Example chart - lost object horary

Example charts

In this section I will be posting different example charts from the types of Astrology that I am interested in and am practicing (Medieval natal, modern natal, horary and electional). These example charts will be genuine and from real life and will not simply be analyses and predictions of inanimate events and randomly selected planetary configurations.

N.B.! I invite the readers and, especially those that are interested in obtaining and ordering some type of chart from me, to follow carefully the whole procedure of interpretation and interaction with the client. Feedback is crucial to me.

Example 1: When will my grandpa be discharged from the hospital?

This is an example chart from horary Astrology. Here is the necessary background information:

А good friend of mine is at home when someone suddenly rings at the door. My friend is forced to awaken from the noise, opens the door and sees his paternal grandfather. It turns out that the grandpa’s eye is severely inflamed. He had caught the bus from his village and arrived without notice. My friend calls his parents at once so that they could find a doctor that would examine the grandpa’s eye. They are forced to come home from work early. They take him to a doctor and the next day the grandpa is hospitalized. In a few days time my friend goes to visit his grandpa at the hospital. My friend is repulsed by the conditions and the vibrations of the ward. Suddenly a question comes up in his mind: when will grandpa be discharged from the hospital? He looks at the time and sees that it is 2.55 PM on May 2nd 2010. He called me to ask this question. Here is the horary chart:

Example charts - When Will Grandpa Be Discharged

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My friend is the querrent and gets House 1. His grandpa, who is the father of his father, gets House 7 (4th from the 4th)

A rule in Medieval Astrology says that the Moon’s last aspect must describe the situation as it happened. If I use the outer planets, the Moon’s last aspect is a square to Uranus (significator of grandparents). If I ignore them, then the aspect is again a square, to Saturn (significator of old people). In both cases the fact that it was a square indicates that there was tension and one was involved in a situation and forced to take action. My friend was surprised in an unpleasant way by his grandpa’s sudden arrival, was forced to awaken and phone his parents.

My friend is rules by Mercury and his grandpa by Jupiter. In this case I will add Neptune because it is connected with this chart. Neptune is in the 6th House in Aquarius. The grandpa’s Sun sign is Aquarius as well. Some Astrology practitioners assign hospitals to the 6th House, others to the 12th. In both cases the grandpa is situated in the hospital: if the chart is not turned Neptune is in the 6th, if it is then the 6th House is the 12th from the 6th.

The chart describes the situation perfectly – just as it has to, if the question is sincere and well formulated.

The grandpa is well. His significator Jupiter is in an angular House and is in the sign of its rulership – at 24 degrees and 5 minutes of Pisces.

Converting the astrological symbols into Earth language is both a responsibility and a test. Some practitioners refuse to use horary Astrology for timing and instead to use it for “yes” and “no” answers. I am not one of those and accept various questions.

The question asked really means: when will my grandpa get home? Looking at the chart I am searching for an applying aspect between grandpa’s significator and the planet that rules his own home. This specific chart hinders the situation slightly because the needed angular Houses are ruled only by two planets: Mercury and Jupiter. Grandpa’s home is the 10th House (4th from the 7th). It is ruled by Mercury. Jupiter does not form an aspect to Mercury, even by antiscion. Neither do Neptune and Uranus (significator of grandparents) who is a significator of the grandpa by being in the 7th House, which represents the grandfather. These 3 planets do not aspect Venus, which is in the 10th House and is significator of the grandpa’s home.

The last thing that remains is the 10th House cusp – grandpa’s home. In other words: when will he enter his own house. Jupiter applies by trine to it by its own antiscion, which is at 5 degrees and 55 minutes in Libra and the 10th House cusp is at 6 degrees and 50 minutes in Gemini. What I am looking at is when the aspect will perfect. This will happen in 55 minutes astrological time. Rounding this makes 1 degree or 1 unit. Next I must convert this into Earth time. Given the context of the situation the possible units are days, weeks and months. Jupiter, the significator of the grandpa, is angular in a cadent sign, which gives the middle unit – week. However, Jupiter is in a double-bodied sign – Pisces, which brings some delay. Therefore my friend’s grandpa will be discharged from the hospital and will go home in a week, or a little more than 1 week.

On Monday my friend called me excited to let me know that his parents had received a sudden phone call from the hospital and that the grandpa was being discharged on the same day. His parents were angry because they had not been warned (aspects by antiscion denote secrecy and unknown things). They were forced to leave work in order to pick up his grandpa. His grandpa was discharged from the hospital 8 days after the question was asked and easily (trine aspect) went home on the 9th day.

