Marriage in the horoscope s

The Topic of Marriage in the Horoscope

I was asked about the topic of marriage in the horoscope and how I delineate it in my practice.

As I have written before, the full written horoscope with Ancient Astrology is as comprehensive as it can be. It is a totally customized delineation which is professionally done and is valid for the client in question only. I write the horoscope myself, and it contains over 20,000 words. It includes a delineation of all the topics in the native’s life. which is very time-consuming and is therefore expensive.

The fact that a handful of practitioners in the world actually offer a full delineation of the natal/birth chart should tell you how difficult it is to do. The level of skill required to write a complete written horoscope is far higher than the level of a practitioner who offers astrological consultations only. This is because a far greater depth is required to delineate a given topic in detail. This includes many astrological factors whose role is often downplayed or even ignored in consultations.

As I have been asked to provide more details about the full written horoscope with Ancient (Western) Astrology that I am offering, I will start a series of posts on this matter by actually showing the contents of various topics.

Here is how I delineate the topic of marriage in the horoscope. What you are about to see is a distillation of the works of over 15 authors from different continents, time periods and using different languages. The spiral bound sheets constitute an actual full written horoscope I recently did for a client.

Marriage in the horoscope s

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