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Ancient Astrology vs Creating One’s Own Reality

“It is impossible to overcome with prayers and sacrifices what has been established from the beginning or to gain for oneself something different, something more to one’s liking. What has been given will come about even if we do not pray; what is not fated will not happen, even if we do pray. Just as actors on the stage change their masks according to the poets’ words and act the characters as they should— sometimes kings, sometimes bandits, sometimes rustics, city people, gods—in the same way we too must act the parts assigned us by Fate and adapt ourselves to the chances of the moment, even if we do not like them.”

Vettius  Valens, 2nd century CE, Book V, chapter 6 translated by Mark Riley

Ancient Astrology, as I have written many times, was the highest science for 2,000 years. Mystics, philosophers, prophets, occultists and many types of open-minded people, when they were contemplating on the laws that rule this world, they invariably considered the enormous role of Astrology. It is the major means by which one can study the actions and judgments of the Fates. It is against such a solid framework that one must examine the many various theories and ideas that have appeared over the last few decades.

The theory of creating one’s own reality

One of these theories, and maybe the most widely spread one of the New Age movement is the one according to which everyone creates their own reality. As most gigantic ideas, this one, too, contains some kernels of truth. However, it is one thing to focus on the small needles, and it is quite another to claim that these small needles subordinate the huge stack of hay. In other words, the kernels of truth in this idea, which comprise a much, much smaller part, can in no way turn the idea into a working one as a whole.

Prior to taking up Astrology, I too believed in the theory of creating one’s own reality

I am writing this material after so many years and with the full realization of how I myself, before I started studying serious Astrology, strongly believed and supported the idea that a given native, especially if awakened, with their chakras opening and systematically training their psychic abilities, could not only influence reality but realign it.

In other words, nonsense of the Matrix movie sort, where Neo, being the One, actually realigned absolutely nothing. Instead, he had to go through his lessons and to walk his predetermined/pre-programmed Path. Not to mention that, in each of the three parts, he had to consult the Oracle and to seek guidance to as to how to act. I do not want to digress though.

All those years ago, when the time had not come for me to take up Astrology, and my interests were lying elsewhere, I had a close friend. She had well developed psychic abilities and was doing activities which were fostering their development. I mean, art, Yoga, meditations, etc. At a given moment she had a clear dream where she saw, with details, her future husband. She described to me how he looks like, his age and other details, some of which I no longer remember.

My point is that she had not met him on the physical plane, but she knew that she would marry him some day. Honestly, I don’t remember whether she claimed that she attracted him into her life. Not that this matters. The last thing on my mind is to criticize her. The focus here is different. I mean that after such a type of dream people very often, not to say the vast majority of them, claim that it was they who realigned/ordered reality so that the desired thing could happen.

It looked like the theory of creating one’s own reality was true

What followed is that this friend of mine did actually meet the man from her dream on the physical plane. She began a relationship with him, emigrated, married him, they had children, etc.

Again, looking back these years ago, this looked very impressive. Even now, knowing what I know, it is still impressive. Neither Astrology, nor another predictive discipline can take away that deeply personal experience from her.

A few years passed before I started my astrological studies. Another 15 months passed until I discovered the serious Astrology. It took another 1-2 years to learn the material and get the necessary practice as well as to start having a clearer perception of the many concepts and intricacies. This is a process which continues to this day because this Knowledge is infinite.

The natal chart of the spiritually developed woman

Here is a shortened version of the natal chart of the woman in question (our friendship ended years ago):

Creating one's own reality - not true

I will briefly focus only on the major topic related to this article – that of marriage.

The lord of the 7th place, which has to do with marriage – the star of Saturn – is in the 2nd place of finances. It is conjunct the star of Jupiter, one of the significators of wealth, which is also Lord 8. The 8th place is the 2nd from the 7th and shows the partner’s money. The Lot of Fortune, which is not shown, is also in the 2nd place, Virgo. This confirms the conclusion that native’s moveable wealth is connected/emanates from her partner. Said in another way, the marriage brings a financial dimension in this native’s life.

As far as the circumstances of meeting the partner, this can be shown by Lord 7, or by the Lot of Marriage and its domicile lord. As the lord of the Dsc is averse to it, this is not a particularly good indication for this significator. Yes, the lord of the Lot of Marriage is also averse to its domicile, but both regard the 7th. Ultimately, it is the Lot of Marriage and its lord that provide the correct information regarding the circumstances of the meeting of the partner in this chart.

The Lot of Marriage falls in the 4th, while its lord, the star of Mars falling in the 3rd zoidion. This means that there is a connection between the family and the homeland of the partner, as well as travelling/relocation and foreigners.

From what I remember, they met at the sea during a vacation. The key thing for this couple is that he has been an emigrant for many years (he may even have a foreign citizenship) and comes to his home country Bulgaria from time to time, and this is how they met. The star of Mars rules travelling and foreigners in Ancient Astrology and is in the 3rd of travelling. The fact that both Lord 7 and the lord of the Lot are averse to their domiciles confirms the indications for separateness and potential travel or emigration concerning the native’s partner.

Where does the theory of creating one’s own reality go, given what the Ancient Astrology reveals about this woman’s fate?

A brief examination of this woman’s husband’s horoscope

Since my friend and I had common friends, it so happened that about 2 years later I met her husband. I did so in the foreign country they live. I was able to ask him for his time of birth and he provided it.

I have no intention of delineating his natal chart as he is not the key character in this story. However, I will say that domicile lord of his Ascendant is the star of Saturn. This is the same planet that is the lord of the place of marriage in the chart of the woman in question.