Example 2: When will I get my books from the post office?

This is an example chart from horary as well. Here is the necessary background information:

I had picked up and decided to buy 3 astrological books, which I need very much. I waited patiently for two months. My sister ordered them for me, the books arrived and she was going to send them to my address. I heard from her last week and she told me that she would send them when she gets a chance.

I was getting ready to go to bed the other night and all of a sudden I felt like knowing very much when my books will arrive and when I will pick them from the post office. This was what interested me and not when she would send them to me. I was overwhelmed by the feeling, that I just had to know this. This question could have popped up in my mind many times before this moment but it came to me exactly then. This is horary Astrology in action! I decided that I would do the chart and answer my question after I wake up. I wrote down the time: 4.15 AM, May 17th 2010.

I was busy doing other things after I woke up and the time passed away without notice. When I checked my postal box later, I saw that I had a postal note about a shipment for me that had arrived. Then note did not say who the shipment was from, nor how much it weighed. I had no idea who it might be from. I have received quite a lot of unexpected gifts from friends. Furthermore, my sister has always informed me when she sends me things.

Example charts When Will I Get My Books

The chart has Aries rising, which describes my enthusiasm and the desire to know at once. Mercury is in the 1st House and shows that the question is about books. I am represented by Mars in Leo in the 5th House.

My sister is represented by the 3rd House, with the Moon her ruler in the sign of its rulership – Cancer, in the 3rd House.

The Ancient astrological rule about the Moon’s last aspect works flawlessly once again – just as it must when the question is sincere and of significance. The Moon (my sister) separated from Mercury (the books) She is no longer in possession of the books. Therefore she has sent them to me and the shipment is from her.

Shipments and documents are ruled by the 3rd House. In this case my sister is 3rd House and my books are in her possession, which makes them her shipment and House 5 (the 3rd from the 3rd House) The 5th House is ruled by the Moon, i.e. my sister and the books are represented by the same planet because she is the one that orders them for me, carries them with her and sends them. What an exact description by the chart. What I am looking for is an aspect between the ruler of the 5th House, which is the Moon, and my planet Mars, the Ascendant or the ruler of my 2nd House, which represents my possessions. In other words, how long will it take for the significators to connect, when will my books come to me and become my possessions?

The Moon forms a conjunction by antiscion with Venus, ruler of my 2nd House, in 46 minutes. Rounded this makes 1 degree or 1 unit of astrological time. In this context the possible time frames are days and weeks. Moon is in a cadent House and in an angular sign, which gives almost 1 day.

My books will arrive in almost 1 day.

The aspect is by antiscion though, which denotes secrecy and unknown things. Less than 1 day had passed when I had asked the question (4.15 AM) when the postman left a note in the afternoon, but I had not done the chart and had not checked my postal box.

I went to the post office today to pick up the long awaited precious books of mine. This was the first time when my sister sent me something without notifying me. The chart reflected this of course because the aspect happened by antiscion.

Example 3: Will I get the documents? When?

This is an example of another horary question example.

Here is the necessary background information:

My sister had applied for a certain type of documents. She wanted to know whether she would be approved by the government and if so – when she will receive them. It was really important for her to have this question answered.

Horary astrology - Will I Get My Documents

Scorpio rises, showing her obsession with the question. Mars rules my sister and is befittingly in the 9th House – my sister is abroad. Mars is at 1 degree and 37 minutes Leo. The Moon which also represents the person asking the question (the querrent) is also in the 9th House in Leo, at 6 degrees and 27 minutes. The Moon rules the 9th House. The area, which she rules show what the querrent is after. The 9th House is the area of the law. The querrent applies for documents so that she would be clean with the law.

Documents are ruled by the 3rd House. Capricorn is on its cusp therefore Saturn represents the documents. Saturn is at 0 degrees and 59 minutes in Libra and is retrograde. It is at the beginning of the 11th House[1] and accurately describes the situation – the documents that the querrent wants are in the government’s possession (the 11th House is the 2nd from the 10th – the government’s moveable possessions).

There is no applying aspect between the documents (Saturn) and my sister (Mars and the Moon). Mars has separated from his sextile with Saturn. Saturn is retrograde though which means that he will turn direct after some time. Such type interpretations and indications for judging horary charts are possible but the context of the situation must be carefully examined at all costs. In this case, there is no way out if the significators are used. The thing is that there will be an outcome because she will either get approved or not. Looking at the Ephemeris shows that Saturn will turn direct on May 31st. Therefore the querrent can expect to receive her documents around this date.

