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Welcome to Zagata’s Blog on Medieval Astrology!

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“Whence if a man were not wise, he would no more be dignified than the other animals, because all animals participate with him in other things except in wisdom. They all live, eat, some drink, and some drink and eat, they generate, are born, grow, increase, diminish, grow old, and die just like men. Thus, through wisdom, cognition and intellect, man has been made more worthy than all the other animals. And if that which makes a man worthy in nobility is wisdom, it is fitting that the wisdom which is nobler and more worthy and higher will make a man more noble and worthy and higher and more intelligent; and that is the science of the future, which cannot be known except by the science of the stars. Therefore the science of the stars is nobler that the other sciences excepting the First Philosophy; nor however is that able to be known nor to be had perfectly unless by the science of the stars”.

Guido Bonatti in his 13th century encyclopedic book “Liber Astronomiae”. Bonatti was so much so skilled in Astrology that Dante Alighieri put him with his head turned back in as high as the 8th circle of hell in his “Divine Comedy”, because according to Dante, only God has the right see the future.



Welcome to my Medieval Astrology blog. 🙂

Here you will find horary, electional, and natal Astrology.

I feel very lucky to live in the Information Age. For a long time there was not so much available information about many occult disciplines.

I have learned a lot from people who have written books, courses, lectures, or have websites or blogs. This Medieval Astrology blog is, among other things, my contribution and a way to say “thank you.”

Medieval Astrology blog

It also serves as a kind of a record/diary for myself, my level and interests for a given period and how my Knowledge gets refined and enhanced over the years.

If you have any questions or comments, use the “Contact” section.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Zagata’s Blog on Medieval Astrology!”

  1. I absolutely love what you’re doing here. It is because of people like you that astrology will, in time, once again be recognized as a reputable field. I am deeply saddened by the current state of astrology in the west. The reformation of astrology in the 20th century was done in ignorance; these reformers literally did not have access to the source materials we have today. Thus the astrology people are familiar with today is but a shadow of its true form. Please, continue doing what you’re doing, and I hope you make it big. Not for the sake of fame and fortune, but because you are so clearly on the correct path, and can help restore astrology to its once divine status. I look forward to your future works and will support your efforts.

    1. Thank you for your very sincere words, Joseph. It is a real delight for me to hear someone coming from at least the heart chakra.
      Unfortunately, you are wrong: Astrology will not be restored to its rightful place, not on this planet anyway. This wil not be allowed as Astrology can and does expose the manipulations of those in power. Moreover, the worldview would have to change so that this celestial science takes its rightful place, and this runs contrary to the agenda, which has so carefully and systematically been developed.
      Thank you for the wishes. I am doing what I am doing not for fame or wealth, which I neither want nor need, and will not get anyway, but for other, far more important reasons.
      I will definitely continue what I am doing, to say the least. What I have shared here is a shadow of what I know and have found out.

      All the best to you too!


      1. ludmillayermakova

        I think “the Agenda” is still serving good purpose. If astrology would be taken seriously by officials, it would impose a threat on astrologers from corrupted powers. Thanks, but I’d better remain “an interesting lady”, even if I won’t ever be able to expose any “manipulations”. Also, G.I Gurdjieff said that “..people can accept truth only in the form of lie..”, meaning that the “fairy-tail wisdom” is the most powerful. It sinks deeper into the soul.
        At the same time, it is what you WANT to believe is very important. Do I believe in King Arthur, Master Morya, Annunaki aliens? Do you, Zagata? I think if it makes me a better person, and somehow serves humanity, I am willing to give them a chance 😉 No unhealthy attachments though..
        I am happy to found this blog, and looking forward to reading all articles, as Zagata mentioned that he explored the Earth far and wide, which sounds fascinating..

  2. Yes, the agenda is serving a great purpose and teaching multifaceted lessons and it would not be happening if it were not allowed.
    One of the MO is “do what I say not what I do”. Well, if one bothers to do a thorough research they will see that the very people who criticized Astrology historically, and I mean the ones with the power, used it ruthlessly and wanted to keep the knowledge to themselves.

    The examples are too many to mention. The Vatican, among having the largest astrological library in the world and the St Peter’s church being founded by electional Astrology (the chart is preserved), has staff Astrology practitioners and so do the so called royal families and the corporations.

    At least the Chinese emperors did try and hide the power of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics, being adamant that such Knowledge should not be open to the public and to their enemies. Without the permission of the emperor, it was tantamount to a death sentence for anyone to be learning mathematics necessary to do astrological calculations.

    Another historical fact, of course not taught in universities or written in school textbooks, is that Chinese emperors, from at least the 1st century CE used Chinese Metaphysics to seize and secure power, that is, some of the major historical battles were led by master practitioners hired by the two sides and they were not mere generals but magicians and adepts who could manipulate the weather and also predict it and of course knew how and when to position the troops and attack the enemy of avoid the battle ( through Qi Men Dun Jia, Classical Feng Shui and Astrology, although Astrology appeared full blown centuries later).
    This was also done by Mao Zedong in the 20th century (again, “do as I say not what I do”) who, while condemning Chinese Metaphysics and forcing it underground, used the very same knowledge to secure power, even against the odds. He also correctly predicted the year of his own death.
    Then there is Chinese Physiognomy and its enormous power. Practitioners were not allowed to touch royalty, especially females, and had to diagnose illness from reading the face and body only. Can you imagine a modern doctor being able to do that through the so called allopathic (modern) medicine? It is a well known fact that a Chinese emperor, about 2000 years ago, refused to have his portrait made because the public would see his evil nature and thus he had a falsified portrait which hid his drawbacks.

    However, by Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics it was meant the Ancient Astrology, NOT the modern reinvented one from the 20th century, which lacks any philosophical foundations, has no accountability and is a travesty.

    That is why I always say that Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics are the highest science. They have a rock solid foundation and specific rules and while of course there are exceptions, deviating from the fundamental principles leads to error and error only.

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