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Ancient Astrological Knowledge Is Like Purslane

In this video you will learn:


Аbout purslane – an incredibly useful plant with a thousand-year tradition. Purslane protects against heart attacks, diabetes and cancer, but in recent decades it has been considered a weed;

That purslane, like the ancient astrological knowledge, is extremely resilient, that it grows anywhere and needs no care, spraying, etc.;

That it is much easier for one to abandon ancient astrological knowledge and create some modern astrological school without any roots;

That like the purslane, the ancient astrological knowledge has strong roots. It is much more complex and demanding, but also much more rewarding than modern astrological knowledge. Astrologers and schools that deviate from the ancient astrological knowledge will become water without a source and a tree without a foundation.

That we have something very valuable and useful, but for a number of reasons, society does not appreciate it. That’s why we create our information flow to gradually educate people about the astrological tradition, so they can make their own informed choice.


Use a browser translation plug-in for the sources on purslane below. Alternatively, find some sources about purslane in your own native language.

My article which includes the quote about the astrological tradition and those who wish to make a name for themselves by creating a new school to pull in students for financial benefit:

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