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Topics in BaZi reading s

Topics in BaZi Reading

After receiving questions on the full written horoscope with Ancient Astrology versus the Chinese written horoscope, I am pleased to finally share the topics in BaZi reading. To know more, visit my Ancient Astrology FAQ section. In particular, read the first two sections: General questions about Ancient and Chinese Astrology and Natal Astrology/Destiny.

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Written horoscope vs astrological consultation s

Full Written Horoscope Vs Astrological Consultations

I was recently asked what a “full written horoscope” is. After I explained, the person also asked me on the written horoscope vs astrological consultation issue. Whether you call it like this or “full reading of the natal chart,” or “full written astrology reading”, it’s the same thing. First I had to explain that the

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