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“Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.”

Benjamin Franklin – inventor, writer, politician, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA






Today, there are over 7 billion people living on 7 continents, in about 200 countries with very different lifestyles, very different cultures and traditions. And yet, as far as universal concepts are concerned, if there is one thing that the peoples of the Earth have in common, it is their fascination and reverence for the sky. From the pyramids and megaliths around the world built in accordance with the sky, to the 7 wonders of the ancient world, represented by the 7 planets, humanity has always tried to imitate the sky and live in accordance with its light, universal laws and perfection represented by the ideal figure – the circle.

Over the millennia, as well as through inspiration and insights, mankind learned to calculate the cycles of the sky, and so astronomy was born. Astronomy studies the motion of the planets and stars. Astrology studies the meaning of the planets and stars and how they are closely related to humanity, as well as to each person through their own unique horoscope.


How Ancient and Chinese Astrology Differ from Western Psychological Astrology

Unlike modern psychological astrology, which focuses solely on the subjective inner world of the native, and therefore can neither make objective statements nor predict, Ancient and Chinese Astrology do not use psychology. They describe the native’s objective reality by relying on proven rules. The information I provide with Ancient and Chinese Astrology (Bazi aka Four Pillars of Destiny and He Luo Li Shu aka Yi Jing Astrology) is specific, of immediate practical value, and in easy-to-understand language. Ancient and Chinese Astrology provide answers to human questions that have existed for millennia:

  • How do I find my happiness?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What profession is most suitable for me?
  • Will I reach a high level in society?
  • What will my financial status be?
  • Will I have a spouse and children; when?
  • Will I stay in my country of birth of reside abroad?

Contrary to popular modern astrological beliefs, Ancient Astrology actually deals with a person’s spiritual life and their place in the Universe. Ancient Astrology and BaZi are also unsurpassed in their ability to describe the native’s character, which is not psychology and does not change.

Furthermore, Ancient Astrology does not deal with karma or similar, unproven beliefs. The insights I provide with Ancient and Chinese Astrology are valid only for the client and, unlike psychology or karma, can easily be proved whether they are true or false. Unlike countless modern fads, theories, systems, philosophical movements that will be forgotten in the not too distant future, Ancient and Chinese Astrology have withstood the test of time.

Unlike modern astrology, Ancient Astrology and Four Pillars of Destiny use the stars and constellations. The eternal wisdom, which has been encoded in the stars and constellations, also contains immediate practical value.

The planets, stars and constellations are alive and full of meaning.

This meaning is different for each person, as it is based on their unique natal chart aka horoscope.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover what secrets your full horoscope reveals about you, your life, and your place in the Universe.


Do you consider yourself as someone who is interested in self-knowledge? Are you interested in gaining a broader understanding of your life? If so, then I invite you on a mysterious journey with me. Ancient and Chinese Astrology will be your guide and I will be your translator.

There are many methods leading to the discovery of one’s personal path, but Ancient and Chinese Astrology, based on eternal laws, is the highest and closest system for knowing objective truth. The latter is bound neither by time, nor by human cultural prejudices.


The Highly Valued Ancient Astrological Knowledge Is Now Available for the First Time in Centuries

Until now, in their desire for truth and self-knowledge, modern people have had to use modern psychological astrology. They used it because it was available everywhere and it was the one they knew about. This was the right decision based on the information and services offered.

The integrated, holistic Western-Eastern astrological perspective that I am offering is something extremely rare in the world. Still, it is in line with people’s desire and goals for self-knowledge and the knowing of their destiny. I have taken every advantage of the ongoing revival of Ancient and Chinese Astrology over the last 20-30 years by purchasing, studying, and gaining practical knowledge from dozens of translated ancient astrological works. Although they are accessible to anyone who speaks English, few astrologers have the skills, patience, and perseverance to understand their meaning. And even fewer of them have the time to do the much-needed research to extract the practical insights contained in these texts.

Given how highly valued the knowledge provided by Ancient and Chinese Astrology is, some of my friends have told me that I should actively market and advertise my services and seek media appearances. Others have been teasing me for years by refusing to have my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. My answer to them is that if people from China, India, USA, Brazil, and many other countries can find me and seek my services, then I should be doing something right and my astrological skills should speak for themselves.

The knowledge derived from Ancient Astrology, BaZi, and He Luo Li Shu was available only to emperors, aristocracy, religious leaders, and the rich. It is now available for the first time in centuries, but only to those who can search for and find authentic astrologers like myself, who have dedicated their time and efforts to this science.



While Ancient Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny, and Yi Jing Astrology invariably show objective truth, its deciphering is not always possible for the human mind. Despite my best efforts, I have also made mistakes, but I have always learned from them.

The study and practice of Ancient and Chinese Astrology never ends. I am happy that I can share their secrets with some of you and thus help you know your destiny and set off on your unique path. By helping you, you are also helping me to improve and become an even better astrologer.