Astrologers and diviners

Why Astrologers and Diviners Are Not Meant to Be Wealthy


In this video you will learn:

About the Five Elements in Chinese Metaphysics;

About ancient metaphysical knowledge from China that is like a matrix of reality. Fundamental principles and dependencies can be read through it;

That there are really no historical examples of rich astrologers and diviners who were completely devoted to their profession.

That people who utilize knowledge (not just astrologers and diviners) are represented by the Resource Element;

That the Resource element is controlled/destroyed by the Wealth element. That is, people of knowledge are not meant to be rich, for these two elements are in conflict;

That this does not mean that astrologers and diviners and people of knowledge are doomed to be poor. They may reach middle class, but not become rich;

What is needed so that a government CANNOT excessively control or even crush its own people.


My article on the five branches in Chinese Metaphysics:

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Do you know any cases of rich astrologers, fortune tellers or people of knowledge? I’m interested if there are such exceptions.

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