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Full Written Horoscope Vs Astrological Consultations

I was recently asked what a “full written horoscope” is. After I explained, the person also asked me on the written horoscope vs astrological consultation issue.

Whether you call it like this or “full reading of the natal chart,” or “full written astrology reading”, it’s the same thing. First I had to explain that the types of Astrology that I practice are very different from those of the majority of astrological practitioners. Accordingly, what I can offer is extremely rare and ancient knowledge that few astrologers in the world have.

This is not the time to discuss how Ancient Western Astrology surpasses BaZi chart reading and vice versa. The key is that each of them offers information that the other cannot actually provide. Whether the astrologer is working on a written horoscope or a consultation, there is a big difference in the effort and the depth reached.

About the full written horoscope

Then I had to explain that the methodology I adhere to is described and followed by all serious astrological authors in history. Ancient Astrology studies the whole life. Please think for a minute how much information and how much effort it costs to describe a person’s entire life in a completely foreign language (astrological). How many mysteries need to be solved, how many contradictions need to be weighed and judged whether they can coexist or not. How much quality assessment works the astrologer does and how he/she sifts these subtle differences and their meanings. This is a difficult and time-consuming endeavour, because behind all the huge amount of information there is an order and hierarchy. None of this can be dispensed with in a written horoscope if the astrologer practises serious Astrology.

Let me explain that by this I mean not so much techniques and authors, but providing specific, clear and unambiguous information. And the astrologer does this in an easy-to-understand language. He does not use psychology, psychoanalysis, flattery, karma theories and the like. This must be resolved because it is impossible to make any serious predictions before the full natal chart is read. The reason for this is the so-called “natal promise”. The birth promise is what is written/spoken in a person’s horoscope/natal chart. That is, this is the verdict of the Fates. An incredibly important rules says that nothing serious may happen to one unless if it were promised in their natal chart. After the astrologer delineates the natal promise, comes the second stage comes, namely to figure out when the natal promise will be realized.

What the full written horoscope includes

One may wonder what the “full” horoscope includes then, since it cannot predict? That’s not exactly right. It is necessary to understand the astrological apparatus, that is, how Astrology encompasses and shows the whole life of a person. The natal chart includes a complete delineation of each of the topics. Since it is about the whole life of the native, that is, since many events, people, experiences are described, this gigantic amount of information is, save for а comparatively non-linear picture, impossible to be ordered in its ideal sequence if it is only viewed from the natal chart. In other words, almost all predictions, with all their details, are included in the full written horoscope, but the sequence of their occurrence is not.

The full written horoscope as a dynamic puzzle

A decent analogy for this is the puzzle. Imagine that each of the delineated topics represents pieces of the whole puzzle. When you collect all the information from all the topics, you can complete the puzzle. However, this is only at the fixed/static level. In other words, a puzzle, although it can depict movement, a series of events, and so on, is essentially static.

However, a human life is composed of a fixed/static and a moving/dynamic part. The natal chart orders the puzzle, making predictions for the dynamic part. However, just as the puzzle is fixed and corresponds to the horoscope, so the moving part of the horoscope /human life needs to be described by another method. Predictive techniques are precisely this method.

As one of the people I learned the most from, the American astrologer Robert Zoller (who predicted the attacks of September 11, 2001), says, the natal chart tells us “what,” and predictive techniques tell us “when.” Predictive techniques are necessary in order to arrange the puzzle in time. That is, when life begins to flow, all sorts of events happen, different people are met and so on. In other words, different topics/parts of the birth chart are activated at different periods of one’s life. Therefore, the astrologer needs to use a variety of predictive techniques.


  • Will the native find their vocation first or will they start a romantic relationship?
  • Will the person travel abroad first, or will they lose money from gambling?
  • Will the person be betrayed by their friends first, or will the person get sick from overeating and fluids?

These are simple examples with 2 options only, while the whole life includes dozens/hundreds of possible options. Some of which happen in one year and not in another, others in the next, others follow them and so on. The point is that there is no way to determine, just by the full written astrology reading of the chart  when the given events will take place, as well as in what sequence.

Predictive techniques are used to make predictions. Predictions can be made for years to come, with a minimum period of 1 year. The year always starts from the person’s birthday in Ancient Astrology.

The predictive techniques are necessary so that the puzzle can be ordered as the time progresses, that is, when life stars becoming busy and many types of events happen, different people are encountered, etc. In other words, different topics/parts of the natal chart are activated at different times in one’s life. For example: will the native find their calling first, or will they start a relationship? Will they travel abroad first or lose money gambling? Will they be betrayed by their friends first or get sick from overeating and excess of fluids? These are simple examples with 2 options only while the whole life includes dozens/hundreds of possible variations, some of which happen during a certain year, and not during another, others happen during the following year, etc. The point is, there is no way, based on the complete delineation of the horoscope alone, to determine when the given events will happen, and in what sequence.

