Astrology and Fertility

Ancient Astrology and Fertility and Conception Problems

The connection between Astrology and fertility has long been established. The purpose of this article is to show that even though the world population has increased a lot, people continue to have fertility and conception problems. And that is despite the advancements in modern medicine. The reason is people are subject to their natal charts, as shown by Ancient and Chinese Astrology.

Fertility and conception problems were matters of the state in Ancient Astrology

Save for a very tiny number of people, the issue of fertility and the birth of healthy babies has always been a priority. As far as Ancient Astrology is concerned and the milieu in which it was practiced and continues to be so in today’s world, namely kings, popes, generals, aristocracy, etc, the situation is more serious there. The reason is it involves not just a single family but the whole country.  In certain cases, it even involves the whole continent. This is because, without an heir, the whole ancestry or blood line could cease to exist. This could lead to severe political and military power struggles, the cost of which is always paid by the whole people themselves.

As I have written in other articles, the ancient astrological knowledge is eternal and unchangeable. It does not matter whether 100, 1,000 or 10,000 years have passed.  People continue to have and will continue to have the same needs and desires. In this particular case, it pertains to the need for a partner, children, grandchildren, etc.

Ancient Astrology shows that people had and will continue to have fertility and conception problems

Take a look at the graphic below, which shows the increase of the world population over the last 2 centuries:

Despite the increase of world population, people keep having fertility problems


The question is an interesting one. I mean why, despite the tremendous world population growth, some people continue to have fertility issues and difficulties with having children?

Another interesting question pertains to the the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986 in Ukraine. As a result of it, many people in a certain age could not have children. However, other people, who had also suffered nuclear radiation, gave birth to healthy children. In other words, they did not have fertility and conception problems.

The answers are clear to those that are well-versed in Ancient Astrology. Though the mundane context is to a large extent a defining factor, it is the natal charts/horoscopes of the individual people that make the difference. In other words, the quality and intensity of a given topic – children in this case – is so high that it is able to withstand external attacks. This is not the case with people in whose natal charts the topic of children is “hanging”. Put differently, they are on the verge of having children. Because of this, certain external factors, or these people’s own actions, can tip the balance in the other direction.

Thus, there are gradations in the quality of the topic of children (and in any other topic). Again, this is what makes Ancient Astrology so difficult. The reason is it is the quality of the planetary essences that the astrologer determines and not so much their quantity.

A given man or woman’s natal chart shows whether they will have problems in having children

So, what is required so that one can astrologically answer the question whether a given man or woman will have children or not? It is the natal chart/horoscope of that individual of course. The time of birth must be accurate; the deviation may not be more than a few minutes off. If someone does not know their time of birth, their horoscope must be rectified.

The topic of children is a complex one in Ancient Astrology, and it requires examination of the whole natal chart. Examining only the place of children and its ruler is extremely misleading and incomplete.

Moreover, and using the natural/human approach, it takes two people to create life. In other words, it is necessary to read the horoscopes of both people in order to determine whether the couple in question will have children.

As far as which of the two genders is crucial in making the baby, this question is secondary. The major point here is that it is the man (male body)/Yang/the Sun that creates life. It is the woman (female body) Yin/the Moon that bears life/the foetus and gives birth to it. Thus, one cannot do it without the other, if they want to have children.

Astrology and Fertility

My thanks to the above website for the picture with the baby feet stepping on Earth, which symbolizes incarnating in a human body.

Astrology and fertility: gradation in the topic of having children

A given topic in question, in this case – children – will have a different quality and intensity in the life of a given person. Common sense says that if a woman has indications for strong fertility, and her partner does as well, then this couple will have children. Their number and gender is an issue I won’t deal with in this article. In other words, the easy natal charts are not the ones that cause an astrological “headache”.

Going to the other side of the spectrum, the astrologer encounters horoscopes where the indications for children are negative in each partner’s nativity. Therefore, the odds of them having a child are very low or zero.

