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The Trap of Over-Reliance on Essential Dignity: Serial Killer David Carpenter

I examine the trap of over-reliance on essential dignity in Traditional and Medieval Astrology in this article, by delineating the chart of serial killer David Carpenter. Not only that, by I take a dynamic look in his soul, by examining some of the murders he committed by using ancient astrological techniques.

Special Note:

This article is for advanced Astrology practitioners. It is also for those wishing to really probe into the depths of Ancient Astrology and see the serious mistake that over-reliance on essential dignity causes.

I would advise those who do read this article to do so diligently and more than once.

I myself am having difficulty expressing sequentially/in text what I want to explain. This is due to the complexity and trying to somewhat encompass the fine intricacies of the subject.

The trap of over-reliance on essential dignity in Traditional and Medieval Astrology

As I have already written, I have always been interested in extreme cases, be it skill, or fame, or infamy or beauty or talent or being loved or hated by the public etc, etc. A few years ago, when I was deeply immersed into Medieval Astrology, I was very often looking at the charts of people admired for their skills or talents and trying to determine a signature for such nativities. Say in football or martial arts etc. I am not talking about statistics. I am not interested in that. I mean just to get an overall flavour so to say about such charts.

I was expecting to find lots of essentially dignified planets, which would reflect the skill of those persons, and yet what I kept finding was not even close. This kept happening again and again. The examples are endless: Bruce Lee, Leo Messi, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Lucciano Pavarotti etc, etc. This made me question the over-reliance on essential dignity in Traditional and Medieval Astrology.

I also found the opposite: charts with as many as 3, 4 or more or even ALL the planets in major dignities or even their domiciles (see American astrologer Isabel Hickey) and yet not only were/are these persons not in positions of supreme (see Firmicus Maternus) or at least significant power, but some of them were/are having great difficulties to even meet the basic necessities of daily life!

I was beginning to despair. It seemed as if Astrology does not work, which is impossible of course. Either all the Medieval Astrology authors were very wrong or something else was happening.

Valens about malefic and benefic planets operating differently in eminent charts

Then I began studying various Hellenistic Astrology authors and subsequently found Valens and really dug into him (which I am doing to this day) and a lot of things started making sense.

Valens says that especially malefics, but also benefics, operate differently in charts of eminent natives. Also that the astrologer needs to determine whether there is mobility in the chart. Because if there is not, then the life of those natives unfolds quietly and without major disturbances, even if the malefics are ingressing or taking over key places in the chart. And likewise for the benefics.

Then there is Ptolemy with his method for investigating the Soul. Then the Arabs which included the ruler of the Asc and finally Montulmo with his Aristotelian like method of division.

However, what I am talking about, I dare say no one has written about or at least made explicit. Therefore, and as you will see, one needs to go beyond Valens and beyond Ptolemy and the Arabs!

Credit to Anthony from Seven Stars Astrology website

Before going into the actual analysis, I would like to really thank Anthony from Seven Stars Astrology for his articles on the subject of over-reliance on essential dignity. Above all though, for stimulating his readers to do their own research and to find and validate for themselves the essential dignity trap and where the place of essential dignity is in the hierarchy of strengths.

For convenience sake, here are the links to Anthony’s articles:





The nativity of serial killer David Carpenter

Charts calculated with Delphic Oracle program, the best software for Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology in the world.

Over-reliance on essential dignity - David Carpenter serial killer

Here is the chart with whole sign houses:

Over-reliance on essential dignity - David Carpenter serial killer hellenistic chart

Here is the same chart but calculated with Porphyrius Magus 2, a unique software for Babylonian, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology:

Over-reliance on essential dignity  - David Carpenter PM 2

The trap of over-reliance on essential dignity: highly eminent chart and dignified planets in serial killer David Carpenter’s horoscope

I am struck by the strength of this chart! Serial killer David Carpenter’s natal chart is one of the most eminent and dignified I have seen in my life!

