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The Fall from Grace in Richard Nixon’s Natal Chart

I examine the fall from grace Richard Nixon’s natal chart with Hellenistic Astrology. I also show the impeding power of the malefic planets, as well as the saving power of the benefic planets in this Nixon’s horoscope.

I have always liked strong contrasts in general, for it is through them that one can see the nature of both sides and the means which each of them uses to achieve its goals. Of course the grander the scope in which these sides operate, the more conspicuous the consequences. This is all the more true in disciplines which include the Spirit, such as Alchemy, Astrology, Music, Art, Magic etc.

Nevertheless, as you will see, sometimes this larger scope makes for allowances and deviations due to the magnitude of the vested power in the active sides and the ramifications from this for a given period within a Cycle.

Eminence is the second topic an ancient astrologer delineates after the length of life

Eminence is the second thing a practitioner of Hellenistic Astrology delineates, after the calculation of the length of life. This is because of the amazing insight, given in Valens, that benefics and especially malefics operate differently in the charts of eminent people. As I recently wrote an article about the calculation of the length of life with Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology, I won’t be doing that again as it is not the purpose of the article. Besides, it seems this one is going to be long and time consuming again.

Richard Nixon’s natal chart

Here is Richard Nixon’s natal chart calculated with Delphic Oracle, the best program for Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology in the world. I have to thank Regulus Astrology as I am using the chart which he rectified. I strongly recommend his book “A Rectification Manual”.

Richard Nixon's natal chart

Here is Richard Nixon’s nativity with whole sign houses.

Richard Nixon's natal chart - Hellenistic

Delineation of Nixon’s eminence using Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology

Where is the eminence in Richard Nixon’s chart one wonders then?

Nixon has a nocturnal chart and the Sect Light the Moon is declining (cadent) and in the Bad Fortune (the 6th place), peregrine and not in the zoidion of a sect mate, which is unfortunate. At least it is angular from Fortuna.

The trigon lords of the Sect Light are Hermes in the Good Fortune (the 5th) in the Goat Horned One and in its confines, and Kronos in the God (the 9th) in the Bull. In othe words, declining, out of sect, walking back, and almost completely feminized. Zeus is the assisting trigon lord, again in the post-ascensional (succedent) Good Fortune, but he and Hermes are pivotal (angular, at a stake) by divisions. Zeus is in its fall. At least he is oriental and making a phasis – heliacal rising (or morning first MF) 4 days before birth. This is a sign of eminence. Chart calculated with Porphyry Magus 2 software.

Richard Nixon's natal chart with Porphyry Magus 2

Just from this method the chart is middle level at best.

But looking at the spear-bearing, the Sect Light is guarded by an angular sect mate, which is exalted, in its trigon and confine (bound) and pivotal and of the sect in favour. I don’t consider Kronos to be a bodyguard as it is past the 90 portion range and cadent.

The Sun is guarded by Zeus and Hermes. I am not sure whether Ares can be a bodyguard as it is astronomically invisible. It receives the Sun and is at a stake, though a contra doryphory otherwise.

This is an eminent chart looked from the spear-bearing stars. But with neither of the Lights being pivotal it automatically is excluded from the top three levels. Also, the chart has only two pivotal planets and one of them is the malefic Ares, although in its confines and of the sect.

What is going on here? So far Hellenisic and Medieval Astrology shows that Richard Nixon does not at all have the eminence necessary to become the highly influential politician he was.

Richard Nixon Paranatellonta Aldebaran with the MC

Looking at the fixed stars calculated with Porphyry Magus 2 software, the Bull’s Eye (Aldebaran) at 13.53 is in partile paranatellonta with the MC at 13.39 Gemini. Now that is an indication of great eminence! Anonymous of 379 says that this star possesses double the power of the other stars. But this native will not be able to hold this eminence, as will be shown in later analysis.

Looking at the Lots, Kronos in the MC of Fortuna which is an indication of disgrace and infamy, and this is all the more so because he is walking back, contrary to the sect and peregrine.

The Sect Light the Moon is also pivotal from Fortuna but declining natally which is kind of a mixed bag.

The major Lots – Fortuna and Spirit fall amiss and their rulers are in aversion to them, which is unfortunate, especially as Fortuna is in the Bad Spirit (the 12th) – the native has no luck and has to make it for himself.

Delineation of fall from grace in Richard Nixon’s natal chart

Also, the Lot of Exaltation in is declining but more importantly is pivotal from Fortuna which is an indication of eminence, especially as its lord Ares is angular natally.