In addition to this, the lord of the seventh place in his chart, which shows one’s partners, is in the 3rd place. Therefore he met his wife, the woman in question, while travelling.

Again, what does this say about the theory of creating one’s own reality?

Not only that, but the Moon is the one ruling the 7th place in his chart. Notice that the woman in question has the Moon very closely conjunct the Ascendant in her own chart.

Please keep in mind that this overlapping in his chart is only valid in the tropical Zodiac – the one I use.

Timing of the beginning of the predreamed relationship

As far as the timing of their relationship or marriage, that is, when they start, there are different methods in Ancient Astrology with which to determine this. The astrologer can do it with long-term ones, middle-term ones or annual ones. Keep in mind that the annual ones need the “permission” of the higher ones, because they are subordinated to them.

The former friend of mine in question met her future husband and began a relationship with him when she was 27.

Predicting marriage in Ancient Astrology

Using the Decennials method of Vettius Valens, a technique I have applied to many charts, Delphic Oracle software shows that the native will be (after all, phrasing this within the context of her prophetic dream when she had not yet met her future husband) in the general period of the star of Saturn. The Sun will be specific lord between 22 September 2007 and 13 April 2009.

In other words, we have the lord of the Dsc and the lord of the Asc as Rulers of the Times/Chronocrators. This is a classical indication of marriage during this period.

Going down to the yearly techniques, looking at the featured image of this article, the Profected Asc reaches the Lot of Female Marriage (in a female chart one takes the distance from the star of Venus to the star of Saturn and releases zodiacally from the Asc.  In this chart, it is slightly over a square and thus the Lot falls in Sco). This is another classical indication for marriage this year, provided that the star of Saturn does not spoil the signification. This is not the case as Saturn is connected with the topic in question in this chart.

The solar revolution and the beginning of the relationship

For more, you can see the newly published translation of the book Carmen Astrologicum by Dorotheus of Sidon. It is translated by Ben Dykes and Eduardo Gramaglia and I wholeheartedly recommend. I do that not only because it was done by someone who is very well versed in the subject – but because it exposes the large number of errors which academic David Pingree (the man who translated the text in English for the first time) made. The more I read, the more I am beginning to doubt whether these errors were unintentional.

As far as the solar revolution chart (SR), here is the superimposed one for the native turning 27. Note that I have only left the 3 necessary planets (the inner/smaller circle is the natal chart, the outer one is the SR one):

Creating one's own reality - Astrology proves it is not so

I deliberately underlined the key information. The 6th place rises, namely Capricorn, whose lord also rules the 7th place in the nativity. This is a light indication of the 7th place being activated as well during this year.

The lord of the SR Ascendant, the star of Saturn, is not only in the natal Ascendant but conjunct it very closely. In this way, the SR Asc lord is conj the natal position of the SR Dsc lord – an indication for a relatioship.

At the same time, the lord of the natal Ascendant, showing the native herself, namely the Sun, is very closely conjunct the SR Dsc, showing the place of relationships/marriage.

The indications for marriage this year are so much so conspicuous that this is a textbook case! Again, what does this say about the idea of creating one’s own reality?

Some of you may have noticed that the star of Venus, the universal significator of relationships, hands over the year in profections to the star of Jupiter (and to the star of Saturn). According to Vettius Valens, this is an indication of marriage. This is true in this chart, but the presence of the malefic star of Saturn adds a negative meaning to this combination.

All significant events are promised in one’s natal chart

I would also like to say that there was a certain degree of envy on the part of another friend in regards to the fact that the husband of the native in question is affluent and she gained (financially) by marrying him. Again, it is about human reactions and feelings by someone who does not understand that this is part of this woman’s fate. There is nothing wrong with that, but the key thing to know is that in order for whatever something significant and long lasting to be present in a given native’s life (talking about the physical level, like “money, women and cars”, jewels, benefactors, connections, etc) there must be indications for it. For the record, not everything is all roses in this couple’s marriage, but this is not the subject of this article.

Summary and commentary on the idea of creating one’s own reality

This is Ancient Astrology in action. It is this great science which allows one to see the hands of the Fates. I don’t think there is anyone (with their right mind, that is) who would dare deny that the manner of meeting, the information about the partner, as well as when the relationship would begin – this whole information, and much more – is present in the natal chart. Moreover, it started to act as soon as the native was born and thus decades before she had the prophetic dream.

In summary, I refuted the idea of creating one’s own reality, at least when it comes to the topic of marriage. As such, it is crystal clear that the cause of this event lies somewhere else and not in the idea of creating one’s own reality. Again, this does not in any way take away the incredible prophetic dream which the woman in question had.

Ancient Astrology lags behind in this respect, because it was not meant to provide such fine details as the dream did. After all, receiving information from one’s Higher Self (or right brain, or upper chakras, if you will) is one thing. A it is quite another for one to read astrological “symbols” with their left brain and turn them into human language.

It is only one who is well versed into Ancient Astrology or in some other priceless ancient predictive knowledge (Jyotish or Chinese Astrology) that can, authoritatively, after they have examined the natal chart of the native in question, to say whether a given person or event was attracted or was meant to happen and is shown in the nativity.

And it is here that the key to the idea of creating one’s own reality lies. I mean, to what extent it is possible to do so when it contradicts the promise of the nativity.

This topic is a complex one that deserves other example charts. As such, this is something I may examine under a different angle some other time.

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