Nocturnal one with the Sect Light the Moon angular in the 10th in its triplicity in the Virgin and being its own first trigon lord. The second one being Aphrodite is also angular and with its domicile lord and of the sect of the chart. The third one Ares also of the sect is in its domicile and although in the 5th is close to the portion of the IC.

2 planets in their own domiciles and oriental Ares and Kronos, although one of them (Kronos) is walking back (retrograde), another planet is in its own domicile, trigon and confine (bound) – Hermes, another is angular and in its own triplicity – the Moon. The most dignified planet Hermes is with both benefics and thus ruling them and overcoming and also ruling the Moon. The dispositors of the Sun by domicile and exaltation are both angular and received.

Moreover, the Asc ruler is angular and the Moon is applying to an angular benefic.

The ruler of Fortuna is in the 10th from Fortuna. The ruler of Exaltation is in the 10th from Exaltation. The lord of Fortuna hands over to Basis. The lord of Spirit is in its own domicile. The lord of Exaltation hands over to Basis.

What is going on here? Why is this not the chart of a president or a CEO of a company or an intelligence service director? How can this be the chart of a serial killer?! This is what over-reliance on essential dignity does to an astrologer.

Different approaches for entering a natal chart in Traditional Astrology

So the real question is where to enter the chart. And this is a difficult question indeed with many proposed solutions. However, one needs to think and have a clear mind and be able to differentiate the many and subtle ways and pieces in which a chart/a life is ordered. This is not written in the textbooks, as you will see.

So, let me mention some of the major approaches to enter a chart.

1)     One of them which was popularized or, I should perhaps say emphasized in the late Medieval tradition, is the calculation of temperament. It is even said by contemporary practitioner John Frawley that it is the most important and first thing to do and that everything else shown from the chart must be read against and fitted to the type of temperament;

2)     Another one as taught by Robert Zoller and coming from his teacher Zoltan Mason and that is to look at the element of the rising zoidion, which shows the primary motivation of the native, and at the rulers of that zoidion, which show whether the native will be able to realize it;

3)     Another one as advocated by Ptolemy or slightly changed by the Arabs is by looking at the significators of the Soul – Moon, Mercury, how they are configured, and their rulers; some of the Arabs used the ruler of the Asc instead of the Moon;

4)     Another one as hinted by Porphyry, but made explicit by Rumen Kolev is to look at what Kolev calls “The Holy Trinity”, that is, the Hyleg, Alcocoden and Almuten (The Giver of Life, the Giver of Years and the Ruler of the Chart from Porphyry’s formula – the so called Kurios);

5)     Another approach includes among other things the trigon lords of the Sect Light and the separations and applications of the Moon as well as the major Lots and their lords and the fixed stars;

Now, these approaches, if used the way they are written and suggested by the ancient authors, are wrong. All of them! And so is Valens, at least to some extent, and this is because this chart being extremely eminent and dignified should show that malefics function differently.

The correct ordering and synthesis of the approaches for entering a natal chart

So is there a solution?

There always is, but due to the subject and scope of this Celestial Science, there is no guarantee that we, while human, will find it.

What needs to be done is to put everything into perspective, that is, to look at the Big Picture and to fit the astrological pieces of the puzzle in the correct way, for only then does one stand a chance to effectively deal with the BILLIONS of permutations.

So as I said these approaches taken individually are all wrong, BUT used and mixed and ordered in the correct manner, they reveal the truth. At least as it is granted to man, as Robert Zoller says. Whether one has the ability to do that is another matter. There is no inherent contradiction here because when looking at things from such a high scope one level of truth does not negate another one.

Due to the means of transmission, i.e. writing I cannot fully express what I want to. If I were lecturing in front of people or speaking and recording it (which is perhaps something I should consider due to the topics and the required depth and length of my articles), then I would be synthesizing a few of the approaches at the same time. But I can’t do that now.

