Is Astrology a Science s

Is Astrology a Science?

In this video you will learn:

Is Astrology a science;

Who are some of the most influential astrologers in history, what they achieved and whom they served;

That in the late Middle Ages, Astrology was included in the curricula of a number of universities and was considered an indispensable part of the training of every physician in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There were chairs in the universities of: Paris, Padua, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Vienna and Oxford;

That the largest church in the world – St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican – was constructed with electional Astrology;

That the Royal Observatory at Greenwich was constructed with an electional Astrology;

That by “Astrology” I mean the ancient tradition (be it Western or Indian), with a documented history of 2000 years. I mean specific predictions, NOT modern psychological astrology. I mean Astrology, which cannot be attacked with the Barnum effect;

An examination of the definitions of Astrology and science and whether and how any of them have changed and in what sense;

Why Astrology is not a science and cannot be a science with the current, narrowed/modified meaning of the term “science”;

What happens when someone starts changing the definitions. Example: the private organization known as World Health Organization for “pandemic” and “vaccine”;

Modern science focuses entirely on the physical world, denying the Creator and the concepts of “intention”, “will”, “consciousness” and “life”. Without the higher worlds, Astrology loses its foundation and purpose and becomes a meaningless superstition;

Astrology deals with the recognition of patterns/signatures that give form, meaning, and significance to a person’s life. Science does not have this as its object;

Modern science almost has the claim of monopoly on truth. However, by its own admission, the human eye perceives only 0.035% of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. In addition, according to modern science, even with the most advanced technologies, it can only see 5% of the universe (the other 95% is dark matter);

For Astrology to be recognized as a science, we will have to redefine the concept of “science”.



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And what do you think: is Astrology a science?

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