However, Kronos is found in the diameter of Exaltation, even within 1 portion, which is an indication of loss of rank.

This Kronos is the indispensable and wholly dominating planet in the chart, and this is because it disposes not only both the Lights but the lord of the Helm (Asc), which is also the major trigon lord of the Sect Light. On top of that, it collects the testimonial light of almost of the planets, including the above three.

So Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology shows clearly that Richard Nixon will rise to a very high level, but won’t be able to hold and will fall from grace. Are there more testimonies for this? Indeed there are, as both Lights apply to Kronos which is declining and that is in fact an indication of slavery.

There are mitigating circumstances, as he rules both and is in mutual reception with the Moon.

What will be at least one of the causes for the fall from grace? It will be the native and this is because Hermes, the Asc ruler, is conjunct the antiscion of Ares, which holds Exaltation – the native will hurt his own rank. But that is the path he will actively take, and this is shown by that same Hermes applying to the body of Zeus from the latter’s fall with Zeus ruling the place of open enemies. Thus the native engages in confrontations and contests with his open enemies, further indication for which is the application to Hermes to a super dignified planet in the 7th.

I don’t want to get into the Soul part, but Kronos disposes both Hermes and the Moon and in an awful state. Draw your own conclusions.

In which part of life will Nixon’s fall from grace occur

In which part of life will this fall from grace occur then? It will occur in the second part of life and this is because:

1)     Kronos is the second trigon lord of the Sect Light and is very afflicted and in a solid zoidion, while the first – Hermes, showing the first half of life, is relatively safe and in a good place;

2)     The SAN is with benefics and in the Good Spirit, while its ruler Kronos is very afflicted, the former showing the first part of life, its ruler the second;

3)     Kronos is occidental of both Lights;

4)     Kronos is in the MC of Fortuna and not in the natal MC and according to Rhetorius the Fortune places show circumstances later in life while the natal ones early;

5)     The other malefic – Ares, is in the lower midheaven (IC) – the place pertaining to the native’s end of life, which is even later than the second half;

6)     These indications are just from examining the natal chart itself of Richard Nixon and using Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology. But when one looks at the unfolding of the chart, then the person will see, with the necessary knowledge and skill of course, that Kronos becomes very active in the second part of Nixon’s life, etc etc.

How bad will be Nixon’s fall from grace

How bad will be the fall from grace? It will not be the worst and this is due to the fact that the major afflicting planet Kronos is received by an extremely dignified benefic of the sect, which on top of that is pivotal and is guarding the Sect Light, and is providing testimony to Kronos. Otherwise it could mean torture, violence, imprisonment and injury (Kronos also rules the Lot of Injury and Accidents).

To get back to the first paragraph of my article, I think Richard Nixon did not have a sufficiently eminent chart to become a US president and, at least overtly, become one of the most powerful people in the world. Certain events happened in the Cosmic Soul, which facilitated his becoming a president in this time period. I don’t want to get further into this though as it is extremely time consuming and involves Mundane Astrology.

Timing the highest eminence, the subsequent fall from grace and looking at a cycle in Richard Nixon’s natal chart

It is breathtaking what Medieval and above all Hellenistic Astrology shows when it comes to investigating Fate. But one must know what specifically to look for and when to look for the realization of a given natal promise. Studying this chart made me in awe again and again of the power of the Fates. There is no room for childish beliefs here. Modern Astrology and especially the modern, materialistic, control-obssessed and anti-spiritual worldview, (which modern practitioners support incidentally), can only get in the way and obstruct objective reality.

Here is the thing. Ancient Astrology is breathtaking in its integrity, but the true nature of Astrology itself is non-linear. I mean to say that everything, the whole life is represented in these frozen at a given moment “symbols”. The astrologer, however, needs to learn how to order them in a sequential manner that accurately reflects the actual life of the native. This requires a correct mindset and a peculiar way of thinking and perceiving objective reality.

What do I mean by this? I mean that astrologer needs to learn how to take the whole chart = the whole life of the native in context, not just some areas of periods, and that can be and is hard. It is very difficult for me to explain fully what I want to express. This is because of the means of transmission, i.e. I am just writing this, but at the same time I have many other indications and natal promises in the life of the native that are synthesized in my mind.

Using Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit to time Richard Nixon’s career peak

So for example, when will Richard Nixon in general reach his career peak? As he will fall from grace in the second part of his life, it follows that he must reach the top in that same half. So far as good.