Why will she get the documents? Because the 4th House (which shows the end of the matter) ruler is the Greater Benefic Jupiter who is in his own sign Pisces, being angular as well.

There is one more interpretation. The querrent does not ask about general nonspecific documents. She is interested in documents that come from the government and are his property. Being such, they are 11th House (2nd from the 10th). Ruler of the 11th is Venus who is at 22 degrees 44 minutes in Aries in the 5th House. Venus is in detriment but in this chart this does not matter. The Moon (the querrent) will trine Venus (the documents) in 16 degrees. Converting that into Earth time equals 16 weeks. There is already one testimony that gives 9 weeks and 4 days (the question was asked March 25th) and Saturn turns direct on May 31st. Therefore there is a discrepancy here.

Venus is 8 degrees and 53 minutes from squaring Mars (the querrent). It must be checked whether another planet will stand on Venus’s way to Mars (prohibition). Venus sextiles Neptune but Neptune is an outer planet and thus does not have enough significance. Moreover, if I use the modern rulerships, Neptune is co-ruler of the 4th House – the end of the matter, i.e. this is another indication that the querrent will get the documents. It must be checked when the aspect will be perfected. The Ephemeris shows that this will happen on April 3, i.e. in almost 9 days. Venus is in a succedent House in a cardinal sign. The context of the situation shows that the possible time units are days, weeks and months. The position of the significator gives weeks. The querrent will get the documents in 9 weeks. It is a square aspect so there will be tension and nerves.

This is a second testimony after that of Saturn is for May 31st. Counting from the day when the question was asked – March 25th, 9 weeks gives May 27th. Given such close testimonies and that I am not pedantic I judged that the querrent will get the documents that she wants in the last days of May.

My sister called me the other day saying that the documents arrived on May 26th. She went to pick them up on the next day – May 27th.

P.S. I was not entirely thorough in my judgement. The Moon is moving fast at the moment of the asking of the question (14 degrees and 28 minutes per day) And so is Venus (1 degree and 14 minutes). When the significators are fast and the chart has positive testimonies this accelerates the happening of the events. So even though my judgement was made by using Saturn only (who turns direct on May 31st) and it is moving fast, a few days can be subtracted from the May 31st date, which gives the same result – May 26-27th.

Moreover, the Venus (documents) square Mars (querrent) is at 8 degrees and 53 minutes. Rounding 53 minutes gives 5/6 of 1 degree, which in this case equals 1 week, i.e. 5 degrees= 6 days. Therefore if such a level of precision is required the documents will arrive in 8 weeks and 6 days = May 26th – the day when they arrived.

1 I am using the ancient House system Regiomontanus according to which every planet that is within 5 degrees of the next House cusp is considered to be in the next House unless it the House cusp is in a different sign.

Example 4: Where is my flashcard?

This is an example from horary about finding a lost item.

Here is the necessary background information:

While talking to a friend it became clear that he did not know where his flashcard is, which is important to him and contains vital business information. He had looked for it everywhere but was unable to find it. He was worried and at the same time angry.

I asked him whether he wanted to find out where his flashcard is. He replied: “Yes!” I said I would look into it. He asked how I would do that. When I said “through Astrology”, he responded immediately with “that is impossible”. I chuckled and wrote the time when I understood the question.

Example charts - horary question about a missing flashcard

My friend is represented by Jupiter. Sagittarius rises at 20 degrees and 21 minutes. It describes him well. He really likes to indulge himself. Pluto is in the 1st House but in a different sign and is not a factor. The Head of the Dragon is there as well, but also in a different sign. That is a small indication of success. Jupiter is at 1 degree and 17 minutes of Aries, where he has honour of term. He is in the cadent 3rd House though and does not have the power to act.

His flashcard is his possession and as such is represented by the 2nd House. It is ruled by Saturn who also rules Fortuna. There are 2 testimonies that he is the flashcard. Fortuna is in the 2nd House at 17 degrees and 35 minutes in the intercepted Aquarius. Saturn is peregrine in the cadent 9th House, at 28 degrees and 5 minutes of Virgo.

The Moon is at 22 degrees and 42 minutes of Leo in the 8th House. She is peregrine as well.

I could also take Venus as natural significator of items but she does not change anything and there are already 2 testimonies that Saturn is the flashcard.