So, as this is about the Soul of the native and not a usual reading in Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology, which would start with the length of life and eminence, I prefer to start with the Asc, planets aspecting it and the rulers of the Asc. This I mix with planets strongly advancing/advancing/retreating, making a phasis, the Lot of Spirit and its lord as well as Eros and Necessity and their rulers, and the Victor of the Chart (the Kurios (or Almutem Figuris as I used to) ).

Then come the significators of the Soul and the temperament and the separations and applications of the Moon. Then comes the profession, not job, and the eminence of the native.

I repeat that all of this is synthesized in a matter which I cannot duly do here.

A brief delineation of serial killer David Carpenter’s horoscope

I will be brief otherwise the article will become very long and plus I want to show a few timing techniques, which I find absolutely fascinating.

So, with the Archer, being a fiery like zoidion rising, makes a native go for freedom of action of power.

The native’s life revolves around other people and enemies and there many significations for this, such as the domicile ruler Zeus, the confine ruler Aphrodite, which adds desire for sex and women. The native is dependent on other people to realize his primary motivation, at least in major way. The other Asc rulers such as the Sun in the 6th adds being in a position of slavery and subordinate and dealing with sickness and subordinates, while Kronos adds desire for accumulation of finances, sometimes legally, other times not due to walking back.

Ares being trigonal to the portion of the Asc adds desire for sex, dangerous games, violence and children (David Carpenter has 3 children).

Zeus and Aphrodite opposing the Asc show the native’s health and well being suffers from other people in his life as well from business partners (Zeus being the 3rd trigon lord of the 7th).

However, looking at the planets that are speaking loudly in this chart, I find Zeus and Ares strongly advancing. Hermes, while retreating, made a phasis 2 days birth. On the other hand the Moon is retreating and Aphrodite is also retreating but less so as it is less than 6 portions below the Dsc.

So Zeus and Ares are the planets speaking most loudly in this chart.

On first look, Zeus does not look that bad, given that it is in the same zoidion with its ruler, the latter being as dignified as possible, as well as angular. Yes, Zeus is in detriment (detriment does not exist in the Hellenistic tradition and in Jyotish), but he is in a zoidion of his nature, namely hot and moist. However, Hermes is more than 15 portions away from Zeus so its influence so to say is lessened, and this is above all because Hermes does not complete the bodily conjunction with Zeus.

What really afflicts Zeus (the native) and remember that the Asc lord is one of the planets used to judge the moral nature is the partile! opposition by antiscion of Kronos from the 2nd, which is the 8th from the 7th – the death of other people. Moreover, Kronos is in the fall of Zeus and is walking back, making the affliction all the more severe.

Aphrodite, the other benefic, is with Ares in a 3 range left hexagonal figure, which means that she is aspected from the right and thus in a way overcome. Again, the malefic aspecting her is doing so from her detriment. Aphrodite is going to the body of Zeus which helps alleviate but so is Ares and again aspects from the right. I will ignore the transfers of light as it will become too long. The point is that the malefics are aspecting all the benefics, mostly from the right and from their detriments. Likewise for the Moon going to the triangle of Kronos which again! is in her detriment, despite the Sect Light aspecting from the right.

Thus the chart’s benefics are impeded and stained by the malefics and this is all the more so because the most dignified planet and the dispositor of these benefics is retreating and has become astronomically invisible and  in two days is making a first sitting prior to walking back.

Spirit is in the Ram with its lord Ares in the 5th, indicating the native’s actions to be rash, impetuous, aggressive and seeking pleasure through dominance. I remind that Ares is strongly advancing thus being extremely vocal in this chart. Moreover, Ares is in the confine of Aphrodite and as the lord of Spirit this adds further aggressive sexual overtones. David Carpenter also raped a few women, even before the murders.