Time to dive in further into the chart using dynamic mode, that is, how the chart unfolds.

I will be using above all Zodiacal Releasing (Aphesis) from Spirit, as I am investigating the native’s career and life path. I will also be using Distributions (directing through the confines/bounds) of the MC, as well as Decennials.

Profections and revolutions will be touched on briefly.

Now, as I said, the astrologer would have to calculate the length of life of Richard Nixon’s natal chart with Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology before doing anything with the chart. The reason why should be apparent even to children as without knowing the length of life in Astrology, one can’t really make any long term predictions.

Just to illustrate: if you can’t know how long the native will live, how are you going to predict when specifically this particular native will reach his career top, given that you know it will be in the second part of his life? As Richard Nixon is long dead and it is known that he lived 81 years, then one can go on and look further.

Richard Nixon Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit

Here is one of things what I am talking about! Fate! This chart is a beautiful and incredible example of how the Cosmic Soul works, as seen by the Language of Creation – Astrology.

The astute readers for which I am writing this article, would have noted that Richard Nixon’s dispositio (Bonatti’s term for the general outlook of the chart, but I upgrade this to its state statically and dynamically) is such that Kronos is the major lord for the native’s career for 56 years – from 1947 to 2003! What is going here, one might rightfully ask? How can Richard Nixon reach his career peak when Kronos will not only not allow him but will ruin him? Kronos cannot be present when Richard Nixon becomes eminent. Something has to happen so that Kronos steps aside, otherwise this person cannot reach its peak in life. Of course, all of this is prefigured in the chart, that is, fated.

Loosening of the Bond in ZR

This something, at least for Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit or Fortune, is called the loosening of the bond.  What this is is that after a specific period of time and in a specific planetary relationship, the releasing jumps in this case from darkness to light – from the domicile of Kronos to that of the Lights – its opposing zoidion.

This happens, as you can see, from November 1964 to February 1974 (but actually till December 1972) and then from June 1991 to July 1997 or October 1999. However, the latter periods do not concern us as they are just a few years before the native’ death. Thus they contradict the natal promise and pretty much Nature and even common sense, as one can very rarely work such a responsible job when senile, on the verge of death and with sickness. Note that Kronos is occidental of the Lights, which indicates sickness and not injury, rules the place of illness and slaves and the Lot of Accidents, and Ares is in the lower Midheaven.

I took all the information about Richard Nixon from:

Skipping some events from Nixon’s life, as well as from US politics, for example not running for president in 1964 etc etc, it becomes clear that he will reach his peak in career either in 1968 or in 1972, when it comes to becoming president.

If one did not know what Richard Nixon would become (as for example Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit will not tell you what a career you will have; to determine this, one needs to determine the significator of the profession etc etc) but merely wanted to locate the peak in the Nixon’s career, then it can’t be in the Leo sub period. This is because even though Fortuna is there, Kronos overcomes. It can’t be the Libra or Scorpio one either, because the former contains no planets and is not angular, while the latter contains no planets and despite angular from Fortune is ruled by a malefic. That leaves Virgo and Sagittarius. But Sagittarius contains a malefic. Therefore + taking into considerations of other techniques which I will show, it has to be Virgo. Why? Well, because:

1)     Virgo is a natal angle and besides that one of the primary ones, namely the Asc;

2)     the domicile lord of that zoidion is none other but the trigon lord of the Sect Light;

3)     That same trigon lord – Hermes, is with benefics and rules the MC

Notice that the major lord in the Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit in Richard Nixon’s natal chart is from November 1964. Its lord is the Moon and it is the Sect Light itself, which is further indication that eminence comes in this period.

What followed? Suffice to say that the Watergate scandal, which subsequently made Nixon retire, or otherwise be removed from office, started in 1972. However, Wategrate really intensified in 1973 and 1974, leading up to Nixon’s retirement in August 1974. You can read the details in the biography links I have provided. I will not use citations and elaborate on Nixon’s open enemies as that is not my goal, and besides that the article will become way too long.

My point is that Kronos took over the second level in Dec 1972, and while it created significant trouble and diminished Nixon’s reputation even among his party mates, the benefics present in this zoidion, that is, the Sun, Zeus and Hermes in the Goat Horned One, protected Nixon from the worst.

Distributions and Decennials in Nixon’s horoscope

Note at the same time the Distributions of the MC.

Richard Nixon's natal chart MC Distributions from PM2

Chart calculated with Porphyry Magus 2 software by Rumen Kolev. I strongly recommend it, as it offers calculations and information about Babylonian, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology not found in any other astrological program.