Before I looked at aspects, I wanted to check the rule from medieval Astrology, which says that the Moon’s last aspect should describe what happened and what led to the asking of the question. It is an opposition to Fortuna, at 5 degrees and 7 minutes (5 weeks and 1 day according to the system, which converts astrological time into Earth time). I asked my friend when the last time was when he saw the flashcard. He said it was about a month, a month and something ago. This confirmation shows that the question is sincere and therefore the chart ideally describes the situation – as it must.

The situation looks bad. The significators are weak. They are not in position to act. There is no aspect of the Moon, which is co-significator of my friend, and Saturn (the flashcard). Even if I use the modern ruler of Aquarius – Uranus (which would be an absolutely desperate move), Jupiter (my friend) has already separated from it.

I notice that Jupiter conjuncts the antiscion of Saturn (the flashcard), which comes at 1 degree and 55 minutes of Aries, 38 minutes from Jupiter. Converting this into Earth time gives 3-4 days (there is no way to represent less than a day, because that would mean he would find it until the end of the day and the question was asked in the evening) There is an aspect, which is promising, even it is by antiscion, which shows something hidden and unknown. The thing is, due to the weak condition of the significators, whether this is strong enough for the lost item to be found. It is only one aspect out of 4 possible significators.

Now I must find where the flashcard is. It is in a cadent House, in the 9th even (far away, places connected with travel, universities, churches, publishing houses). Fortuna is in the 2nd House though – an indication that the flashcard might be near, even in the querent’s possession. Otherwise, a significator falling in the cadent Houses shows that the missing person/animal/item is far away, and if it is close it is symbolically away by being hidden and is almost impossible to find. It also shows that it may take a long time to recover it, but in an indirect way, through someone else. The position of the 9th House is south southwest. Saturn (the flash card) is in Virgo, whose position is also south southwest. This is a second indication that Saturn is the flashcard and the it is in south southwest, which helps a lot in eliminating the examination of the other significators (the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, ruler of the 4th House etc) and their possible representation of the flashcard.

The places ruled by Virgo are cabinets, desks, cupboards, medical offices, warehouses. The colour of Virgo is black or speckled. The colour of the 9th House is green and white. The colour of Saturn is black, green, brown or dark. Virgo shows something, which is low or on the floor, under base level, in the garden, in a cellar, buried. It is an earth sign and shows things of the earth, stones, pavement, mud, cement, clay walls, the structural elements of things. The position of the earth signs is south. This is a third testimony that the flashcard is south or southwest. As far as the colours are concerned, the black and white stand out. Adding the aspect by antiscion, which indicates something hidden and unknown, and the earth element in which the significator Saturn is, I am coming to what I told my friend:

There is only one testimony that your flashcard will be found, which may not be enough. If it is not found in 3 or 4 days, write it off. You will not find it yourself. Some other person will. Look for it in the direction of south southwest, low on the ground, close to something that is black or white in colour.”

Three days after the question was asked his wife told me excitedly that she had found the flashcard by following my instructions. The flashcard was exactly south southwest, when going into their flat, in their room, down under the bed, on the carpet, which is speckled, 30-40 cm from the freezer, which is white in colour.

I am glad I helped him and I must confess that the chart really made it easier for me by removing the other possible significators of the flashcard. Otherwise the finding of lost people/items is one of the most difficult things in horary Astrology.

Example 5: Should I keep working for my current employer?

This is also a horary example chart.

Here is the necessary background information:

I was contacted by a man who was wondering whether to keep working for his current employer. His position is as a team leader for a big international company that has many branches. He was not satisfied with the attitude he was given and especially with his current wage, which is lower than the other colleagues. He did not have another job offer at the same time and after thinking through the possibilities, and was still uncertain, asked me the question.

Example charts - horary question about a job

Aquarius rises, at 3 degrees and 31 minutes. The querent is represented by Saturn who is at 28 degrees and 22 minutes in Virgo in the 8th House. The chart describes the situation perfectly: his significator is in the sign of work, and in the House of other people’s money (2nd from 7th). The querent is in a really weak position. His planet is peregrine and despite the fact that the 8th House is an accurate description of his situation, it is a malefic House.

The Moon is a co-significator of the querent. She is on the cusp of the 11th House, at 13 degrees and 50 minutes of Sagittarius and thus has honour of face. She gives more information about the querent. The 11th House is the 2nd from the 10th – income from career. The querent is thinking about his job. The Moon is in the international sign of Sagittarius, ruling long distance communication – he works for a big international company, which works in the area of communications. The Moon rules the 6th House – showing the working conditions and people who serve.

