Elizabeth Taylor's chart

Elizabeth Taylor’s Chart with Medieval Astrology

Elizabeth Taylor’s chart is one of the most examined horoscopes in the astrological circles. It is the subject of this article, because a little more than 2 weeks ago the actress in question and one of the symbols of beauty, left the physical world at the age of 79. And since it was interesting to me, and it is a common practice after the death of a world-famous person to look at their life, I decided to write this article.

The goal of this writing is to show the incredible accuracy and directness with which Medieval Astrology works.

Note: Please take into consideration that the following is a concentrated overview of the major areas of her life. I have not fully delineated Elizabeth Taylor’s chart, nor have I read biographies of her. The topic of death shall take a leading role in this analysis.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Chart

Elizabeth Taylor's chart

Chart calculated with Delphic Oracle software, the best program for traditional Astrology in the world.

Temperament and character

When one calculates the temperament in Elizabeth Taylor’s chart according to the common formula, it is phlegmatic. This is also seen from the tendency to be overweight and the longevity. There is also a choleric strain coming from the Ascendant being in a fire sign, as well as its lord Jupiter being in Leo.

When Venus, which is a feminine, moist and cold/slightly warm, nocturnal planet, gives the temperament, Ptolemy says1:

Veuus has effects similar to Jupiter’s, but it apt to make her subjects more shapely, graceful, womanish, effeminate in figure, plump, and luxurious. On her own proper account she makes the eyes bright as well as beautiful”.

Calculation of Liz Taylor’s length of life

Life and death are inextricably intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. There is no way for a person to know how long they will live unless they know when they will die. Modern Astrology categorically states that it is not possible to calculate how long a person will live. The reasons for this assumption are that it uses techniques that are incomplete, not systematic, are subject to improvisation, and – no less importantly – in the modern Western world it is not polite and a sign of good manners to mention the word death, much less elaborate on its role in the native’s life.

Why determining the length of life is of primary importance in Medieval Astrology

Due to several reasons, calculating the length of life takes an overwhelmingly important significance in Medieval Astrology.

  1. It is pointless to spend hours of delineating and predicting how, for example, the native whose chart is being read, will receive inheritance, will have 2 wives, 2 children, will rise to a high role in society according to the profession that he or she will have, if this person’s fate is to die young.
  2. It is important for one to consider the environment in which Medieval Astrology worked. In the past centuries, when Astrology was valued and put on a pedestal by popes, emperors, generals, politicians etc, the local Astrologer was asked to predict for the above mentioned whether they will have heirs, how long the latter will live, what their destiny will be, whether they will increase their kin’s wealth, or squander it.
  3. The importance of such predictions mattered not only to such individuals of power but was a matter of the state as well.

Hyleg, Alchocoden, and Anaereta

Without going over the techniques and the calculations I had to make, because they are complex and are not the subject of this article, I will say that in regards to the length of life there are 3 major planets. One which gives life (Hyleg), one which gives the number of years (Alchocoden) and a third one (Anaereta) takes life. The latter could also be a point and not a planet.  These planets are known as the Arcus Vitae – The Arc of Life.

Since Elizabeth Taylor’s chart is nocturnal, the Moon becomes Hyleg in her chart, Mercury is the Alchocoden. The Sun is the Anaereta, slightly outnumbering Jupiter and Saturn.

Looking Mercury at first, the planet is in a terrible state – in detriment and fall, cadent. However, it is cazimi – in the heart of the Sun, which really strengthens it accidentally, and it is also in the 4th House, using Whole Sign Houses. For this reason, Mercury in Elizabeth Taylor’s chart will give its maximum number of years – 76. The Arc of Life does not give absolute exactness but gives a number of years that could deviate up to 3-4 years of difference. For a really close, if not absolute, exactness of the moment of death, the final number the Alchocoden gives is used, along with other predictive techniques, which show periods of extreme vulnerability and danger of death in this 3-4 year range.

There are planets which add years, there are ones which take away years and this modifies the number of years given by the Alchocoden. Mercury is conjunct Mars, but he is combust and as such does not take away years. It is conjunct the Sun, but here also years are neither taken nor given. It is trine the Moon, which is afflicted – in fall, but is participating triplicity ruler, is in a good house and is in hayz, so it gives 2 years and 108 days.

So put together, this gives the longevity calculation of Elizabeth Taylor’s chart is 76 years from the Alchocoden + 2 years and 138 days from the Moon = 78 years 138 days Arc of Life.

Prominence and role in society

Elizabeth Taylor’s chart does not seem to be tat eminent at first, as far as Rank of fame is concerned.

