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Four Pillars of Destiny – Stinginess in the Chart

This article is about stinginess in the chart, as seen from the Four Pillars aka BaZi type of Chinese Astrology.

Four Pillars of Destiny is an incredible system of knowledge. I never cease to amaze myself as to how much information is encoded in BaZi. This is information that is not a priority for Ancient Astrology and /or is not easy to notice there, or is not present in the Western horoscopes.

BaZi provides character descriptions, NOT psychology

As in Ancient Western Astrology, character descriptions are used in Chinese astrology. It is important to understand that this is not psychology. These are not behavioral patterns, be they inherited or learned, which one can simply change. In these cases, it is about deep personal characteristics. These are characteristics that – as I will illustrate – are extremely difficult, if at all possible, to change by the native.

Stinginess in the horoscope

I’ll give 2 real-life horoscopes from Four Pillars of Destiny

Stinginess in the chart – example 1

Stinginess in the chart - example 1

I have known this this guy (which I will call E1 – example 1) for about 10 years. Unfortunately, he does not know his hour of birth, and I do not know important events from his life so I can rectify his natal chart without a time of birth.  Fortunately, BaZi allows the astrologer in many cases to read the chart even without the Hour Pillar.

E1 is a wealthy man. It’s not about millions (at least as far as I know) and sums of this kind, but having a few expensive cars, having apartments in some of the largest cities in the country + other real estate, etc., are definite indications of financial wealth.

At the same time, E1 is an extremely stingy man and one who is looking to end up paying as little as possible. Not only is he looking to save money, but is ready to suffer inconveniences, such as changing his plans in his spare time only so he can pay slightly less. To clarify, these are sums of 2-3-5 euros to be saved. Not only that, but it is about saving an insignificant amount of money and suffering inconveniences, even when this saving is made once per month or even rarely than that.

So what shows stinginess in the chart? Specifically in BaZi.

One of the main indications is when Wealth is buried in the Hidden Stems. The native is Yang Earth and the Wealth element is the Water. Notice the Direct Wealth, the Yin Water that is buried beneath the two Dragons.

Having gift of the gab and charisma

At the same time, the native is handsome, has a pleasant voice, is eloquent and possesses a certain charisma. This is shown by the following factors:

  • 6 The Harmony combination between the Dragon and the Rooster, which gives Metal, and Metal rules the ability to relate to people
  • The Peach Blossom star, namely the Rooster, which is in the Annual Pillar and is in one of the most noticeable places in the Four Pillars of Destiny
  • The Rooster contains the Hurting Officer, which shows intelligence, being fond of fame and reputation, cunning.

I want to emphasize that even though the native is very stingy, he does not spare when it comes to indulging himself and his family. On the contrary, he loves luxury.

In other words, the astrologer must carefully determine the character traits rather than make assumptions in the BaZi chart analysis. In this case, the Hurting Officer is Yin Metal. Yin Metal is like a jewel, like something beautiful. Such people place much importance on their luxury and appearance and do not spare money on it.

Example 2

Stinginess in the chart - example 2

I have known the native (E2) for many years. Unlike E1, who is only my acquaintance, E2 is a friend of mine whom I know a lot about.

E2 is an excellent example of the depth of certain certain traits of the character, in this case stinginess. In fact, I was with E2 just the other day and I told him (after another complaining of his for more wealth and how he does not get what he deserves) about my idea of ​​writing an article about stinginess in Four Pillars of Destiny. Even when I told him he would be present in the article, he laughed and approved.

Like E1, the Wealth is buried in the Hidden Stems in E2’s BaZi chart. The native is Yang Wood, and the Wealth element is Earth, which is contained in the Dog (Indirect Wealth) and in the Monkey (Indirect Wealth), although the 3 Harmony Combination with the Rat turns the Monkey into Water, and the Wealth there is transformed into Resources.

E2 is also a stingy man. While he cannot (for now) compare to E1 in terms of wealth, E2’s standard of living is definitely high. The key here is that E2 was stingy from the moment we met. He was stingy when he was working at another company, he was stingy when he was unemployed, and he remains stingy to this day despite the standard of living he has. That is, just as E1, whose wealth has grown since we have known each other, and yet E1 is just as stingy today, E2 is the same.

Having an expensive car, having an apartment in one of the best districts in the capital, being the manager of ten people, visiting dozens of countries – literally from the USA to eastern China – definitely speaks for a standard that is above the average.

Stinginess in the chart along with honesty, responsibility and industriousness

Meanwhile, E2 is constantly complaining about the injustice in his life, how little he has, and how others, less skilled than him, are much wealthier than him, whether through connections or shadowy activities/transactions “under the table “.

One of those E2 complains about is E1. E2 is a friend of E1 and likes to give me examples of how stingy E1 is. But when I say to E2 that he is actually the same in this respect as E1, he changes the subject of our conversation.

Like E1, E2 is willing to suffer inconveniences. He is willing to change his plans on his days off, as well as almost risk his health just to save 2-3-5 euros, once a month, or even rarer than that.

E2, however, is also an honest, responsible and very hard-working man. This is shown by the type of chart he has, which belongs to those of Special structures. Also, unlike E1, in E2’s BaZi chart the Controlling Element, the Direct Officer, is in the Heavenly Stems. This shows that the native is highly disciplined, follows the rules, and is very ambitious.

Like E1, E2 loves luxury and looks for it. Again, the fact that a native is very stingy does not mean that he/she does not like to indulge and spoil himself/herself. In order to distinguish whether or not a native will indulge, it is necessary to consider more factors in the Four Pillars of Destiny chart analysis.

Conclusion on stinginess in the chart

It is important to understand why this information is presented. The goal is not to point at other people, emphasizing their “negative” traits of character. The goal here is to indicate how deep some of these characteristics are, and that neither the passage of time, nor the appearance of other people in the life of the native, can radically change these character traits.

E2 has been a friend of mine before I got into Astrology or Chinese Metaphysics. Seeing the stinginess in the chart of E2 (and partly in his western horoscope) has in no way altered our friendship over the years. It will not change for the time to come either, as far as this feature is concerned, even though his wealth will increase even more in the future, and he will still continue to complain of the injustice in his fate.

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