The employer is represented by the 10th House, at 27 degrees and 49 minutes of Scorpio, being ruled by Mars who is at 9 degrees and 28 minutes of Virgo in the 7th House. Mars is angular, but peregrine, which still shows that the employer has much more power is the situation, adding its context as well. Mars rules the 9th House – foreign journeys, international trade, long distance communications. The Moon is in Sagittarius, which is the natural ruler of the 9th House – a second testimony that the work he does is international. Scorpio is a secretive and manipulating sign, i.e. there is something about the work that the employer is not telling the querent. Furthermore it is a water sign and they are all mute.

The Moon’s last aspect was with Venus who is Lady of the 4th House. The querent discussed the situation with his family. The distance is 1 degree and a bit, which shows that this happened soon. The Moon is moving at a slower speed and will make an aspect in more 9 degrees, and it will be a trine with Fortuna.

The question defines the reality of the situation and the situation is such that aspects are not that significant. What is of crucial importance, however, is the reception, which shows the attitudes of the two parties, how they get along and whether they are willing to help one another. The querent is the one who is an employee of another and the attitude of his employer towards him is of utmost significance. Mars is at 9 degrees and 28 minutes of Virgo. Therefore what his employer is interested the most in is other people’s money (Mercury is the dispositor of Mars and rules the 8th House. What the employer is most interested in is profit. Counting Houses from the 10th, the 8th is the 11th, which is income from business.  Mars is in the 7th House – business partnerships, in the double-bodied sign of Virgo, which is another indication that his employer is working in a business partnership and it is on his mind. The employer does not care about the querent, which is not unsurprising, especially when taking the question that was asked into account, as well as the international business and the thousands of employees. Virgo is the sign of work. The employer values work and diligence very much on the part of the employees. He is exploiting.

What is the querent interested in? Being placed in the 8th House makes it clear that he is interested in the money. Being also in Virgo shows him to be very industrious and conscientious. At this point, however, he is in no position and to act and is powerless to effect change. This is the current situation. Will it change and when can this be expected?

Saturn is less than 2 degrees of leaving the position and sign where he has no power. A look in the Ephemeris shows that Saturn will change sign (the situation will change) on July 22nd. How will the situation change: for better of worse? Saturn will enter the sign of his exaltation Libra, where he also has triplicity, and is the term ruler of the first 6 degrees! This is to a large degree as strong as a planet can get essentially. This is a huge change showing that the querent will have great of power and opportunity to change his situation.

Moving in Libra, however, the querent will begin to hate his employer, as Saturn will receive Mars (the employer) in the sign of its detriment. The querent will no longer want to work for this employer.

Moving signs and planets forward, when they are in early degrees, is not recommended unless the context permits it. In this chart, however, Mars who is at 9 degrees and 28 minutes, by the time the querent’s significator Saturn changes sign, will be at less than 5 degrees of changing sign. This is significant! What it means is that there will be a 9 days window of opportunity in which it will be decisive what happens and whether the querent will keep working for the current employer. The situation is pretty active and extreme as when Mars changes sign it will fall in the exaltation of Saturn who will also be his term ruler. This is excellent news for the querent. He will have more weight in the negotiations. He will start to be exalted and appreciated by his employer. Entering Libra, however, Mars (the employer) will go into a period, which is very difficult. (Mars is in detriment in Libra). This is not good. The positive thing is that the querent will be greatly empowered and following possible lay offs he would be a favourite to keep his place in the company, should he so decide. Moreover, Mars (the employer) was not able to catch Saturn (querent) while in Virgo. This is known as frustration or evasion. Mars will still conjunct Saturn, but in another sign (Libra) which is great improvement of the situation, and in favour of the querent.

