Spiritual Path and Meaning of Life

I am delighted to officially offer the long-awaited spiritual path and meaning of life consultation with Astrology. Since there is a lot of speculation and exaggeration on the subject, and people are being manipulated with false promises, I will describe things in more detail. The goal is to arm yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions in your favor, sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Many people are interested in self-knowledge and spiritual development, seeking guidance and signs from books, seminars or courses. There is value in this approach, but the problem is that it is generic and fails to take into account you as a unique individual who has your own path. In search of the meaning of their lives, quite a few people resort to fortune-tellers, clairvoyants or shamans. If the practitioner in question possesses genuine psychic abilities, and really wants to help you, you may receive accurate nuggets and insights that wil be of benefit to you.

The problem is that with such methods you cannot get detailed and objective information. Also, if you go to 3-4-5 such specialists, you will receive different information about the meaning of your life and your spiritual path. This is not the case with Astrology where the astrologer has specific approaches and methodologies for extracting spiritual interpretations and information from the horoscope.

Why the spiritual path and meaning of life were not overtly discussed in Ancient Astrology

Although natal Ancient Astrology originated about 200 years before christianity, it was largely an oral tradition. This means that parts of some doctrines were only shared with select disciples. So it was in India and in China. The destruction of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century and the subsequent Dark Ages led to the destruction of a significant part of the ancient texts (not only astrological).

Then, with the increasing role of organized monotheistic religions (christianity, islam, judaism), which claimed a total monopoly on the subject of the Soul, it became necessary for astrologers not to write openly on topics such as spiritual path, meaning of life, spiritual reading of the horoscope, or spiritual development. With the emergence of European traditional Astrology in the early 2nd millennium, in the 13th century the pope ordered Albert Magnus (Albert the Great) to investigate whether Astrology should be condemned.

Magnus concluded in his book Speculum Astronomiae (The Mirror of Astronomy) that there was nothing to condemn in Astronomy (Astrology) itself, provided that neither the stars nor the angels/spirits supposedly dwelling in them were worshiped by the people and that provided Astrology was not used for magical purposes. The church accepted the conclusions of Albertus Magnus and the limitations he set were accepted by astrologers, at least publicly and in their written works. This is one reason why so little overt spiritual content is found in Western Traditional Astrology.

Pompous claims of a spiritual horoscope reading with modern Astrology, while in fact an astro psychological profile of the client is made

Modern astrologers are very fond of claiming that the modern Astrology they practice is more spiritual than the Ancient Astrology. How, you see, modern Astrology offers a reading of the spiritual path, learning the main life lessons and challenges. Some even boldly talk about karma, past lives, and other unproven oriental concepts and how this information can be derived from the natal chart. There are even modern astrologers with a branch called “evolutionary astrology” who talk about determining a person’s spiritual level from his/her horoscope.

When a well-trained and critical-thinking astrologer starts asking specific questions of such practitioners, asking them for specific astrological sources that describe and exemplify how this is applied in practice, he gets silence. If the practitioner in question has a false sense of superiority, he may tell the questioner that he is not ready for this information, that it is for selected astrologers, that it is being revealed by the Divine, and similar distractions.

So what are these false claims of spiritual Astrology based on then? They are based on the theories of collective evolution, present in the theosophy of Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, the philosophy of the teacher Deunov aka Beinsa Douno, etc. Accordingly, not only are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and some asteroids used for spiritual interpretation of the natal chart, they are the main factors. The other factor is the lunar nodes. And by adding the fact that the minor aspects are used, it turns out that a configuration with these generational planets is present in the horoscopes of many people. This insults the intelligence of genuine seekers of the spiritual information revealed by the horoscope. It cannot be otherwise, since the practitioners of modern Astrology have not studied the Western astrological tradition. And the few of them who have elementary knowledge of it, either did not reach its spiritual part, or did not manage to extract the given pieces and gems left by the ancient masters.

Another gross mistake is that modern astrologers equate psychology with spirituality. As a result, the public is persistently being indoctrinated that since Ancient Astrology contains no psychology, it cannot derive information about the spiritual path and meaning of life. This shows a basic ignorance of the etymology of the word spirituality. What happens is that people going to an astrologer with modern Astrology receive an astropsychological profile. And the psychological horoscope does not contain spiritual, objective and concrete information. That is, it provides information that cannot be confirmed by a person’s real life, not by his/her internal, subjective world. This is known as the Barnum Effect and is one of the main reasons why Astrology is so ridiculed and dismissed.

