Astrology and daily life s

Astrology and Daily Life

This article is about Astrology and daily life and how the principles of the science of the stars are everywhere.

Ancient Astrology, as I have written many times, deals with the essence of things in this physical world. As such, there is nothing that cannot be described by and does not fall under the dominion of the 7 planets and the 12 zoidia/images.

The thing is that people who do not have any idea about Astrology, when hearing about it and that one is doing it are in a hurry to ask if this is not just a “hobby”, “a temporary attraction” and the like. That is, you see, in this fast-paced modern world, one should not spend a lot of time on things that do not generally deal with this world and are thus not practical. This would have been a bit funny if it was not so ridiculous and far from the truth.

I can refute this argument from so many different points of view: historical, philosophical, astrological, linguistic, etc., but since it is a matter of Ancient Astrology and the everyday life of people, my arguments will be entirely such, namely of daily life.




Ancient Astrology and daily life




Can anyone answer the following questions (I can provide many more):


1) Why does someone, when they start reconciling with another, give away something/give a present?

2) Why do two people, when they go out on a date, eat and/or drink something sweet?

3) Why is it considered unfavorable to give away/give as a present a knife to a friend?

4) Why does when someone retire, they often receive a watch or a clock as a present?


I can of course provide other questions that are not everyday ones though, and concern different areas, be it poetry, drawing, medicine, history, music, etc., but that is not the goal of this article.


Astrology and daily life in Chinese Metaphysics – the eight trigrams

As an analogy, I will also give the eight trigrams in Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology.

They are:



Thunder/Zhen/ eldest son

Wind/Xun/eldest daughter

Water/Kan/middle son

Fire/Li/middle daughter

Mountain/Gen/youngest son

Lake/Dui/youngest daughter

As you can see, the designations in question are even more immediate than the western ones of the planets. After all, who doesn’t know about family members.

In conclusion, Ancient Astrology and daily life are in fact inextricably linked.


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