The Babylonian Zodiac s

The Babylonian Zodiac is Inaccurate Compared to the Indian Ayanamshas

In this video you will learn:

What is an ayanamsha;

That the problem of different ayanamshas exists only in the sidereal Zodiac;

How the Babylonian Zodiac with its Aldebaran 15 ayanamsha is inaccurate to the Indian ayanamshas of Lahiri and Krishnamurti;

What is the difference between the Babylonian ayanamsha Aldebaran 15 and Lahiri and Krishnamurti;

About natal charts of real people with a time of birth from a written document who have a different Ascendant in the sidereal Zodiac, depending on whether Aldebaran 15 or Lahiri ayanamsha is used;

About the horoscope of a client of mine, which I have rectified to the second, which has a different Ascendant with the Babylonian ayanamsha and Lahiri. After carefully examining the horoscope it is readily observable that Aldebaran 15 is not working but Lahiri and Krishnamurti are working. That is, the data is correct, but the Babylonian ayanamsha is wrong;

That the Babylonian Zodiac with Aldebaran 15 ayanamsha is supported by historical sources in the Western tradition. However, a difference of less than 1 degree from the Indian ayanamshas, given with deviations of 3-4 degrees and more in the planetary positions in the surviving horoscopes of antiquity, makes it meaningless to use this as an argument. We live in the 21st century with powerful computers with ephemerides several thousand years forward and backward. If we are astrologers, and not historians or lecturers, we must be guided by practice, not theory.


The Astrology of Death by Richard Houck, published in 1994.

The British traditional astrological forum where astrologers test the various ayanamshas with event charts. Krishnamurti works best, and the Fagan-Bradley results, actually Aldebaran 15, are “abysmal”

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