The end of technology s

The End of Technology and Life on Earth

When will the end of life on Earth come? There are an awful lot of predictions, theories and opinions. I must immediately note that there is no horoscope on planet Earth. Therefore, there is no way to astrologically determine when our planet will die. This Knowledge has been sought by many secret societies since the dawn of time. But it is too big to be known. When will the end of technology come? This article examines these questions.

The dependence on technology

My previous post “The Dependence on Technology” discussed the increasing number of people (particularly over the last 10-15 years) in the astrological communities who cannot calculate natal and predictive charts by hand. The same holds true to people who cannot calculate BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ, ZWDS charts by hand.

They have become so much so used to having an external device at their disposal that should some malfunction happen their practice will come to a complete stop, even though they love what they do.

Undoubtedly the biggest “malfunction” would be if all technology was fried and no longer available.

Solar flare and Ed Dames’ and others’ remote viewing predictions

There are different scenarios which may bring about the end of technology and life on Earth, but the most commonly reported one is a massive solar flare. I have been recently watching videos and audios of US military Ed Dames and his predictions done via remote viewing. His track record is very good. He predicted a few major global events years in advance. I suggest that my readers check it out, particularly what he calls “the Killshot”. There is enough information about him and his predictions on the internet and youtube.

Basically the “Killshot” refers to the Sun destroying all technologies and most (if not all) life on Earth. It was observed by many people independently via the objective method of remote viewing. In other words, it will happen, but since linear time is an illusion, telling when it will happen is extremely tricky and difficult. For those that do not know, remote viewing (and other psychic methods of gathering information) have been used for decades by the US and Russian (and other) military. In fact, they have been used by the secret societies for millennia (under different names) but I digress.

The end of technology

As for when the Sun will destroy all technology and life on Earth, some say it is much closer that most people think. It may not be a matter of centuries, or even decades, but years.

To what extent will the end of technology impact your life

Anyway, it is not so important for the scope of this article whether it will happen, although I do hope that it happens (good riddance to all satellites, cameras, plastic money, radiating anti-human based technologies etc). What is important is whether you are prepared. IF some life survived on this planet, would you still be able to practise what you love?

What if you decided to learn how to calculate by astrological, BaZi and Feng Shui charts hand but there was no ephemeris left? I mean, what if the books were destroyed? Likewise for tables of houses and atlases with coordinates. What if there were some of those remaining but there were in countries or continents far away? I don’t know about ships, but there would be no airplanes, there would be no internet. What if is there is even no post office?

However, if you have these fundamental (and cheap) books, you don’t have to worry. Likewise if you have a solid library of physical astrological and Chinese Metaphysics books and courses.

Needless to say, all this would be helpful if you made it alive!

Conclusion on the end of technology and life on Earth

The bottom line is, are you self-sufficient in your practise of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics? How about Tarot and Traditional Lenormand, or other divination methods?

Are you happy and fulfilled in doing what you do? Would you have any regrets, at least concerning these, if you were to drop dead tomorrow or next year?

If you are truly, truly happy, as I am, and have likewise overcome the body’s fear of death, then what is coming will be a very special and precious experience!

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