Both benefics are distributing successively in the Lion, but the right hexagon of Kronos is partnering and in fact the latter has been going on since 1960! The point is that while the benefics set the tone for the period, it is Kronos that is executing and it is trying to undo the success and prominence and plenty they are promising and giving. And this is all the more so as the Lion is the detriment of Kronos.

So note what happens! In February 1974 Kronos assumes alone the power in both levels in Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit in Richard Nixon’s chart. Fortunately the Sect Light is present in the major level of Aquarius.

Likewise for the MC Distributions! Kronos becomes both the distributor and the partner, just a month later – March 1974. Amazing!

The Decennials paint a similar, confirming picture but from a slightly different angle.

Decennials in Richard Nixon's natal chart

Note that Nixon became president with Hermes major and Sun minor period and then in the second term with Hermes major and Aphrodite minor, that is, when benefics were involved. And then bam! Kronos, again, took over in November 1972 from a benefic and acted all the way till Nixon got ruined, and I remind that Kronos rules Hermes.

Profections and Solar revolutions in Richard Nixon’s natal chart

Looking at the profections and revolutions: in 1968 when Nixon became US president for the first time, he was in an 8th place year and as I am examining his career I am profecting the MC. So the MC handed over to the benefics Hermes, Zeus and the Sun and I remind that Hermes rules the MC and is the trigon lord of the Sect Light.

Richard Nixo Solar Return 1968

The Sun and Hermes are in the zoidion of the profected MC in the revolution – the Goat Horned One and receive a trine from an exalted Moon.

For Nixon’s second term, elected in 1972, he was in a 12th place year and with Kronos present both in the natal and SR MC profected zoidion and thus making its own return in the nativity, he took over. This is the worst indication possible of course, as even though he is in mutual reception and receives the testimony of Aphrodite, her time as being Ruler of the Times ends with the Decennials in Nov 1972 and in the Distributions in March 1974. Thus she can protect only so much, and remember that no matter that she rules Kronos in the nativity and even aspects him on the right, Aphrodite in general cannot ameliorate Kronos’s malice completely.

Richard Nixon Solar Return 1972

Note what happens in the 1973 revolution, keeping in mind the Distributions and the Decennials and even the Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit. The nativity renews itself, which strengthens the natal promise in Richard Nixon’s natal chart and shows what his life is really about.

Richard Nixon Solar Return 1973

Again, profecting the MC, the 10th is empty but Kronos is there in the revolution conjunct and walking back on the natal MC within 2 portions!

However, note the three same benefics, which are natally in the Good Spirit, in the SR MC. They are again guarding the native as much as they can at least, because they don’t have the strength to rule the times as Kronos, and SR Aphrodite, who does, conjunct the MC by antiscion.

In August 1974 when Nixon was forced to resign and fell from grace:

Richard Nixon Solar Return 1974

Besides Kronos being the ruler of the major and minor period in the Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit, being the distributor and partner in the MC Distributions, being the secondary lord in the Decennials, it is still in the natal 10th in the SR. And this time the Tail of the Dragon is also there. The Crab is the profected MC and while there is no planet there both in the root and SR, Kronos, as one of the superiors, will later during this year ingress into it and become the all powerful Ruler of the Times.

But it is also very unfortunate that Ares is in the Fortuna 10th in the SR. It rules the 10th of career in the SR and the 3rd of documents and communicative devices, and overcomes the natal Sect Light and SR Asc ruler.

On top of that Hermes, ruling the natal 10th is in the SR 7th ruling the SR 12th with the Sun ruling the natal 12th opposing the SR Asc – the native’s hidden enemies make themselves known.

The ascensional times of the images and the minor years of the planets in Richard Nixon’s natal chart

I also want to show the activation of planets using their minor periods, the ascensions of the zoidia and their rulers. I won’t repeat the rationale since it should be clear.

This is for 1968, the first time Nixon was elected president:

Hermes + its ascensional time in the Asc = 55.75 – a few months earlier

Hermes + Aphrodite + the ascensions of Hermes of the MC =57.52 – a few months later

I could use the Moon + Aphrodite + the ascensional times of the zoidia of either planet = 56.47, but these planets are in aversion and am not certain of this.

