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Free Traditional Astrology Software Morinus – Full Tutorial

In this video you will learn:

About a free traditional Astrology software called Morinus;

Where to download it and how to install it;

The free astrological program Morinus supports Russian, English and French. I have used English in this video;

This is the traditional version of the program. The modern version is 99% the same. I give a link to it as well. In other words, by following my tutorial, you will know how to download, install and use the modern version as well.;

The traditional version of Morinus calculates:

Distributions (which include primary directions),


Profections (including monthly ones);

Solar revolutions (and other revolutions),

Secondary progressions;


Over 800 fixed stars;


12th parts/dodekatemoria;


Various almutens, including that of the horoscope;


It has an electional module and a number of other features.


You can download the free traditional Astrology software Morinus from the link below.

You can download the modern version from here:

This free website contains thousands of horoscopes. You can also check the coordinates of the locations and the time zone, which you enter manually in the free astrological software Morinus.

List of solar and lunar eclipses for 1950-2030 by American astrologer Chris Brennan, with time zone EST (Greenwich – 5h).

My article on Firdaria and which nocturnal sequence is the correct one:

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