The Lights are in feminine signs, are not angular, do not aspect or even behold the MC, do not have strong dispositors etc. Yes, the Moon is in the 11th House of social life but many people around the world have this position. The other two planets of the nocturnal sect are afflicted – Venus is in detriment, Mars is combust. The Sun is below the horizon, the ruler of the 10th House of career is in detriment.

Even though the MC ruler is in detriment, Venus is angular, occidental and is trined by benefic Jupiter which strengthens her position. Venus rules arts and beauty and is one of  the significators of the profession in Elizabeth Taylor’s chart.

Moreover, the 10th House Almuten is Saturn and he is essentially dignified in its own sign Aquarius and in the House of money. This is an indication of social success and wealth made by playing a visible role before society. As Saturn’s sign is fixed and he is Almuten of the 10th House, rules and is significator of the 2nd House, her fame and wealth are significant, will remain and live on.

So, where does enormous fame come from in Elizabeth Taylor’s chart?

There is only one place which is more powerful than the immutable signs the planets leave, reflecting Creation, and that is the 8th sphere – the one of the fixed stars. Only the fixed stars can elevate even an insignificant person in terms of power and scale, to the very top of the life areas on which his/her destiny is centred. Elizabeth Taylor’s chart is filled with fixed stars, and not some usual ones but Royal ones!

The Ascendant is conjunct the Royal star Antares. The Heart of the Scorpion brings great success, good luck, bestows potential for great power, but also danger, malevolence and threat of ruination2. It is a curious fact that in Egypt this star was taken as a symbol of the goddess Isis and one of the most famous films of Liz Taylor is the one in which she plays Cleopatra – the goddess of Egypt.

Another Royal star is on the horizon – Aldebaran, which sets on the Descendant. The Southern Eye of the Bull gives courage, delight in military affairs capacity for great promotion, preferment, accumulation of wealth and power. Those that know Liz Taylor’s life will remember her firm position against the US war with Iraq and how she declined to attend the the 75th Annual Academy Awards, as a result of that. She publicly condemned then President George Bush Jr for calling on Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq, and said she feared the conflict would lead to World War III. But as Aldebaran is a military star like Antares, there is a great responsibility attached to the honours that it brings, and if these are abused, the fall from grace will be just as rapid as the rise.

These two stars are said to “have double strength than the others”3

The Moon is on Zubeneschamali, of the constellation of Libra. The Southern Scale is a malefic star, of the nature of Mars and Saturn, and brings lying, crime, disease, disgrace but bestows immortal fame, though often through tragedy.

The Sun is on the Royal star Fomalhaut, of the Southern Fish constellation. Fomalhaut is a fortunate star and bestows prominence, wealth, power. It is often linked with a destiny towards occult or religious affairs. Liz Taylor changed her religion, converting to judaism, practiced the Kabbalah and was a member of a spiritual organization called “The Kabalah Centre”

On the whole, her religious and spiritual life was extremely active and crucial for her, as is seen from the Ascendant ruler Jupiter who is in the House of religion and spirituality, using Whole Sign Houses, and even more importantly, from the Lot of Spirit which is conjunct Jupiter in Leo. Leo’s direction is east, Jupiter is the universal significator of religion and is also in Leo. Liz Taylor converted to judaism which is an Eastern religion. I did not write accidentally earliler that Venus is one of Liz Taylor’s professional significators. The other is Saturn who is oriental and Almuten of the 10th House of destiny and magisterium (what one is born to do and what skills the native naturally has). Saturn is the other planet of religion, and more specifically – it rules the Jewish people and judaism.

Some might say that a 4 degree orb is too wide, but this is a Royal star placed on a personal point. Moreover, Barbara Watters considers it to be in indicator of congenital defects or inherited illness when in contact with any personal point and afflicted by malefics. Mars is also on Fomalhaut, though he is combust. Liz Taylor was born with a congenital effect – a double line of eyelashes. And since eyelashes serve the eyes and the Luminaries rule eyesight (the Sun the left eye in females, the Moon the right one and vice versa in males), this is proof, from another perspective, that this star definitely has an effect on Liz Taylor’s life.

Are there any more stars in Liz Taylor’s natal chart? The other important point is the MC – how the world sees a person, what their reputation will be. Conjunct the cusp of the 10th House is Vindemiatrix, of the Virgo constellation. This is an unfortunate star, of the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It gives falsity, disgrace, stealing and often causes the natives to become widows. In horary Astrology, when relevant, this is used as an indicator of divorce/separation. Here is the key: Liz Taylor had 8 marriages. The synastry textbooks are full of charts of her husbands and her. The world sees her, and her image is connected, with separations and divorce.

