What is Electional Astrology s

What is Electional Astrology

“Considering astrology as the study of the varying nature of time, we can better understand the absolute bafflement with which modern scientists regard it. By their lights, astrologers are studying something that simply does not exist, which is not the sanest pursuits to which to devote one’s energy. An understanding of astrology, however, makes it plain that the preservation of what few vestiges of contact with true time we still have is a matter of utmost urgency. We are like an endangered species of animals, becoming ever fewer in number as its environment is destroyed. As human beings – as distinct from mechanical creatures in human form – time is our environment. Allowing the building of a world of endless 24 hour shopping malls imperils our very existence”.

John Frawley, a prominent English traditional astrologer

What is electional Astrology

Electional Astrology is a type of Astrology that is used to choose an auspicious date for a given endeavour: marriage, children, business. The condition is that the astrologer must use the client’s horoscope. If he skips this obligatory step, he will not know which the benefic and malefic planets are in the client’s horoscope. Accordingly, he won’t have a way to know which ones to strengthen and which ones to weaken. As a result, the astrologer can harm the client with electional Astrology.

Astrology essentially studies cycles and windows
of time

Electional Astrology is the second step in the astrological hierarchy. The fundamental principle of this branch, and of this ancient science, is that every moment is different and unique. In other words, the basic postulate is that time is of a different nature. Therefore, knowing the nature of an individual moment, the astrologer can predict the outcome of this piece of time.

So what is time according to Astrology and how is it measured?

Time is a huge tangle of different identity and intensity windows of duration. Although they are unique, they are connected in a certain cycle. This cycle is connected and subordinated to larger cycles, which in turn to even larger ones. Thus, there are wheels in wheels in wheels of temporary certainty, which somewhere grows literally into timelessness. That is, non-linearity. Of course, our human lives are immeasurably short against the background of these cycles. For example, 1 cosmic year = 25,920 Earth years.

Each of the seven planets rules one of the days of the week

Each of the 7 planets in ancient Astrology rules one of the days of the week. So: the Sun rules Sunday, the Moon – Monday, Mars – Tuesday, Mercury – Wednesday, Jupiter – Thursday, Venus – Friday, and Saturn – Saturday. In French, one can see the the correlation between the days of the week and the names of the planets most clearly.

The length of the day and the doctrine of planetary hours

The day lasts from sunrise to the beginning of the next sunrise. It is divided into 12 day hours lasting from sunrise to the moment before sunset, followed by 12 night hours lasting from sunset to the moment before sunrise.

The length of these hours depends on the location of the Sun on the ecliptic and the celestial equator, that is, from the seasons. Accordingly, it is changed by them, as well as by the location of the observer. To calculate the length of a planetary hour, it is necessary to calculate the time from sunrise to sunset for the day and respectively from sunset to sunrise for the night, and divide by 12, according to their length at the place where a person is.

The sequence of hours follows the Chaldean order of the planets, that is, from the heaviest Saturn – to the fastest – the Moon. For a given day of the week, it always starts with the planet that rules it and continues in order. For example, Monday begins with the Moon ruling it. Then with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and then repeat.

Every moment is unique in Astrology

And because each planet has a different nature, is in a different sector of the ecliptic, is in a different set of relationships with the other planets, etc., each moment is unique. According to the esoteric model of the order of the universe, the planets make up the seven spheres above the Earth, followed by the eighth sphere – that of the fixed stars.

As virtually all religious temples were built by freemasons having esoteric knowledge, the uniqueness of each moment measured in planetary hours is depicted by the stainless glass of such places, showing the condition of the planetary ruler which is the filter through which the Sun’s light is directed.

Odysseus, Hermes, Hercules, Hera and electional Astrology

Especially in the past, and even today, the planets and stars are worshiped as gods. This is a misunderstanding of their essence, namely to signal the essence of the various time segments. Ancient myths abound with such stories, but one must have the knowledge to interpret them. For example, angels in myths and religions.

Also, in Greek mythology before going to the witch Circe, Odysseus is visited by Hermes (Mercury – which rules the wit, cunning, deception, communication etc) who advises him to eat a poisonous plant which will shield him from Circe’s magic and in this way help him catch her off guard and give him the advantage over her.

Also, Hercules, who is strongly Martian hero, is hated by his stepmother Hera (the Moon). This is one of the reasons why the Moon and Mars are planetary enemies in Astrology. Moreover, the Moon rules Cancer and in mythology Hera sends a huge Crab to help Hydra kill Hercules. Hercules kills them both and Hera is so touched by the Crab’s loyalty, that she placed it among the constellations. It is no accident that Mars is in fall/slavery in Cancer – a big debility for a planet.

Why it is difficult for us to notice and see the different types of times

The variations of the quality of time are difficult for us to appreciate because we cannot see time: we see only its effects. We can easily see the nature of a place and act accordingly: we won’t sow a garden onto the sand or on a mountain peak. The only way by which we may see time is by observing things which change regularly with time; such as the migration of birds/fish for example, or the positions of the planets. The study of Astrology is what enables us to understand these changes in time, and to shape our actions accordingly. The difficulty of sensing the different moments of time is fascilitated by the age which we live in. Clock time, no matter how it is justified on the physical level, was introduced “to deliberately break the will of the working class” 1. Hence, the bizarre ritual of giving someone who retires a clock – at the very moment when he no longer needs it. It is as if a freed slave were to be given his shackles as a souvenir.