The predictive techniques are used to make predictions. These can be made for years in advance, with the minimum period being 1 year. The year is always counted from birthday to birthday.

Why a lot of people have their own personal astrologers

Written horoscope vs astrological consultation

I think you understand why from the very beginning of Astrology to the present day, people who are seriously interested in having a full destiny reading, have their own personal astrologers. And they actually work with them on a regular basis. These astrologers have studied the lives of their clients to such an extent that they have been able to greatly recognize the many roles played by the planets. There is no way to understand the wholeness and diversity of all human life if it is not studied in depth and over a long period of time. Moreover, by deciphering more and more the signs left by Fates, it is possible to get the most out of the birth chart. The latter is a complex topic and it is better I explain it with an article some day.

Going deep into a horoscope requires time and dedication. It is no coincidence that astrologers who work in this way, that is, those who offer full written natal charts and not just astrological consultations, have a limited number of clients. This is completely understandable, because it is about the quality of work, not quantity.

Getting the most of the natal chart/fate

An extremely important topic is that of Fates and the extent to which life is predetermined. Accordingly, whether there are places/topics where this does not apply with the same force. Here is the moment when the client realizes that all this talk of predetermination, especially in Ancient Astrology, is actually extremely misunderstood. It is the ancient approach that seeks to get the most out of one’s horoscope. It is the ancient approach that obliges the full reading of the natal promise. Precisely so that one can take advantage of it.

As the ancient Chinese say: the type of card/hand you were dealt is really important, but the way you play your card/hand/horoscope can make a big difference.

Full written horoscope vs astrological consultations: the big difference in price

I think it became clear what is a full horoscope delineation and how it is different from astrological consultation. There are people who think that when someone says “horoscope” = “astrological consultation”. This is not so. From here, a big misunderstanding can arise as to why the full written astrology reading costs much more than an astrological consultation.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine the financial part of the topic of written horoscope vs astrological consultation. A full horoscope is much more expensive because it takes much longer to prepare. The astrologer writes, checks astrological factors and configurations and so on. It’s not like an astrological consultation which is characterized by speech, astrologer discusses various issues with the client and there is some kind of dialogue.

The astrologer earns a much greater financial benefit from astrological consulting than writing full horoscopes. This is because an astrologer can conduct many more astrological consultations than it would take him/her to prepare the single written horoscope in question. Yes, the price of a full horoscope is many times higher, but the astrologer not only compensates for the difference, but gains much more by serving a large number of different clients. This does not even touch on the topic that these clients could order other services from this astrologer besides consultation.

Who benefits more from offering astrological consultations: the astrologer or the client

It turns out that the astrologer is the one who wins, not so much the clients. This is not entirely true, because there are not many people who can afford the full written horoscope service. At the same time, virtually anyone can afford an astrological consultation.

My problem with astrological consultations is that people are not even told that there is another service, namely a written natal chart. If the astrologer who offers only consultations is ethical and wants the client to be informed, he/she would refer the client to his/her to colleagues who also offer written horoscopes. Isn’t ultimately the client the most important person?

Of course, there are people who are aware of the written horoscope vs astrological consultation dilemma and choose to order a consultation. Not only because it will be cheaper for them, but because they are interested in 2-3 topics from their lives. Everyone wins in this case.

One must also examine the so-called “elephant in the room”. Astrologers who offer only consultations barely scratch the surface of the horoscope. Virtually every astrologer offers astrological consultations. But how many astrologers offer full written horoscopes? What does this say about the others?

To answer this question more fully, one must take into account the fact that the average astrologer is no longer on a permanent salary from his benefactor – be he a ruler, a nobleman or a rich man. We live in a different world, where we must survive and respect the principles of a market economy. According to them, consultations are the most profitable astrological service as far as the natal branch is concerned.

The risk of using astrological consultations only

I will finish with a specific example: suppose a client comes who it turns out will have 2-3 professions in their life. Imagine that this year is a period in which he/she will change their profession, and you don’t know what it is to begin with, and are just looking at their nativity.

Are you seeing the huge problem?

In order to determine the profession, the astrologer has to read the whole horoscope. Since this is clearly not done by astrologers offering consultations, they cannot determine the profession. Since this will not be done, the probability of identifying one of the periods in which the client will change profession is terribly small. Especially when practising in the the way of astrologers offering consultations with modern astrology. I mean practising “piece by piece” – from year to year. This is because, just as each topic and given time period is part of the natal promise, that is, the small is always subordinated to the big, so are the yearly predictive techniques to the multi-yearly ones. And in modern astrology not a single multi-year technique has survived.

Conclusion on the full written horoscope vs astrological consultation issue

As my picture for the articles shows, not just for the full written horoscope vs astrological consultation, but ultimately for anything – there is a train/choice for every kind of passenger.

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