Injury by horses in Astrology s

Injury by Horses in Astrology

A while ago I wrote the Astrology of animals. This article is about injury by horses in Astrology. I tell the story of the big problems my friend’s horse caused him. This is all shown in my friend’s nativity.

I have been meaning to write another article on animals but have been busy doing my ancient astrological research. Three days ago, however, this same friend of mine took me to the horse club where he rides. There are lots of stray cats and a few dogs, which prompted to to sit and write these interesting stories.

Injury by horses in Astrology

My thanks to this wonderful site and the people there for the free pictures:

Note: this is a chart showing today’s ingresses, not my friend’s nativity.

Injury by horses in Astrology: my friend’s experiences

Going back a few months, my friend fell off his horse and bruised his ribs. The pain was so severe that his body hurt while even laughing. The doctor told him to rest for 30 days.

The incident happened when the Giver of Life in my friend’s chart was attacked by a malefic by ingress. Of course, ingresses/transits are the last to be examined in the hierarchy of predictive techniques in Ancient Astrology. However, there was much more to this.

I should have started that the topic of injury by horses in Astrology is very pertinent to my friend’s nativity. He has had other injuries by a different horse.

For example, he had a serious injury when this same malefic planet, 5 years ago, hit his Giver of Life/Hyleg with a direction. Not only are the 2 planets configured natally, but there is scrutinizing figure between them (3 portion applying configuration).

In addition, the Giver of Life is the Lord of the Year in my friend’s chart. Another thing is that the incident happened when this malefic was ingressing in the stakes of the Profected Ascendant. When one considers that this malefic is related to the place of large animals, namely horses (the 12th) natally, the picture is complete.

The same malefic planet got activated in my friend’s horoscope

While my friend was recuperating I examined his nativity to look for the next dangerous period during his year. It would come, I predicted, when this same malefic would oppose the (natal) Ascendant by ingress. I told my friend to be extra careful and in fact advised him not to ride during this period. However, being impulsive and so passionate about horse riding, I knew that he would not listen. Even if risking another injury.

What happened was that there was a horse rising competition (not a professional one) and riders were coming from other places in Bulgaria. My friend wanted to put in a good performance.  Besides, he needed the points if he was to qualify for some national championship. Thus he decided he would ride no matter what.

Injury by horses in Astrology: it manifested differently this time

As the fates would have it, however, this signification, the ingressing malefic opposing the Ascendant, would have to play out some way.

What happened was that, a few days before the competition, my friend’s horse stopped following his orders. He, the horse, started behaving erratically and unpredictably. Needless to say my friend was disappointed and felt uncertain whether the horse would be able to perform for the coming competition. Thus he spent a few days disciplining his horse and making him ready. He felt somewhat confident that his horse will listen to his commands.

The day of the competition came and there were 40-50 riders from different places. My friend was anxious to perform well as there were public officials who had come to award the winners. What happened though was that the weather kicked in and became a factor. It drizzled and made the riding surface wet. Nevertheless, even with his horse again displaying signs that it would not heed his commands, my friend still intended to compete. When, however, he was told by his girlfriend that 3 riders had fallen due to the slippery surface, he remembered my words and finally decided to listen to reason and withdrew from the competition.

So by opposing the Ascendant, the native, that planet (which represents my friend’s horse, among other significations) showed a clash, a separation. However, those effects were not physical but psychological. Note this was unlike a few months ago, during the same year, when my friend fell of his horse and bruised his ribs.

In other words, my friend’s horse clashed with my friend in terms of character. It disobeyed his master and thus prevented him/separated him from taking part in the tournament.

My friend was very angry at his horse. He was set on selling him or giving him away and buying a new one. I advised him to give the horse some time, which he has. I also told him that, due the astrological machinery at work, I seriously doubt that having any other horse would not have led to some unpleasant problems.

A story with a stray dog hit by a car

As far as dogs are concerned, this next story concerns a different one compared to the 3 mentioned in part 1. As I said, there are a few stray dogs at the horse club where my friend rides. Dozens of cars arrive everyday and no accident has happened. However, last month a driver accidentally hit one of the stray dogs and seriously injured his hip joint. The injury was so severe that immediate surgery was required to avoid it from becoming permanent and the dog, called Lucky, to lose his right rear hip joint.

Unfortunately this happened on a Friday and, with only 2 veterinarians being able to perform such surgery in Bulgaria, and both being some 200-300 km away, someone had to act really fast. That someone was none other than my friend and his girlfriend who showed the true meaning of the virtue of compassion. After the perpetrator shamelessly declined to help, they looked for someone to drive the dog to the veterinarian. The latter also showed understanding and compassion and reduced his surgery fee a few times. He was prepared to accept the dog on early Saturday and perform the operation lasting a few hours.

Fortunately, my friend and his girlfriend were able to find someone to drive the dog and the surgery was a success. They paid both for the gas, for the surgery and to the native who set aside his free time to drive the dog. They had plans made a while ago for that Saturday, otherwise my friend and his girlfriend would have driven the dog themselves.

I am very pleased to say that my friend showed me the dog and I had to ask him which leg was the injured one! It was only when the dog started running with his mates that one could recognize the rear right joint being not (yet) recovered at 100% . Lucky is expected to make a full recovery.

Conclusion and food for thought on injury by horses in Astrology

I believe by now you know the answer to the question as to why my friend suffered at the hands of his horse. I mean, that it was him and not the other participants. Or that a few of them fell, but all of them.

Another issue is that, upon hearing my prediction, some other friends of the native were relieved that he ended up not competing. Otherwise he might have gotten another physical injury. Thus, these people say that my friend’s horse actually saved its master by disobeying/sabotaging him. This is a really interesting train of thought.

Another question: why did this horrific incident happen to Lucky, and not to another stray dog? Why did Lucky survive? After all, not many dogs survive when hit by a car.

These are questions that someone doing 100 percent Astrology needs to ask themselves.

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