For the 1972 reelection:

Sun + Zeus + the ascension of the zoidion they are in = 60.52

For 1973 when Nixon really started losing popularity

 Kronos + the zoidion it is in + the latter’s ruler = 61.47

For 1974 when he was forced to retire and fell from grace before even completing his second term

Kronos + Hermes + Zeus = 62

The previous 12 year cycle in Richard Nixon’s horoscope

Finally, I want to examine the earlier 12 year cycle in Richard Nixon’s natal chart, that is, what happened in 1962-1963 and how it is different from the culminating cycle.

Note that Kronos is AGAIN both the distributor and partner of the MC!

In the Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit, see that Kronos is the major lord and Ares becomes the secondary lord in August 1962. Thus the malefics are the supreme Rulers of the Times.

Richard Nixon Solar Return 1962

There are no planets in the profected MC in the Crab. However, the lord of the natal 7th in the SR 7th and SR lord 7 in the 7th and ingressing onto the natal Sect Light. These show the defeat of Nixon and his retiring so to say from the spotlight – the so called wilderness years. Note that the natal 12th of seclusion and privacy rises in the SR of Richard Nixon’s natal chart.

Here are the activations:

Kronos + the ascension of the zoidion where its domicile lord is = 50.07

Ares + the ascensional time of the zoidion it rules where Exaltation is= 51.35

But the benefics are also active in around this period: Sun + Hermes + Zeus = 51

What happened? Nixon lost the battle for a governor of California in November 1962.

He lost it so badly that he said:

You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference“.

But of course Nixon lost it and his career and popularity suffered as Kronos was the ultimate Ruler of the Times, which I remind it culminates from Fortuna and this is the second part of Nixon’s life.

Narrowly losing the 1960 presidential elections and gathering the public support in 1964

I should mention that Richard Nixon lost very narrowly the presidential elections in 1960 vs John Kennedy. Why did he even have a chance, not to mention a serious one? Because look who is partnering to Kronos, who as I said rules from 1947 to 2003 excluding the loosening of the bond. Virgo, the Virgin, ruled by Hermes, MC ruler and trigon lord of the Sect Light!

Are you seeing the pattern? Only after did Kronos give over the rulership of the times to the Moon and when Virgo was the second level again, did Richard Nixon become president of the USA.

And this would not have been possible until he put himself back together and gathered the support of the public in 1964 at the loosening of the bond and used that to his advantage (the Virgin is rising and its ruler is also in an earth like zoidion). Look at that quote:

Nixon was one of the few leading Republicans not blamed for the disastrous results, and he sought to build on that in the 1966 congressional elections.”

The article speaks of the presidential elections lost by the Republicans on November 3 1964.

Interestingly enough, the loosening of the bond from Capricorn to Cancer happened on November the 8th 1964. Amazing!

Briefly examining Richard Nixon’s 1986-1987 cycle

I should reiterate that the benefics aspecting Kronos on the right and receiving him, especially Aphrodite, really saved Richard Nixon from would have been a horrible fall from grace. I mean, by keeping in mind Nixon’s eminent chart and that malefics operate differently in such charts (no violent death, however, as this is not promised in this chart). Not only that, but Nixon wrote books and appeared on national tv in his later years and also kept some of the support of the public.

I don’t have details what happened in the next 12 year cycle – 1986-1987, other than:

Nixon journeyed to the Soviet Union in 1986 and on his return sent President Reagan a lengthy memorandum containing foreign policy suggestions and his personal impressions of Mikhail Gorbachev Following this trip, Nixon was ranked in a Gallup poll. as one of the ten most admired men in the world”.

Guess what is happening? Benefic Hermes is distributing the MC and the diameter of the Sect Light is partnering.

Zeus is ruling the Decennials and Hermes is the secondary lord.

In the SR (not shown) the natal 10th rises, Hermes has made its return and Zeus ingresses on the Sect Light. So this time the benefics are almost completely ruling the times.

I can’t help but notice that this auspicious period was preceded by the Aqu-Virgo in the Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit and now Libra. The Balance is partnering with Kronos. However, Kronos is the major lord and the loosening of the bond has not come, as opposed to when he became president both times. And notice how while in the first case with Aqu-Vir, Kronos is ruling Hermes, here in Aqu-Lib, Aphrodite is ruling Kronos.


It has been a pleasure writing this article. Eminence and also falling from grace are some of my favourite topics. I may return to this article in the future to illustrate some other topics demonstrating the superiority of Medieval and especially Hellenistic Astrology when it comes to calculating the length of life, eminence, profession, wealth, marriage, spirituality, health, personal happiness and fulfillment, etc.

Written in April 2013

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