Babylonian Astrology Is Primitive

Why Babylonian Astrology Is Primitive in Regards to the Natal Branch

In this video you will learn:

Why Babylonian Astrology is primitive in terms of its natal branch;

That the oldest preserved horoscopes are between 410 and 69 before the Common Era;

That 28 ancient Babylonian horoscopes have survived that have been translated into English. They are all a few sentences each;

Quotes of some of the key delineations from individual horoscopes, so you can see that Babylonian Astrology is primitive in regards to natal charts;

That Babylonian so-called natal charts do NOT include the most basic elements of Astrology: houses, planetary configurations, aspects, sign rulerships, elements of the zodiacal signs, sect, joys, reception, Lots, and many others;

That there are no surviving manuals of natal Babylonian Astrology. That is, one can study Hellenistic, Perso-Arabic, European, Indian, Chinese natal Astrology, but not Babylonian.

That there is a Babylonian Zodiac, but in reality there is no Babylonian natal Astrology – such as has been used for 2000 years. That is, a certain group of astrologers in Bulgaria and other countries merely speak of Babylonian Astrology, but in fact they use a Babylonian sidereal zodiac with Ancient Astrology techniques.



Hellenistic Astrology – The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan, published in 2017.

Babylonian Horoscopes by Franchesca Rochberg, published in 1998.


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