Forthcoming second Jupiter transit on Caph, Beta Cassiopeiae s

Forthcoming second Jupiter transit on Caph, Beta Cassiopeiae

The gates of Heaven will once again open and allow those using this ancient knowledge to make their wishes come true. The second Jupiter transit over Caph, the star beta Cassiopeia, will take place from December 8th to January 22nd. During the first half of this Jupiter transit on Caph, the planet will be retrograde, so I advise being cautious with your wishes. To find out what a person may and may wish for, watch my previous video on the subject.

If you would like me to calculate the parans of the star for your location in a table, contact me.

Here is a link to the trial version of the Janus 6 program that offers the calculation of parans.

Here is the Persian astrologer’s website – the original source where I got the information from.

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