Again, logic says that most people wanting a full delineation of their natal charts fall in the middle of the spectrum of a given topic – in this case children. Put in another way, the quality and intensity of the topic of children in the majority of human beings falls into subcategories.


From the categorical yes, yes, yes (which is not part of the middle category but belongs to one end of the spectrum),

Yes, yes


Yes rather than no

No rather than yes,


No, no

No, no, no ((which is not part of the middle category but belongs to the other end of the spectrum).

Again, keep in mind that this concerns one of the partners. When the astrologer delineates the nativity of the other partner, the end result is subject to change. This could be towards increasing the odds of having children, or towards decreasing them.

I remind this consideration because a lot of people have written to ask me (mostly women) whether they will have children. And they have done so without mentioning at all whether they currently have a partner or whether they have prospects of finding one. As I said, it takes a man and a woman to make a baby.

The invitro fertlisation method and why it does not always give results

As far as the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, be it for heterosexual women, for bisexual couples or for lesbian ones, this is obviously a modern method. As such, it is not mentioned in the ancient astrological textbooks. It is not my goal to criticize anyone. Everyone decides according to their own system of values, as well whether they can afford it financially, to extent to which the IVF method is ethical.

My point is that someone could say that by trying with IVF one circumvents dealing with one of the partners (in this case, the male one) and it is therefore not necessary to delineate their nativity (due to anonymity and availability). The answer is that it is not that simple and it depends on angle in which one looks at this question. I have not read statistics about the success rate of in vitro fertilization, nor do I know who to trust in this respect. The point is that not every woman by far is successful in getting pregnant with this method. The question therefore comes again: why? Because there is no way to circumvent the individual fate, as shown in person’s unique natal chart.

In other words, many women ultimately cannot conceive with IVF even with the supposedly best and most comfortable conditions. Not only do they pay a lot of money for the procedure, but they damage their health and do not get what they yearn for.

What I mean to say is Ancient Astrology (including Indian and Chinese Astrology of course) has its own tools with which to increase the odds of a given woman or couple to have a baby. These tools are many times cheaper that the in vitro fertilization method.

Electional Astrology as a natural method for conceiving a baby

It is about the electional branch, where the astrologer elects an auspicious moment for having sexual intercourse with the goal of conceiving a baby. It is even possible to heavily tip the balance in favour of the desired gender of the baby, but in this case the favourable dates and hours are reduced. Electing a propitious astrological moment to conceive gives an additional boost. It is like an external source of energy which increases the odds of the successful creation of life. That is to say that the planets and stars give their blessing during the selected time in question for the realization of the desired consequence.

Electing a propitious time with Ancient Astrology increases the odds that the in vitro fertilization procedure will be successful.

When applied by the couple, that is, when conceiving a child is done in the natural way and when the people in question have full control over the beginning of the action, and can therefore prepare physically, emotionally and sensually in advance, then the odds of success are not only higher, but there is no health risk to any of the partners.

Electional Astrology and fertility: prerequisites

To be through, electional Astrology is not a magical bullet. It has its limitations. One cannot expect that the Astrology and fertility problems will be solved with absolutely certainty. Why? Because it is only after the astrologer has delineated the individual horoscopes of the couple in question, and the indications for having children fall in the middle of the spectrum, then it is not only beneficial for people to make use of the blessing of the Heavens, but it is highly recommended.

Keep in mind that as electional Astrology is subordinate to natal Astrology, there must be indications for the activation of the topic of children in the individual nativities of the couple in question. This activation must be present during the period for which the astrologer will be electing auspicious charts for conceiving a baby.

A final option, which I do not recommend

As far as women who do not have a partner or cannot afford an in vitro fertilization procedure, but would very much like to have a child, there are methods for attracting men in their lives. They are used with the hope of getting a shot at solving the Astrology and fertility problems.

I do not recommend these methods due to the unpredictable results. I want to stress that it does not involve Magic/the imposition of one’s will over another against their wishes or consent.

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