Approaches for determining the spiritual path and meaning of life with Ancient Astrology

The root of the word spirituality comes from spirit. That is, we are talking about spirits, about real energies and beings, not about psychology and subjectivism. In Аncient Astrology, as many as five of the twelve houses are associated with certain spirits. This gives an advantage to astrologers practicing Аncient Astrology, such as myself. Of course, this knowledge has not survived and is not included in the modern astrological schools. Also, Аncient Astrology uses the fixed stars, extra-zodiacal constellations and specific planetary configurations with them that could reveal information about a person’s spiritual path.

There is also a doctrine for determining the Captain of the horoscope, known as the Ruler of the horoscope or the Almuten of the horoscope – Kurios, in Ancient Astrology. It has survived only in the 4th century astrologer and philosopher – Porphyry (Porphyry The Philosopher – Introduction to the Tetrabiblos, chapter 30, translated by James Holden in 2009). This is an extremely important doctrine that few astrologers know about. The planet playing this role speaks directly about how a person will walk on his/her spiritual path. The problem with the Captain of the horoscope is that it is one of the most difficult things to determine accurately, which is explicitly said by Porphyry himself. Accordingly, in the majority of cases, 2-3 or more planets are competing for this role. This means that the astrologer can often be wrong in determining the Victor of the horoscope and, accordingly, in reading the spiritual path of a person. This is even more true since consultations are largely done online.

And when we add the fact that there are astrologers who use a different Zodiac with this doctrine, the chance of determining the Victor of the chart increases even more. Therefore, it is highly desirable that an astrologer who claims to offer a spiritually-oriented natal chart reading has a back-up plan rather than fanatically insisting on the Zodiac he/she uses. That is, the astrologer must be quite well educated and to have other methods with which to extract information from the natal chart about the spiritual life, interests, and meaning of a person’s life.

In addition to the above, there are other methods, but here we are already entering the topic of astral Magic. That is, here it is about using a person’s horoscope to identify certain spirits that are named and that the client prays to and meditates upon them. The 16th century occultist and author Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa gives such methods in his Book 2, Chapter XX and Book 3, Chapter XXVI. I do not practice them and do not recommend them. Otherwise, there is definitely something to learn and take from Agrippa as an author. He is one of the main sources. Another source containing some information on spiritual Astrology is the medieval book Picatrix, written in Arabic and translated into modern languages. The Picatrix is mostly about Magic, though.

There are also astrologers who work with the 36 decans and the deities that rule them. I don’t practice that. There are small groups of astrologers who practice astral Magic, making talismans and summoning certain spirits, angels and demons and trapping them in the talismans in order to help the client achieve a desired goal. I do NOT practice such methods and do not recommend such astrologers and live contact with them. If you don’t have strong psychic defenses but have an interest in the occult, you are putting yourself at risk.

I do NOT recommend astrologers who urge their clients to worship and deify the spirits and beings in the planets, stars and decans. It is one thing to present this knowledge as information, and with due warning at that. Or to buy untreated crystals and precious stones, which are natural incarnations/manifestations of the Planetary spirit. It is quite another to make contact with otherworldly and astral entities through ritual and/or talismanic wearing. And last but not least, such practices are marketed/described as spiritual, when in fact it is not about your spiritual development, but about commanding certain spirits, demons and angels to bring about a desired outcome. And in the majority of cases with astral Magic, the goals pursued are material and self-seeking.

This is no joke! These are real beings described by various traditions for thousands of years!

My service for determining the spiritual path and meaning of life with Astrology

Many astrologers like to say how our art is a spiritual science. Yet when you ask them where they get a given doctrine, that is, which author and text they rely upon in their bold statements, you will get no answer.

I have been seriously doing Astrology for 14 years now. Even after taking the astrological courses and passing my exam, I’ve sought far and wide. I have bought and studied all the translated books on Ancient Astrology. I’ve tested everything. When a client asks me why my astrological conclusion is the way it is, I can always point to an author and an astrological doctrine I’m basing it on. This is the scientific approach and it is a must if the astrologer wants to derive objective information from the horoscope on a consistent basis. No matter whether we are talking about mundane affairs or about the spiritual existence of a person as revealed by his natal chart.

I want to make it clear that just as not everyone is interested in Astrology, not everyone who is interested in Astrology is interested in spirituality and the meaning of their life. This is important because a regular natal chart reading does not include the spiritual elements. A different examination is required, another perspective through which to read a person’s horoscope. This includes certain methods and additional points which are hinted at and mentioned by some of the ancient authors and which of course are largely unknown. Even to some of the ancient astrologers nowadays. Of course, they have not survived into modern Astrology. This is one of the reasons why modern astrologers believe that “everything is spiritual in the horoscope”. This is not so. Astrology deals with embodied existence. Of course, it has spiritual components, but it can be done without them. After all, most adults are interested in worldly matters: work, love, health. That is why they also look for serious traditional astrologers, dealing with objective reality and able to predict and give concrete information.

