Free Hellenistic Astrology software Valens s

Free Hellenistic Astrology Software Valens – Full Tutorial

In this video you will learn:

About a free Hellenistic Astrology software named Valens.;

Where to download it and how to install it;

The program supports only English;

This Astrology software is for Hellenistic Astrology and does not include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto;

The free program Valens was developed by the same Hungarian man who developed the free astrological program Morinus. Therefore, most techniques from Morinus are in Valens. Also, saved horoscopes can easily be copied/transferred from Morinus to Valens and vice versa;

The value of this program is that it calculates Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit, Lot of Fortune or from others;

The program also calculates the ascensional times of the zoidia/signs (only valid in the tropical Zodiac)

The Valens program also calculates the 7 Hermetic Lots.


You can download the free Hellenistic Astrology software Valens from the link below.

This link contains an installation file that the Valens program may need.

This free site contains thousands of horoscopes. You can also check the coordinates of the locations and the time zone, which you enter manually in the Valens program.

List of solar and lunar eclipses for 1950-2030. by American astrologer Chris Brennan, with time zone EST (Greenwich – 5h).

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