History of Chinese Astrology s

History of Chinese Astrology

In this video you will learn about:

The three types of Chinese Astrology;

The history of Chinese Astrology;

Which are the most important classical books for each of the 3 types of Chinese Astrology;

When these books were written and who their authors are;


To learn in detail about the three types of Chinese Astrology, here is my article that I mention in the video:

“What is Chinese Astrology”







Yijing Astrologie by Harmen Mesker, published in 2014 in Dutch

The Astrology of I Ching by W.A.Sherril and W.K.Chu, published in 1976

An Anthology of I Ching by W.A.Sherril and W.K.Chu, published in 1977

Китайска Астрология част I – Звездите в Четирите Стълба на Съдбата от Ани Пешева, издадена през 2010г. (Chinese Astrology Part I – The Stars in the Four Pillars of Destiny by Ani Pesheva, published in 2010 in Bulgarian)

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