Some awards given to Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor received the French Legion of Honour in 1987;

Was named a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000;

In 2001, she received a Presidential Citizens Medal for her humanitarian work, most notably for helping to raise more than $200 million for AIDS research and bringing international attention and resources to addressing the epidemic;

On December 5, 2007, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and California First Lady Maria Shriver inducted Taylor into the California Hall of Fame located at the California Museum of History, Women and the Arts.

So here is the extent to which fixed stars can rаise a given natal chart which is of no special significance. Consider Jupiter (mercy, charity) who, though retrograde, is dignified by triplicity in the magnanimous Leo. It is conjunct the Lot of Spirit in the House of religion and spirituality using Whose Sign Houses, and in the House of death, inheritances other people’s money and resources. Also, look at the incredibly strong Saturn: oriental, in its own sign, Almuten of the House of profession and reputation and ruling the House of wealth. Of course the ruling Luminary in Liz Taylor’s nocturnal chart – the Moon, though in fall, is participating triplicity ruler, is in hayz and in the good 11th House of social life, rules the 8t House, and is in the 12th using Whole Sign Houses = the money and resources of other people in her life are used for charity, care of the sick and handicapped (the 12th House). Note the fixity of the Scorpio Moon – Liz Taylor will not give up the significations of the Moon, but will do them with a single-minded purpose, perseverance and resourcefulness = raising money tirelessly for decades for the fight against AIDS (Moon is the exhaltation ruler of the 6th House of illnesses and Hyleg – Liz Taylor was hospitalized more than 70 times in her life!)

Liz Taylor’s horoscope: sexual life and many marriages

The Luminaries in female signs, fertile ones for that matter, Venus and Mars in generosity (reception by sign or exhaltation but without aspect), with Venus being occidental and Mars oriental  (also in a fertile sign), which reinforces their natures. These are strong indications for an excessive sexual appetite. Ptolemy writes4:

But on the other hand, when the luminaries in the aforesaid configuration are unattended in feminine signs, the females exceed in the natural, and the males in unnatural practice, with the result that their souls become soft and effeminate. If Venus too is made feminine, the women become depraved, adulterous, and lustful, with the result that they may be dealt with in the natural manner on any occasion and by any one soever, and so that they refuse absolutely no sexual act, though it be base or unlawful”.

Liz Taylor had 8 marriages and 4 children. Again, this is immediately apparent, using Medieval Astrology techniques.

The Sun, as the significator of her husband, is in the double-bodied and fertile Pisces. The Descendant is in the double-bodied Gemini. The Sun is conjunct Mars and Mercury, with all the 3 planets being in the double bodied and fertile Pisces.

The Moon, as the universal significator of children, is in the fertile Scorpio and is also the exhaltation ruler of the 5th House of children.

Venus rules the 5th House and is in detriment in the male and impulsive Aries. One cannot help but notice the almost exact partile aspect with Uranus. This is sparkling, impetuous sexuality and lust, which is magnified by the trine from Jupiter. Using Whole Sign Houses, Venus is in the 5th House, which further reinforces her role in the area of sex, children and entertainment.

Elizabeth Taylor’s death examined with Medieval Astrology

N.B.! Predicting death is a very serious matter. It is easy to be wrong. Under no circumstances is it recommended as an exercise of demonstrating superiority or stroking one’s ego. There can be devastating consequences for both sides.

Moreover, it is vital to know that prediction is based on collecting and unifying similar testimonies from different techniques, always subjected according to the role of significators in a chart. In other words, as you will see below, simply because a significator of death falls on a sensitive point, this does not mean death. Liz Taylor, just like anybody who lives to 72 or more, will have an 8th House (death) year by profection, 6 times, they will have a few times when the Anaereta will be on a sensitive point and yet this will not bring death (I have not checked whether these testimonies concurred earlier in life in this chart). The leading role belongs to the Arc of Life. Hence, if a person lives 65 years and a dangerous configuration forms at age 45, he/she will not die. Of course, all of this could be seen in the chart, albeit with a lot of work.

The lifespan is predetermined in Astrology

For those who have doubts that death is predetermined and can be predicted from the first breath a baby takes, and given that they know the length of life techniques, the best teacher is experience. Take a solid number of charts of famous people, for which information is readily available, and see for yourselves.

There is one caveat, however, in predicting death and it is that natal Astrology is not the highest branch of this Art by far. In other words, there are circumstances, such as global catastrophes, disasters, pandemics, wars etc that can override the signification of the Alchocoden.