There is one more important factor. The Moon separated from the square with Mars 4 degrees and 22 minutes ago (disagreements and tension with the employer), after that will trine Fortuna in 9 degrees and go on to square Saturn. Thus she translates the light from Mars to Saturn, bringing them together. Medieval Astrology requires that the translating planet must receive the planet from which it separates in one of its essential dignities. Mars does not receive the Moon and the connecting aspect is a square (tension, disagreements) as well, and neither does the Moon receive Mars. The querent gave me some previous dates as to when he started this job and had arguments with the employer but they were not helpful in regards to the timing of this translation of light. What is interesting is that, looking at it just in terms of signs and the natural perfection of the aspect, and without special timing using past events, it will perfect before the significators change signs while their conjunction happens after they have changed signs. The Moon has lots of light as she is heading to the opposition with the Sun. But it is a square aspect, she is peregrine, and the primary significators have much more weight. I told him that he could receive some form of help from a friend or co-worker who will bring his case to the attention of the employer but not to expect this person to do the job for him. (the Moon is in the 11th House of friends, rules the sixth of servants, working environment) The querent himself is in a much more powerful position and has to rely exclusively on his efforts and the propitious window of opportunity. If he happens to receive some help so much the better. (this is not a translation of light according to medieval Astrology).

I asked the querent whether if he received a substantial pay raise he would remain at this job. He affirmed and said he felt he was not feeling appreciated and therefore financially paid well enough, and if that changed he would stay. He also said that he had asked for a pay raise but had been ignored, there was a delay in the communication, lasting weeks even, and basically nothing came out of it.

My advice to him was to continue working for another 4-5 weeks, strategically, if he felt like it. Starting from July 22nd he would no longer want to do it and would want to quit. But should he wait until July the 31st and push for a huge raise/benefits, his chances of getting it are very high. July 30 (afternoon when they are within orb) and 31st is the culmination and the moment when he must make that call or send the email requesting a substantial pay raise. I explained to him how powerful he would become and not only that but his employer would be severely weakened and on top of that would be exalting the querent! He could not believe it (his significator is peregrine in a malefic House). July 22nd-23rd came and he contacted me saying that he did not feel like working on this job. He said I was right. I told him to wait another 9 days till he sent the email. He also told me that the company had been looking for a specialist in the field and had made a financial offer some months ago, which was twice higher than his own salary. I advised him to ask for this same salary or something along those lines. He had to use the situation to his own advantage. If the company was willing to pay such money then he should pressure them. Even if he did not get the double raise, he could get a substantial one with bonuses. He was in a very powerful situation and this was his golden chance. I reiterated that something had to change in the company before he received the raise.

What actually followed?

He contacted me in the afternoon of July 30thsaying that he had just been given the huge raise. It is not double but would become so in time with bonuses being added!

He had sent the email when I had advised him to. His previous emails and requests had been delayed and ignored. He received a reply in 80 minutes containing a long email!

The Moon had actually translated the light from Mars (employer) to Saturn (querent) connecting them together. The person who did this works in the same company, in the support department, and is close with the querent (Moon rules the 6th of working conditions, servants, and is in the 11th House of friends) He is a foreigner. (the Moon is in the sign of foreigners – Sagittarius)

That person brought the email to the attention of the employer and was sympathetic to the querent’s case. But it was the querent himself that wrote the email and demonstrated what contribution he had made, what a valuable asset to the company he was and how he deserved the substantial raise.

The querent was not sure (it is a huge compartmentalized company) what outer change must have happened in the company so that the conditions were made more favourable to receive the raise but he told me there had been some changes concerning the speed with which the staff was paid as well as organizational ones having to do with installations and machinery. (the aspect perfected in Libra ruled by Venus who rules the 3rd – communications, transportation and is co-ruler of the 8th – other people’s money, moveable possessions)

If he had not believed he would have the power to change the situation, or not sent the letter at the precise propitious moment, he would not have gotten the raise and missed this golden opportunity.

In other words, he had an opening window of opportunity but had to act on it in order to get what he wanted, and not sit and wait for it come to himself.

In general, there is no free will in horary Astrology in almost all cases, BUT when human interactions and motivations are involved, options become available and the situation depends in no small extent on the actions and inclinations of the participating parties, as this exemplary case demonstrates.

The other thing it shows is that the more information the Astrology practitioner is given, the more he familiarizes himself with the reality of the querent and comprehends the situation in greater depth. This is of utmost importance especially when it concerns the attitudes of the two parties towards one another. Therefore it is of significantly greater benefit to the querent to be honest and forthcoming.

Example 6: Will I lose my criminal case and go to jail?

This is also an example from horary Astrology.

Here is the necessary background information:

I was contacted by a man who has been involved in a continuous criminal case against himself. He has been framed through the use of falsified documents.

