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Hoarding vs Using Astrological Knowledge

Many people automatically equate the possession and accumulation of knowledge with the use of knowledge. That is, because a person knows a lot, they apply their knowledge in practice and benefits from it accordingly. This is not so. This article is more specifically about hoarding vs using astrological knowledge, as seen from the BaZi branch of Chinese Astrology. Some people may know a lot but are not willing to teach it, or cannot do so. Others may talk a lot, but not have real substance behind their words.

Today is the 24th of May – the day when Bulgarians celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the creation of the Glagolitic Script by Cyril and Methodius.

I am sure everyone reading this knows the importance of having an alphabet, of reading and of increasing one’s knowledge and understanding. I thought on this day I would share this article and give a different perspective on educating oneself.

In my article about maximizing one’s Path with Chinese Metaphysics, I quoted an ancient hierarchy of factors, where education and reading books comes 5th in importance. Here is the first crucial point: what books are meant here? In other words, are all types of books equal in importance when it comes to maximizing one’s path? Of course they are not! I can give you quote after quote from both Western (and Eastern) ancient authors as to what the highest science is. It is about the science of the stars and planets.

The educational system does NOT equal knowledge

Another thing I want to mention is that, despite this being a national holiday in Bulgaria, instead of constructively criticizing the indoctrination/education system the media and large parts of society actually praise it. Education is important, no doubt about it. But when any deviation from the sources used in the curriculum is not tolerated, and even penalized, then it is not widening the horizons of the public but narrowing them down.

What the system of education is trying to do on this day is put an equality sign between itself and knowledge. This is dangerous and even sinister. Why? Because it implies that you are dependent on authorities and the programme they are using, to get knowledge. It also implies that any knowledge outside of it is not worth pursuing, because if it had been important, it would have been included. This has had disastrous results on the average of intelligence of people, which has been steadily declining for a long time.

Having said that, it is time I dealt with the subject at hand, namely hoarding vs using astrological knowledge.

hoarding vs using astrological knowledge


What follows is a very general discussion. There are exceptions to this, which are shown by Special Charts or by a different astrological configuration. I keep writing this: you cannot apply any of this unless you know how to properly determine the structure of the Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

Hoarding vs using astrological knowledge in BaZi

Gaining knowledge is represented by the Resource/Seal element in the Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology. Those that have a strong Resource in their chart are polite, good mannered and very interested in acquiring more knowledge. So far so good, right? Well, not exactly. It is time to use common sense. What the 5th factor in the Chinese Metaphysics hierarchy actually means is that gaining knowledge is not enough. One must make use of that knowledge in order to maximize their path. So what happens when someone has a lot of knowledge but does not use it? I am sure everyone has encountered such people.

I want to point out that no differentiation is made here between mundane knowledge vs eternal or esoteric knowledge. So such people absorb more and more information but they do not use it. They have read hundreds or more books but have little to show for in terms of practical results. In a way, they are hoarding their knowledge.

So what is the remedy here, you must be wondering? The remedy is called the Output element. Output is what one creates. So it has to do with performance, with demonstration, with ideas, etc. The Resource element controls the Output. Thus having either the Self element weaken the Resource and feed/produce the Output, or the Output weakening the Resource eventually, one can make use of the knowledge they have. In other words, they can communicate what they know, they can demonstrate the depth of their knowledge, they can benefit from it through their practical insights.

Heavy Output and weak Resource element in BaZi

Conversely, what happens if someone has a heavy influence of the Output and a weak Resource? Well, that native will talk and talk and talk and there would be little substance behind their words. Said another way, they will pretend to possess depth of knowledge but will only have superficial and not detailed knowledge.

What Ancient Astrology shows about a given teacher

Some of you may have realized why this information is so damn important. For example, if one uses Western Astrology, regardless of the type, it is very difficult if not impossible to uncover what the BaZi shows. What I am getting at?

Well, since we are on the topic of acquiring knowledge and making use of it, what if there is someone you want to learn (Ancient) Astrology or Chinese Metaphysics from and you are wondering whether he/she will be a good teacher?

Now, with Western Astrology you can read your potential teacher’s chart (provided they agree to give it of course) and see:

  • The (astrological) teacher’s character and fate
  • Whether, for instance, they are destined to have students
  • Whether this teacher will benefit from their students and vice versa
  • How their relationship will go
  • You can also compare your charts/do synastry and find out the compatibility

Using astrological knowledge – how BaZi has an advantage over Ancient and Indian Astrology

However, can you find out:

  • Whether your potential teacher really possesses knowledge
  • Whether this teacher can express their knowledge (they could know a lot, but may have difficulty teaching)
  • Whether this teacher is willing to impart their advanced knowledge or would be holding back on it for a long time and, if ever, share it

You cannot, because Ancient Western Astrology is structured in a different way.

Also, the compatibility in Four Pillars of Destiny is different. It can show who benefits more from a relationship, be it teacher-student, spouses/couples, business partners, parent-child, etc.

Conclusion on hoarding vs using astrological knowledge

Thus the key to remember is to look for balance: one must not only strive to acquire more knowledge/Resource (provided that is promised in their horoscope), but they must put this knowledge in practice and benefit from it/Output.

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