The actions of the native are turned all the more maleficent as not only is Spirit in the stakes (pivots) of both malefics, but its ruler is being overcome within 3 portions/scrutinized by the contrary to sect malefic Kronos. Yes, there is mutual reception (although Ares is coming from the fall of Kronos and it is by tetragon, so its effect is really decreased). Add to this that the Asc ruler Zeus is in the confines or Ares, aspected by Ares from the right and opposing the other malefic, and that both malefics rule the place of death of other people, and the chart is really beginning to open up.

The desire nature is strengthened by the placement of the ruler of Eros in the 7th, namely Aphrodite – the native seeks to fulfill his desires through sex and other people. This is emphasized by the 12th part of the Asc falling with Eros.

Note also that Basis in this chart is Eros, again emphasizing the desire nature and the impulse to actively act. Necessity is interestingly enough in the 8th of death, lawsuits and imprisonment, which as you will see is very important.

I do not want to delve into psychological mechanisms and stuff, but both feminine planets: Aphrodite (ruling the 6th and 11th) moving to the body of Asc ruler Zeus and the Moon providing a tetragonal testimony do show the native’s well-being intimately connected and even to an extent overwhelmed or dominated by females, which might show fear and provide a defensive reaction, because remember the Moon rules the 8th of death and fear and destroys Zeus as per Valens. The native did not kill only females though, and this is because Zeus is aspected by both malefics and they are male planets.

The Kurios aka Victor in David Carpenter’s natal chart

Now, the Victor or Kurios of the chart is Hermes, as per Porpyry’s formula as shown by Rumen Kolev’s Porpyrius Magus 2 program (which I highly recommend because as you will see it offers calculations not found anywhere else). Hermes is the one, but this is provided that the evening last phasis, that is, going under the beams astronomically in the sky 2 days before birth, is making him eligible to participate in the contest for the Victor of the chart. Otherwise it is Aphrodite, but she does not make much sense to me to be the Kurios.

The determination of the Kurios in Hellenistic Astrology is extremely important and one of the most difficult things to do as it requires a qualitative judgement. Note that Hermes is also the Oikodespotes or domicile master of the Predominator/Apheta, which is the Moon, as well as the confine or joint master. And Hermes is in its own domicile making him the significator of the Soul of the native as per Ptolemy and the Arabs as Hermes rules Zeus, the Asc domicile lord.

The trap of over-reliance on essential dignity – Ptolemy’s treatment of significators of the soul

Now, here comes the truly fascinating part. Looking at Hermes: angular, in domicile, trigon and confine, in sect and free from the malefics and disposing the benefics – it can hardly look any better, can it?! BUT Hermes became astronomically invisible 2 days before birth, sits for the first time in 2 days (first station) before walking back and interestingly enough, before going out of ALL its dignity.

Now, when one looks at Ptolemy for the significators of Soul and him dividing the rulers of the the Moon and Hermes between being in honourable position or in contrary ones, what is one to make of this?

IF dignity was the major component, then serial killer David Carpenter would be a sweetheart, although in a devious and shifting Mercurial way. So what is going on here? It seems absurd to call a planet that is as much essentially dignified as possible, a malefic, doesn’t it? At least according to Medieval Astrology. This is the trap of over-reliance on essential dignity. What is going on is that dignity is not the be all and end all of indicators. Moreover, Hermes is said to be weak when in mutable or double bodied zoidia, and note this includes both his domiciles, as per Anthony’s article. He quotes the Persian Nativities books translated by Ben Dykes, which I highly recommend.

So what we have is an astronomically invisible planet, slowing down and about to sit, retreating from an angle and unaspected, which is extremely dangerous when this planet is the thief and swindler Hermes in a mutable zoidion and disposing most of the chart!

Quoting Ptolemy from Schmidt’s translation (Tetrabiblos, Book 3, Ch 14 p.63) when Hermes is the sole significator of the native’s Soul:

But for the opposite disposition, it makes them willing to do just about anything, precipitate, forgetful, impulsive, nimble, readily changeable, full of regrets, foolishly wicked, witless, erring, liars, undiscriminating, unstable, untrustworthy, avaricious, unjust, and on the whole uncertain in intellect and prone to missing the mark.”