So, taking from the final years which the Alchocoden gives, which in this chart are 78 years 108 days, the attention is focused on death bringing configurations around this period, give or take 3-4 years.

As I have not fully delineated Elizabeth Taylor’s chart, neither rectified it, I accept this time of birth to be accurate, but not 100% so that I would rely on Primary directions. Still, even if the hour of birth were not exact, the deviation is no more than 5 minutes backwards, because the Moon would be in the 12th by Alchabitius Houses, and that would have excluded her from being Hyleg. If it is forwards, then there is no problem regarding Moon as Hyleg. One way or the other, death is seen in crystal clear way, even without using the omnipotent Primary directions.

The Moon rules the House of death, is the exhaltation ruler of the House of sickness, Mars rules the House of the end of life and the one of hospitals, and is the Hyleg Moon’s dispositor. Jupiter is in the House of death.


On February the 27th 2007 Liz Taylor entered a Moon period which lasts 9 years. She will die in this period. Exactly when this will happen has to be narrowed down.

On January the 6th 2011 Liz Taylor entered a period of Moon Mars which lasts until the 19th of April 2012. Both planets are determined towards death. This is a very strong indication that death will occur in this period. In the earlier two subperiods, (February 2007 to January 2011) there was also this danger of death, though not so strong, and then the chart was not activated by another predictive technique.


Liz Taylor turned 79 last month and this is an 8th House year for her. This is the House of death, inheritances, debts etc. The ruler of this House is the Moon, which also rules the current Firdaria period. The Moon rules the first month of this year, starting from February the 27th until March the 26th, for Liz. There is an overlapping here and is a sign for serious attentiveness.

Solar Revolution (SR)

Elizabeth Taylor's chart - 2011 SR

One’s attention is immediately caught by two testimonies: Saturn, the SR ruler, (the revolution started on February the 26th 2011 and will end on March the 26th 2012) is in the House of death and The Lord of Life Jupiter opposes the SR Ascendant.

This is an extremely expressive testimony of death, taking into consideration the other two techniques described above.

There is more, however.

The Sun, as Anaereta, is in the Ascendant of the SR – in other words: death is on the health, vitality and body of Liz Taylor. This is a powerful indication of death. Furthermore, the Sun is the Almuten of the 4th House which shows the end of life and the grave, and in this way is determined towards death.

In addition to this, Venus, who is in the 4th House and thus determined towards death, is the Lord of the Period which started on Liz Taylor’s birthday and lasts 1 year. Again, this is a strong indication when one considers the fact that in the revolution Venus is in the 12th House of hospitals with both her Almutens in the natal and revolution – the Sun and Mars respectively, in the revolution’s Ascendant, and her sign ruler in the revolution Saturn, who is the lord of the Ascendant, is in the 8th House of death.

One more thing draws the attention, and that is the presence of Mars in the Ascendant of the SR. Mars, as ruler of the House of hospitals and end of life, has had its own natal return in the SR, though with 1 degree more. In this way, he has come to a full circle, which is an additional indication of death, in the light of the other much stronger ones, as there is a closing of a cycle. Mars is in the 3rd House of the nativity, but is in the 4th using Whole Sign Houses. The 4th House is the 9th from the 8th – an indication of death abroad. Mars rules the House of hospitals.

Liz Taylor died abroad in a hospital in Los Angeles, USA, on March 23 2011, at 79 years and 24 days, during a Moon Mars Firdaria period, an 8th House year by profection, ruled by the Moon, in an 8th House month, ruled by the Moon. I do not know the exact time of death, but the day she died, the Scorpio Moon returned to its natal degree.

Liz Taylor died of congestive heart failure, which is a condition where the heart is too weak to pump out sufficient blood throughout the body, particularly the ankles and feet5 (Jupiter in the House of death, in Leo. Jupiter rules the lungs, the liver, the heart, blood and arteries, Leo is the sign connected with the heart = death connected with the heart, the blood and arteries. Furthermore, the Sun is  Anaereta and the dispositor of the 8th House planet Jupiter, and the Luminary rules the heart – another indication that her death is directly connected with a disease in the heart.

1 Tetrabiblos Book 3, Chapter 11, page 81, Ashmand translation 1822

2 Descriptions of fixed stars taken from http://www.skyscript.co.uk/books.html section Stars&Constellations, Zodiac System.

3 Anonymous of 379 AD on the Fixed Stars

4 Tetrabiblos Book 3 Chapter 14, page 94, Ashmand translation 1822

5 All data about Liz Taylor’s life is taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Taylor

Written in April 2011

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