Technology prevents us from acting according to Nature and Heaven

Acting according to the nature of time of time becomes ever harder, as our culture distances itself from any awareness of the real phenomenon of time. Time is something to be conquered: 24 hour shopping, the desire to appear forever young, ubiquitous electric lighting, strawberries and tomatoes available all year round, artificial technologies such as air conditioners, keeping the same temperature during winter and summer. No matter how convenient some of these developments may be, they all distance us from our awareness of the true nature of time. Due to 100% lighting we do not see the stars – the true markers of time.

Quoting Frawley:

Clock time is a useful thing; the astrologer does not suggest in any way that it is wrong, no more that he suggests that astronomy is wrong: the astrologer suggests only that clock time, like astronomy, is a thing devoid of meaning, the true time is the meaning that it lacks, just as astrology is the meaning without which astronomy, now matter how fascinating, is useless.”2

So much for theory. Let me take the question what is electional Astrology and move to it how can this branch help a person.

Two types of electional charts and why electional Astrology can hurt a person

What is Electional Astrology

There are two types of astrological electional charts (called “elections”). The first ones and by far the most common, unfortunately, are the simpler and easier ones that do not use the natal chart. Examples: for diets, beauty treatments, going to the dentist – generally for short-term and relatively frequent activities. The second type of electional charts are already the essence of true electional Astrology. They demand work with the person’s horoscope, are more time consuming and expensive of course, but the effects are lasting and tangible.

But to illustrate: a very small part of those calling themselves astrologers use the second type of elections. Say a person gets impressed with the website/image or business card of an astrology practitioner and goes to this person to elect for him the most auspicious time when to apply for a substantial loan or to mortgage his property: in other words an activity which will seriously affect the life of the person in the years to come. The “astrologer” elects such a moment disregarding the natal chart of the client and accordingly fortifying Venus and Jupiter (only Jupiter and Fortuna are signifcators of wealth but modern Astrology erroneously uses Venus as well), weakens the malefics Mars and Saturn, chooses fortunate aspects for the Moon and the job loks well done.

What happens when it turns out that the client has a Libra Ascendant and accordingly Scorpio (ruled by Mars) on the 2nd House cusp which shows the native’s finances, Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) on the 4th House cusp which shows the native’s property, and in the 8th House which shows the bank’s finances, is Taurus (ruled by Venus)? The client goes in the exact elected moment and what is his surprise when they find out that the bank rips them off, offering them extremely disadvantegous conditions.

What has happened? What has happened is that the “astrologer” has strengthened the financial power of the bank and has weakened the native’s own financial power, has also weakened their real estate, thus making their client an easy meal for the financial institution. And all of this is sincerely done with the desire to help…

I could give more such examples but the point is clear: Astrology can help you an awful lot, according to the destiny you have, and just because it is so incredibly powerful, used ignorantly or with a malicious purpose, can hurt you just as much.

Electional Astrology must use the client’s horoscope and there are conditions and restrictions

As electional Astrology, as I wrote in the beginning, is the second step of the astrological hierarchy, it is contained within and subordinate to the higher ones, and especially the next higher one – natal Astrology. In other words, you cannot elect a moment for the realization of something which is not promised in your nativity. Bear in mind that we cannot elect random planetary configurations. We can only adjust ourselves to the preset ones in the astrological calendar, which has been pre-drawn since the beginning of time/Astrology.

There exist nuances in a few areas in life, however, and this is what astrological magic takes advantage of (at the core of astrological magic is the Star of the Magi consisting of 7 parts representing the 7 planets which rule the days of the week) Thus, a person may not be fated to be wealthy in life, but it is not predetermined how much exactly he will make in a given year (even though it is seen from the natal chart whether the year will be financially strong, mediocre or weak), and using electional Astrology + Magic, can manoeuvre in the limits determined by the strength/weakness of the financial year.

It is important to grasp what was just written above. There is no getting away from personal fate. No matter how many visualizations or rituals a person makes, this person can only change the magnitude of the preset limits of a given time period, which – is true, would not happen if the person were just flowing with the tide.

What electional Astrology can be used for

Of course, electional Astrology can be used not only for issues concerning money, property, physical comfort. You can choose an auspicious moment for absolutely everything, provided if promised by the natal chart. Here are some examples:

   Starting a business;

  • Entering matrimony
  • Reconciliation of people
  • Commencing the building of a house or facility
  • Sowing and cultivating agricultural produce
  • Buying animals
  • Applying for a job or an interview
  • Hiring staff
  • Start of surgery or treatment (* medical knowledge and medical Astrology skills required)
  • Starting the writing of a work/book
  • Starting a journey or a pilgrimage
  • Spiritual initiation
  • Entering a secret society


The most important thing in this article is to remember that this type of Astrology is subject to the natal branch and hence must be used with one’s natal chart. Thus, to make sure that you are more likely to receive a quality service, see how many of the astrologers offering electional Astrology services also require your personal data.

1 Edward P. Thompson, “The Making of the English Working Class” (1963, chapter 6)

2 John Frawley  in his incredible book: “The Real Astrology”. I strongly recommend it; some ideas and quotations are taken and further developed from it.

Written in March 2011

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