AliExpress is a scam too

Why AliExpress Is a Scam Too That Protects Some of Its Fraudulent Sellers

Why AliExpress is a scam too that protects some of its fraudulent sellers. I show chat, email, photo and video evidence. Customers are left to believe that, as buyers, that they are protected by Aliexpress. That is true, but only for the initial 15 days upon receipt of product.

This video shows that Aliexpress not only tolerates a fraudulent seller, but protects them. Not only that, but Aliexpress replies with automated, anonymous, do-not-reply messages regardless of the proof you have provided, regardless of ANY developments over a period of months. It does not matter whether you fall under US or EU jurisdiction, Aliexpress seems to think they are above the law.

After being jerked around for 7 MONTHS as a paying customer, I lost all faith with Aliexpress and gave them 10 business days to fix the problem with this fraudulent seller or risk getting exposed to the whole world. They received my email and did not even bother to reply. This is the promised video that exposes everything and shows that Aliexpress is a scam indeed. If Aliexpress has no qualms to do that to a customer like me who has been buying from them for years, they can do it to anyone.

Please share this video widely and do not buy from Aliexpress.

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