The framework within which the astrologer ought to read these indications

Yes, it does not seem that cruel, BUT I remind that this must be read within the framework of the planets speaking up, that is, Ares and Zeus. Now things are starting to elucidate, for Ares signifies death and killing and violence, and it holds Spirit, and Zeus, the Asc ruler is afflicted by Kronos from the place of death of other people.

So we have a highly unstable Victor of the chart and significator of the Soul having to cope with all that volume, as Anthony calls it, which in reality burdens Hermes and overwhelms him. This means that his dual signification is grounded and directed towards death and cruelty and lying and cheating, all in a friendly, connecting and social manner, as this is where the sanguine and slightly choleric temperament comes in, and not at the beginning of the analysis.

Here is quote from a journalist who went to visit David Carpenter while in prison in 1985:

“When I managed to schedule an interview with Carpenter in San Quentin, I was intrigued by the prospect but didn’t know what to expect. Would he seem to be a monster, a sadist? Carpenter instead seemed rather charming.

While admitting “my record sucks,” Carpenter stammered that he was not responsible for the trailside murders. Carpenter’s stuttering was, in fact, so severe I felt an immediate sympathy.”


That David Carpenter stuttered is shown by Kronos walking back in the 2nd place which rules the throat, as well as Hermes, the general ruler of the tongue and speech, unaspected, invisible and making a first sitting in 2 days.

Note also that this chart has only one planet in a solid (fixed) zoidion, which really serves to compound the problem.

I also remind that the Sect Light the Moon applies to Kronos with a right triangle. This again emphasizes that the life unfolds in a malefic and denying and cruel and violent deadly way. This is because Kronos is in the place of death of other people in a violent zoidion and ruling the 3rd of siblings and cousins. David Carpenter molested his cousins when young, again reminding of the configuration between Asc ruler Zeus and Kronos, and that a configuration works both ways.

The 12th parts chart of serial killer David Carpenter

I want to show the 12th parts chart (calculated with the great Morinus free software), which is an extremely important tool in showing the ultimate significations of the planets or points and I hardly need to remind that this has to be done simultaneously and not sequentially showing and quantitatively adding testimonies.

David Carpenter 12th parts

Wow! The 12th part of Zeus is with Kronos again! Ares, the ruler of Spirit, is in the 8th of death in its fall in the Crab. Both Lights are in the dark and secret 12th of prison and limitations. Hermes is again in the Twins. Note that this is extremely important as if he had fallen in a different place with a planet there, he could have been coloured or influenced say in a positive way, instead of his state of being unaspected being reinforced. Also, Aphrodite the ruler of Eros, is with the Moon, emphasizing the irrational and dreamy nature of the native’s desires, and I remind that the Moon rules the 8th of death.

Fixed stars in David Carpenter’s horoscope

One more thing: I have not rectified the chart (it is AA rated from astrodatabank), but it is clear as you will additionally see that it is very close, a few minutes off at most. Now, the Head of the Medusa (Algol), the most malefic fixed star in the heavens, set heliacally two days before the birth of this serial killer. Here is the chart calculated with the indispensable Porpyrius Magus 2 program (see Algol exactly on the Dsc line):

Algol evening setting May 4 1930

It set with the Dsc 7 minutes before the birth of David Carpenter on his day of birth. If serial killer David Carpenter’s birth time is exact, then I’d say 7 minutes is too much probably, I’d use up to 5, but I wanted to mention this. Caution is advised as the Head of the Medusa is far from the ecliptic so this is a paranatellonta and not a conjunction like Aphrodite and the Eye of the Bull (Aldebaran, although Aphrodite’s latitude is a bit off). Chart calculated with Starry Night software; the grey line is the horizon, the green one is the ecliptic, the read one is the celestial equator

Algol in paran with the Dsc 7 minutes

I am sure I don’t need to give the significations of the cut Head of Medusa as there would be no point in dealing with serious Astrology if one did not know at least the basic meanings of the major fixed stars.

