history of Ancient Astrology s

History of Ancient Astrology

In this video, based on quoted translations of original texts and hundreds of sources in 3 thick books, you will learn about:

The history of Ancient Astrology;

What is meant by Ancient Astrology;

Why Babylonian and Egyptian Astrology are not really part of Ancient natal Astrology;

When did Ancient Astrology begin;

Who are the creators of Ancient Astrology;

Whether Ancient Astrology was suddenly invented or resulted from and was subject to development and improvement;

Who are the most influential astrological authors of the Hellenistic period;

When and why Ancient Astrology flourished and when it was threatened and suffered;

Proof that Constantinople was founded with electional Astrology even though Constantine the Great denounced Ancient Astrology and legalized christianity;

The transmission of Hellenistic Astrology to Persia;

The Arabs destroyed the Persian Empire and inherited its knowledge, as well as began to translate ancient texts from Ancient Greek;

Proof that Baghdad was founded with electional Astrology;

Who are the most influential Arab astrologers;

Reconquering part of Spain, Europeans discovered thousands of books and manuscripts in the 12th century, which they began to translate, and this began the revival of European Astrology;

Who are the most influential European astrologers;

How Ancient Astrology evolved over time, and not devolved. This is evident from surviving natal horoscopes, their delineation and the predictions based on them. Examples with the horoscope of Emperor Hadrian (2nd century), Emperor Constantine the 7th (10th century), and Emperor Maximilian (15th century).

Here is my article from the video that I strongly recommend:

What is Ancient Astrology:


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