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Free Astrology Software Planetdance – Detailed Tutorial

In this video you will learn:

About a free Astrology software named Planetdance;

Where to download it and how to install it;

The program supports English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Spanish;

The software’s interface is very easy to work with, allowing you to make changes to dozens of settings very easily;

Planetdance is probably the most detailed Astrology program in the world. It includes (parts of) Babylonian, Hellenistic, Medieval, Modern and Indian Astrology (both Parashara and Jaimini). There are quite a few features and functions that even I don’t know what they mean.

This free Astrology software includes Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, asteroids, fictitional planets and more.

Planetdance calculates practically everything about everything, but here are the standouts:

The program calculates Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit, the Lot of Fortune or others;

Planetdance also calculates the Decennials technique as given by Valens, Firmicus and Hephaestion;

The software calculates the paranatelonta, which is invaluable, as to my knowledge only 2-3 programs in the world do this and they are paid;

This free Astrology program also calculates primary directions;

Planetdance provides a unique visual summary of a given year with Ancient Astrology: in addition to the positions of the natal chart, it shows the Distributed Asc and MC, the lord of the year and month by profections, the positions of the solar revolution, as well as the transits;

Planetdance provides a unique 100-year calculation of solar revolutions, solar arc directions or secondary progressions, allowing certain activations and repetitions to be seen;

The software has a built-in atlas that automatically enters a given a location’s coordinates. Also, Planetdance even allows the user to edit and add locations;

The great free astrological program Planetdance calculate the rising times of zoidia/signs, fixed stars, lots, eclipses, Astrocartography, offers an astrological monthly calendar, as well as dozens of other features. I am extremely touched by the generosity of the Planetdance developers to make it free.


You can download the free Planetdance software from the link below.

The forum where suggestions can be made to improve the Planetdance program

My article about the correct Firdaria sequence in night charts


0:00 Planetdance settings

25:05 Modern Astrology

1:06:25 Indian Astrology

1:15:39 Classical Astrology (Hellenistic)

1:54:31 Medieval Astrology Medieval Astrology

3 thoughts on “Free Astrology Software Planetdance – Detailed Tutorial”

  1. Bugs found:
    – triwheel, angelina jolie was moved, not the transit, fixed.
    – in biwheel extra, the table shows only declination aspects, don’t know why, are there synastry aspects/orbs defined?
    – there was something messed up in the column after setting planets back to classical (without uranus etc) , couldn’t reproduce it, it was hard to see what exactly caused it.

    – After drawing things like lots into the wheel, you can clear the wheel by horoscope – clear.
    – The icons can be used to switch houses (the one that looks like a house) or to change between normal/classical planets (the one with the cog).

    Thanks very much for this video.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments and tips, Jean. And thank you again for the lovely free software Planetdance.

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