(95% of astrology practitioners would refuse to judge such a chart because it has early degrees rising, which indicates that the situation is premature and there are things that could happen and put it into a different mode of development. Furthermore, the planet Saturn is close to the 7th House cusp, which makes it very difficult for the Astrology practitioner to judge the question and is another stricture against judgement. That makes 2 strictures out of 4! On top of that, there is no relationship between the planetary hour and the Ascendant).

Since it is a criminal case the only outcomes are: the querent will be found innocent or he will be convicted and go to jail. Therefore the 12th House has to be closely examined.

Will I Lose My Case and Go to Jail

Aries rises at 2 degrees and 11 minutes, so the querent is represented by Mars who is in the 6 House of sickness and the unpleasantness, which life throws at us. Mars is peregrine at 18 degrees and 2 minutes Virgo – a debilitated state, like a homeless wanderer. It is in the cadent 6th House, which means that it is accidentally debilitated – the querent is put into a difficult situation from which it would be extremely difficult to get out unless he receives some assistance.

Prisons and places of confinement and isolation are represented by the 12th House, which is at 12 degrees and 25 minutes of Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn. Uranus, if using the modern rulerships, is a co-ruler of the 12th House – prison. Pisces is intercepted, which makes Jupiter another potential ruler and Neptune as well, again if one uses modern rulerships. Saturn is at 29 degrees and 9 minutes in Virgo, peregrine and in the 6th House of minor disease and unpleasantness. It is in a very weak state as well but it is the querent’s condition, which is more important.

The Moon, which shows the flow of events, is in the cadent 3rd House, at 21 degrees and 26 minutes Gemini. It is peregrine – just like the other significator Mars. At least she is in her House of joy. Nevertheless, she has very little light and it is decreasing. The Moon is also a co-significator of the querent. So the querent is again in a cadent House – and he has no power to act, as with Mars.

The last aspect of the Moon was the square to Mars (the querent). The Moon separated from Mars 3 degrees and 24 minutes ago. Her last past aspect shows the past and what led to the situation. The querent gave me some dates of importance that pertained to the case but later told me he was not certain of their accuracy.

The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to the Part of Fortune at 28 degrees and 15 minutes of Aries in the 1st House. This brings some luck to the querent but there are other aspects coming.

The Moon goes on the trine Neptune who is retrograde at 28 degrees and 19 minutes in Aquarius in the 12th House of imprisonment and could be considered as a co-ruler of prison. If that aspect is given weight (because it is to an outer planet), it is a trine, which indicates that it will happen easily.

However, The Moon then squares Saturn (significator of prison) at 29 degrees and 2 minutes in Virgo. This is the most important aspect as it is to the primary ruler of the 12th House = prison. That it is a square indicates tension, disagreement and that the querent is involved in a situation and forced to deal with it.

I was hoping that the Moon would be able to catch the benefic Venus before Venus changes sign, but looking into the Ephemerides showed that Venus will change sign before the Moon catches up to her. This is called frustration or evasion in horary Astrology and in this chart is further indication that nothing good will come from of the situation. The Moon is peregrine, cadent, decreasing in light and afflicted by Saturn (prison), which is her last aspect. The last aspect usually shows what will happen. Furthermore, The Moon rules the 4th House of conditions pertaining to the end of the matter and as she is afflicted this shows that the matter will end bad for the querent – he will go to jail.

The aspects of the Moon are one of the things in the chart that show the timing of the events. There are other indications as well.

Looking at the aspects of the querent’s significator Mars, he applies to conjunct Saturn (prison) but before that happens Saturn moves into the next sign. This will happen on July 21 2010. This is frustration or evasion again and on one hand is good news. Therefore Mars is void of course. Now, how is this to be interpreted? Void of course usually means that nothing will come out of a situation, it will remain the way it is. The querent is not in prison right now, so it will stay that way – he will not go to prison. On the other hand and much more importantly, however, the reality of the situation is that he has a criminal case against him (albeit deliberate and unjust) and that the more likely scenario in criminal cases is that the defendant suffers punishment = jail2

Not being satisfied with what the chart shows, I wanted to probe further and find something more, if permitted by the reality of the situation.

I noticed that Jupiter is only within 1 degree of the Ascendant. For some unknown to me reason I was more inclined to use Jupiter as the querent’s significator and not Mars. Jupiter is at 3 degrees and 6 minutes of Aries, conjunct the Ascendant. It has honor of triplicity and term, which is a lot of essential dignity. This is an indication that the querent is honest and innocent in this case. Furthermore, Jupiter is accidentally dignified and the strongest planet in the chart. If I take Jupiter as the querent’s significator, this means that he has lots of power to act at this moment. Jupiter being in Aries, which rules guns, describes the querent well. Jupiter rules law and courts and this indicates, that this is on the querent’s mind. Jupiter is the intercepted ruler of the 12th House (imprisonment), which further shows that the querent has thoughts about prison.

