Which Is the Most Spiritual Astrology: Ancient, Indian, Chinese or Modern?

Which is the most spiritual Astrology? Is it Ancient, Indian, Chinese or Modern?

Which Astrology contains the most genuine and practically applicable rules for reading the spiritual path and the meaning of life, what is meant by this and why a different reading of the horoscope is needed in such a consultation.

Which Astrology can speak about life as a whole, as well as break it down into long and smaller periods and determine when there will be an activation for discovering one life’s work, as well as which periods and years will be most significant in a spiritual aspect.

Which Astrology can reveal information about what kind of psychic gifts a person might possess, which of the elements he/she is most inclined towards for spiritual practices, and what kind of Divination he/she would be drawn to.

Which Astrology can determine whether a person is susceptible to the evil eye or black Magic or whether he/she himself/herself is capable of such.

I recommend that you scrutinize astrologers who criticize or speak on similar topics and note whether they themselves follow the editor’s rule by offering spiritual chart readings. If they do offer such, do they name sources, or do they do it with innovation and intuition?

Here is information about the the consultation on the spiritual path and meaning of life that I am offering:


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