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Chinese Predictive Astrology and People’s Expectations

This article is about Ancient and Chinese predictive Astrology and how some people expect me to answer their questions and make the necessary predictions on the spot, without putting in the required work.

When I came on the astrological scene, I then wrote that Ancient Astrology allows the practitioner to know information:

  • which he cannot possibly know
  • information, which, in many cases, is impossible to obtain
  • and which, in some cases, it’s better perhaps not to know

Over these past nine years years, I have interacted with many people from diverse walks of life, different ages, different continents and cultures, etc.

While there have been just a few “skeptics”, which I easily handled, I have had to, on a regular basis and despite my explanations and writings, to deal with people who have experienced themselves that Ancient and Chinese predictive Astrology work and provide information in a direct and unambiguous manner, but they expect to receive the answers right away to whatever they ask.

These people expect me to know almost everything about everything, and they want to know it right away. This runs counter to the complexity and commitment that Ancient and Chinese Astrology require. They will reveal the answer, but only after serious work. It is disrespectful to approach the knowledge such disciplines provide with such childish impatience.

Chinese Predictive Astrology

My thanks to Victor for the great BaZi chart calculator: 

Ancient and Chinese Predictive Astrology: why it takes time

Please understand that it is not a matter of money, that is, this is not like ordering an express translation of a document from one language to another and paying more so as to receive your order earlier. Ancient and Chinese Astrology are not a physical science. They work mostly with quality and then with quantity. As such, the astrologer cannot rush the work. Reading astrological charts is not like repairing a car (And I say this with all the respect which car mechanics deserve).

In addition to this, when the practitioner uses the horary branch (or Qi Men Dun Jia or Yi Jing Plum Blossom Numerology aka MeiHua YiShu for Chinese Metaphysics), the proper formulating of the question is crucial. Not just that, but so is the emotional state of the querent. I have recently declined questions because of this. One dealt with whether a horse will survive. Another astrological question dealt with whether a different horse is still alive, after being lost for years. I had to check sources from the first millennium to help me with a question about a possible surgery, etc.

Curiosity and impatience to Ancient and Chinese Predictive Astrology

In addition to this, there is the matter of curious clients, or even inquisitive ones, when discussing matters in the same area they are interested in.

For example, during a phone call conversation with a foreigner, I was recently asked whether current US President Donald Trump will be reelected next year. I immediately replied that I do not know this. To do so, it would require the use of Mundane Astrology, as well the charts of the other contenders. As you can guess, that would require a lot of work. Where would be the compensation for my efforts? If Donald Trump or someone of his circle were to ask me, that would be different. But answering such a question to a regular client serves no purpose than to satisfy their curiosity.

Also, there is the matter of some of the candidates not having a time of birth, and of course without a time of birth Ancient, Modern, Indian or I Ching/Yi Jing Astrology cannot be used at all. This leaves BaZi (and Numerology for those who use it).

Some people know that BaZi is the only Astrology than can be used without a time of birth

This leads to the number of people who have learned (be it from my articles or elsewhere) that the Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology can be used without the native knowing their time of birth. Such people contact me because there are very few practitioners in the West who are versed both in Western and Chinese Astrology. However, such potential clients also display the impatience I described above. Even though the information they need is something that would impact their whole life and something they desperately need to know (whether they will have a spouse and children, what profession they will have, etc), they must think that I snap my fingers and Four Pillars of Destiny gives me the answer they need.

These people also need to know that to practise properly, the astrologer needs to use both the elements and the stars. Given that the few online calculators do not give me all the necessary stars and/or do not offer both the solar and lunar calendar, this means that I have to calculate every single chart by hand. This, of course, takes time. Moreover, when someone is born the grey area, I need to interview the client in order to determine whether the solar or the lunar calendar chart is the correct one in BaZi. Again, this takes time and this is only the preliminary stage, because it is after it that I can focus on the topics the clients is interested in.


In conclusion, Ancient and Chinese predictive Astrology provide information which cannot be otherwise obtained. Being versed in both of them provides even more accurate and in depth horoscopes and consultations. Ancient Astrology and Four Pillars of Destiny are extremely powerful, but require the necessary work to be done before they divulge their secrets.

As with all sciences, if so chooses, the practitioner has the benefit of consulting the surviving works of their colleagues from the past when encountering difficult cases. Although, again, this takes time and effort.

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