astrological knowledge in their works:

  • Regulus Astrology
  • Benjamin Dykes
  • Robert Schmidt
  • Rumen Kolev
  • Lily Chung
  • Jerry King
  • Joey Yap
  • Ani Pesheva
  • Jin Peh
  • Trey BaZi
  • Harmen Mesker
  • Benson Yeo

The vast majority of astrologers around the world offer only consultations, not full written horoscopes. Thus, their view of the client’s life is short-lived and not deep enough.

And if astrologers use modern astrology, then the view is even more limited and the client receives even less. This is because modern astrology does not have long-range techniques and/or such that speak about the life as a whole.

In addition, when disciplines that are incompatible with Astrology, such as psychology, beliefs about karma, collective evolution, and the creation of one’s own reality, are used, then Astrology remains framed by them and almost subordinate to them.

My approach gives you a balanced and unbiased picture of your life so that you can understand it in its entirety. This includes both difficult topics that are offset by favourable and unfavourable periods, which are only a part of your entire life.

I also emphasize the cyclical nature of Ancient and Chinese Astrology. Thanks to them, I can take you 1 or 2 cycles back in time to see how you approached them and to what extent you coped with your past experiences and decisions. Accordingly, I reveal to you when future cycles will come so that you can prepare and put this information into practice.

And lastly, depending on what philosophy of life you have, if you wish, I can give you guidelines with some of the philosophical currents that are in sync with Ancient Astrology: Neoplatonism, Stoicism, Aristotelianism, Gnosticism.

Ah, the Ancient Astrology FAQ that has become more pertinent over the past 2 decades given the amount of translated classical astrological texts.

I use the tropical Zodiac. It’s not just because it was the one I learned first.

I have also worked with the sidereal Zodiac. Unlike some of the sidereal fanatics-astrologers around Rumen Kolev and others in the West and in India, who claim that the tropical Zodiac is a “mistake” and/or that it “does not work”, I do not claim that the sidereal Zodiac does not work. Both Zodiacs work.

For me, the Sun and the seasons/tropical are more immediate than all the other stars in space/sidereal. Chinese Astrology (BaZi and He Luo Li Shu) is also based on the Sun/Seasons and the Moon, not the stars.

My mother wanted me to become a lawyer or a medical doctor, but these professions are not for me.

Otherwise, I was attracted by the humanitarian sciences and the multidisciplinary approach and graduated from high school, bachelor’s and master’s degree with such majors.

I would be involved with antiques, old and hard to find books and manuscripts; or with a healthy lifestyle that stimulates self-cultivation and self-sufficiency in people.

Astrology is much more than a profession for me. It is my great passion and priceless eternal Knowledge, which I will need in the future.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that people ask me. This is due to the fact that Chinese Astrology is massively unknown and people think that it is nothing more than “12 animals columns”. When they read some of my articles on BaZi and I Ching Astrology, they see how it greatly complements Ancient Western Astrology.

I recommend choosing an astrological consultation with both Ancient and Chinese Astrology because:

  • You are unlikely to find another astrologer who integrates Ancient and Chinese Astrology to the extent that I do. By choosing both types of Astrology, you take advantage of the edge I have over other astrologers in this regard and receive richer and more diverse information and practical benefits than other people.
  • Most of my clients choose consultation with Ancient and Chinese Astrology because it is something new and exciting that arouses their curiosity.
  • The fee I charge for this service is cheaper than if you order first an astrological consultation with Ancient Astrology and later another one with Chinese Astrology.