Children in the natal chart s

Children in the Natal Chart

I was asked to show the contents of the topic of children in the natal chart reading I offer.

As I have written before, the full written horoscope I offer with Ancient Astrology is as comprehensive as it can be. It is a totally customized delineation which is professionally done and is valid for the client in question only. I write the horoscope myself, and it contains over 20, 000 words. It includes a delineation of all the topics in the native’s life which is very time-consuming and is therefore expensive. Actually the last two full written Astrology readings I did contained 31,000+ words and 36,000+ words.

The fact that a handful of astrologers in the world actually offer a full delineation of the natal/birth chart should tell you how difficult it is to do. The level of skill required to write a full written horoscope is far higher than the level of a astrologer who offers consultations only. This is because a far greater depth is required to delineate a given topic in detail. This includes many astrological factors whose role is often downplayed or even ignored in consultations.

How I delineate children in the natal chart

Here is how I delineate the topic of children in the natal chart using Ancient Western Astrology. What you are about to see is a distillation of the works of over 15 authors from different continents, time periods and using different languages. The spiral bound sheets constitute an actual full written horoscope I recently did for a client.



Children in the natal chart



I would like to draw attention to point 7 of the subject, namely whether the native/parent would see the death of their children. As I mention this every time, when judgments and predictions are made for other people of the the native’s horoscope, the information is not of the same degree of reliability. Therefore, in a large number of cases the indications for the occurrence of an event (in this case the death of the native’s children) are blurred and a solid conclusion cannot be reached. In other words, the indications for death must be many and must not be contradicted. This rationale also applies to partners, parents, brothers and sisters, and so on.

The charts of both partners must be read for the topic of children

The other important thing I have already written about is the fact that when it comes to having children, the horoscopes of both partners must be considered. This is all the more true when it comes to having few children or no children. The horoscope of the partner can help or hinder the making of children.

For example, a client of mine tried to make a child with his wife for years. They were unsuccessful, despite the fact that he spent huge amounts of money. Subsequently, they separated, he met another woman and he already has 2 children with her, and in a completely natural way.

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