The spiritual path and meaning of life astrological consultation that I am offering is extremely rare in the world. Here are just some of the questions you will get a clear and specific answer from me. I will be extract from your natal chart and it will only apply to you:

  • What is the specific purpose for which you were born;
  • Which area of life will be very important for your spiritual path;
  • In what context you will deal with the spiritual issues indicated by the above topic;
  • How you will move on your spiritual path;
  • What is the meaning of your life;
  • What fixed stars and extra-zodiacal constellations are active in your chart and what story they reveal about your path;
  • Whether you will be interested in religion and if not – what type of spiritual current you will gravitate towards;

I won’t try to “determine your spiritual level” from your astrological chart. I won’t pay you false compliments. I won’t talk about “how to transcend your horoscope” during the astrological consultation. I won’t use made-up doctrines like “higher octaves” and so on. I derive all this information, and more, without using Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, other asteroids, minor aspects, etc.

There’s more. As my personal path this life is strongly spiritual and ascetic, this led me to Chinese Astrology – a precious mine that I have been mining and processing for 9 years now. For one reason or another, the two of the three types of Chinese Astrology that I am versed in and offer to public do not contain enough information about the spiritual path and meaning of life. A Chinese Astrology reading can reveal great interest in self-cultivation and spiritual development that is present in the horoscope, but it cannot provide detailed information about this.

The Five Dharma Types in Indian Astrology

Accordingly, my quest and spiritual thirst continued and led me to Indian Astrology. Like Ancient Astrology, Vedic Astrology can reveal information about the spiritual path and meaning of life. What I was discovering did not suit me as practical information. There, the practitioner is very often urged to worship the planets and nakshatras, to chant mantras, to perform rituals, giving away his/her own power. And I’m interested in genuine practical techniques. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied” it is written in the Bible, Mathew 5:6.

I’m not sure if I’ve been fully satisfied yet, but after all these years, I was fortunate through synchronicity to come across an American Vedic astrologer, Simon Chokoisky, who actually knows and teaches Sanskrit. In his books and a course I took, he restores the doctrine of the Five Dharma Types, about which there are nuggets and pearls in the Mahabharata, the longest book ever written. Following my teacher Robert Zoller’s admonition to test a technique on a minimum of 200 horoscopes, and comparing the results of the 5 Dharma Types with both Zodiacs, I empirically arrived at the conclusion of how this method should be used. Although some ambiguities remain, I am glad to be able to offer an astrological method that is of immediate practical benefit to my clients.

As Simon teaches, dharma is the sense of purpose in life. Without dharma, life is a series of random moments ungoverned by any sense of natural order.

The Five Dharma Types are:

The Merchant;
The Warrior;
The Educator;
The Laborer;
The Outsider;

The Dharma type is determined based on your horoscope. When a person knows and follows his dharma, he/she ensures not only his/her own prosperity, but also the good of others around him/her.

By knowing your Dharma Type, you will know:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Your Path to Evolution,
  • Your Path to Devolution;
  • The most suitable professions for you;
  • The most suitable sports for you;
  • Your moral restraints and observances;
  • What planetary cycle you are in at this stage of your life and how this modifies your Dharma Type;

As Simon writes in his book The 5 Dharma Types, the more we follow our purpose in life, the more we uplift others in the process. There is more than enough fulfillment for everyone on the planet, because fulfillment is not a material resource like coal or water, but a limitless side effect of dharma. Spiritual treasure is not bound by the rules of natural selection and competition: the more we give of it, the more we receive.

This is one of the reasons why I want to share also this vital information with you and not keep it to myself and the people closest to me.

How much the service costs and what is required

The spiritual path and meaning of life astrological service costs 170.00 euros and is under the form of a 60-90 minute audio consultation.

You must have an accurate time of birth, with a deviation of no more than 4 minutes. If your time of birth is off, I will need to rectify your horoscope.

I want this service. What do I do?

1. Contact me and when giving your birth data say when you have your time of birth from: official document, a parent’s memory, baby book, etc. We decide whether you need chart rectification. If so, I do this separate service first prior to scheduling the spiritual consultation with you.

2. I give you my payment details and you send the respective amount by bank transfer or some other method that works for you.

3. After receiving your payment, I start working on your natal chart, which takes me 2 business days. We schedule a date and time for a 60-60 minute astrological spiritual consultation on the free Viber, Zoom or Wire program. I record the consultation and send it to you after we are done with it. Of course, if you have questions during the consultation, you ask them and I reply to you right away.