The chart describes the situation very well. Add to this the fact that all the major significators are in signs ruled by Mercury (Mars and Saturn in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini) and that the querent got framed through the use of falsified documents. Therefore the chart is safe to judge.

Taking Jupiter as the querent’s significator, he looks very strong and able to act. However, Jupiter is very slow in motion and will turn retrograde (a major affliction) on July 22nd. Retrograde means that it will start moving backwards, against the order of signs – in the direction of the 12th House (prison). Jupiter will move into the 12th House on August 21 2010. Jupiter will oppose Saturn on August 16th 2010. Opposition means separation. This is the worst possible aspect.

This is a very complex chart and yet extremely concentrated. Saturn, natural ruler of restriction and solitary pursuits rules the 12th House of imprisonment ad secret enemies in this chart. The Moon (the querent’s co-sifnificator) comes in contact with Saturn. Uranus is, according to modern astrology, the co-ruler of Aquarius and co-ruler of prison in this chart. It is on the cusp of the Ascendant at 0 degrees and 35 minutes of Aries but it is retrograde and going back to the 12th House (prison). Jupiter (the qurent’s other significator) is about to turn retrograde and go to the 12th House (prison) Neptune, the modern co-ruler of the 12th House is in the 12th and it is retrograde – another indication of confinement and deception.

I did one last thing in order to receive even more clarity on this chart. I cast the Arabic Part of Lawsuit (Ascendant + Mercury-Mars in a nocturnal chart like this one, otherwise it is reversed in diurnal charts) and it fell on 14 degrees and 29 minutes of Aquarius, conjunct the 12th House cusp (prison), with 4 minutes of exactitude. This is a powerful testimony that the result of the criminal case will be going to jail. The dispositor of the Part of Lawsuit is Saturn who is the significator of prison in this chart = the lawsuit leads to imprisonment. Add to this that the Moon (co-significator of the querent)’s last aspect, before changing sign, is to the planet Saturn itself (prison).

So, ultimately the whole chart had to be examined, as I did, in order for the final judgement of the question be made – the querent will lose the case against him and go to prison.

I told the querent I was sincerely hoping that the early Ascendant and Saturn close to the 7th House cusp were there for a reason and some unforeseen circumstances may follow that would change the course of the case. I proposed to look at his natal chart in order to be certain in my judgement. He agreed. After looking at his nativity to see where he has potential to be hurt by secret enemies and go to prison, which he does, and after that using 5 different predictive techniques for this year, 4 of the 5 confirmed the horary judgement I had given – the querent will have legal problems and spent time in prison.

The querent was understandably devastated from the judgement and overtaken with desperation. I added that from my experience and level of knowledge, given these compelling multiple testimonies, nothing short of an intervention could save him. I finally asked him to let me know what follows. Some time passed and he did not contact me. I wrote to him again and he has not responded.

2 I am not discussing the quality of the judiciary system, the machinations or whether a given case is just or rigged.

I will say that the question was asked by a foreigner living in the Western Hemisphere where when once the law has its claws on you, there is no letting go.

Written between March and July 2010

Addendum February 2016: These example charts used to be a section. Thus keep in mind that I have merged all the example charts in one post.

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  1. Hi. I’m a bit confused by the second chart that has to do with the book.
    “My sister is represented by the 3rd House, with the Moon her ruler in the sign of its rulership – Cancer, in the 3rd House.”
    Isn’t gemini on the 3rd house cusp with venus closest to the cusp? The part where you said that your sister’s significator is the moon in cancer is confusing me a bit.

    Really nice article btw!
    All the best,

    1. Hi. My mistake and well noticed by you. What I meant to say was that the Moon is one of the universal significators of sisters and is in the 3rd house of siblings. Not that the Moon rules the 3rd house cusp.

      Yes, Venus is closer to the cusp, and Venus also is a universal significator of (younger) sisters, but chart is configured in such a way that it shows the Moon separating from the significator of the books, not Venus.

      This chart is from 11 years ago when I was using quadrant houses for horary and natal.

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you like the article.

        1. You are welcome. Rereading some of my early traditional astrological delineations and predictions does bring back some nice memories.

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