My Tutorial on Vettius Valens on Being Abroad and Emigration

I am delighted to announce my tutorial on Vettius Valens. It is on the topic of being abroad and emigration.

Due to the difficult text and key missing information, it took me a few years to put it all together and complete this tutorial.

To the best of my knowledge, outside of Robert Schmidt’s tutorial on Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit on Valens, no one else has produced a tutorial on this most cryptic 2nd century surviving astrological author.

Thanks to my original contribution, Western astrologers will finally be able to look at a natal chart and say whether the person will stay in the home land or reside abroad. I stress that being abroad and settling abroad is different from travel abroad.

If you wish to know more, read the full article on my tutorial on Vettius Valens.

If you have questions, please write them there.

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