So there you have it – an extremely dignified and eminent chart, but belonging to a serial killer.

I would like to add something which I discovered and which I believe could turn to be a major breakthrough, but much research is needed. What I mean is that it turned out that Ares made a MF, that, is a heliacal rising 8 days before birth, not 7, and thus is not considered in a phasis condition in this nativity. However, Ares rules the Lot of Spirit at 3 Aries and guess in what part of the ecliptic Ares was when it made its heliacal rising. 2.44 Aries! Amazing!

Here is the chart calculated with Porpyrius Magus 2 (look for Mars at MF (morning first or heliacal rising where it says Ptolemaic Tropical 2.56 Ari on the 28th of April 1930):

Ares phasis

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in serial killer David Carpenter’s chart

Here is one more thing: I pretty much stopped using the transaturnian planets a few years ago. However, when I was done writing this article in my mind, I decided to enable Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Porpyrius Magus 2. I saw that Uranus was at 13.16 Aries and Neptune was at 0.48 Virgo and also stationary.

Now, so that we are clear, this is Hellenistic Astrology and I am using the original aspect doctrine. In other words, there are no orbs, just 3 portion configurations. All else is testimony, provided the figure perfects before one of the planets leaves the zoidion it is in.

But for the sake of argument let’s say Ares was within 3 portions (and even if it were not as it is in this chart, they are in the same zoidion within 15 portions thus in concourse). I don’t want people drawing the wrong conclusions and thus misleading themselves and more importantly blaming Astrology or trying to invent it in order to explain a given event or characteristic in a given chart. What am I saying is that when synthesizing all these ancient methods in the right way and when knowing how to prioritize, one realizes how weak of a testimony the trans-Saturnian planets is and can be. As I said this article is for advanced astrologers and I hardly need to write this, but I will, as it seems almost every person practising modern Astrology publicly/writing books/reading lectures/offering courses has forgotten this, or  worse – does not know it.

Aspects are read differently depending on the chart

One reads a given aspect in a completely different way depending on the chart. In other words, a native with a watery like Asc (which also changes the placement of those two planets in the houses) will react or play out, if you want to put it psychologically, this Mars-Uranus conjunction in a very different manner.

  • Then Mars will not be ruling Spirit (which I give priority to)
  • Then Hermes will not be the Victor of the chart
  • Then Hermes will not be the sole significator of the Soul (if only one was born 2-3 days later) Then one would not have the same temperament
  • Then, then, then, then, then the permutations are endless.

ALL of this is clouded by the Mars-Uranus conjunction. And when a practitioner of modern Astrology sees this, they will say:

”Sure, the Mars-Uranus conjunction shows a killer.”

Or that: “Mercury square Neptune clouds the thinking and colours the judgement with emotional and irrational overtones”.

Thus I hope you see my point and how crucial this is.

Dynamic unfolding of the Soul and actions of serial killer David Carpenter using Babylonian and Hellenistic Astrology

Before illustrating a few techniques I have to say that from the dispositio of the chart, the native will commit his greatest atrocities above all in his mid life and even toward the end of his life. And this is because of the emphasis of planets around the Dsc 6th and 5th places. Yes, the malefics are both oriental, but the ruler of the Asc, the Moon and Hermes, the Kurios, are all occidental, thus giving great advantage for the actions to be undertaken at a later time.

All the factual data I have taken about David Carpenter are from these four links:





I will be illustrating the unfolding of the Soul and that serial killer’s actions using the technique from Hellenistic Astrology called Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit. I will also be using a technique from Babylonian Astrology for the activation of planets with their heliacal, real astronomical phases.

As for the conviction and imprisonment I will show Valens style Hellenistic profections as well as a solar revolution.

Now, Ares in the Ram in its own domicile together with Spirit. What might the actions of the native be? Well, here is what it says:

“Method of murder: Stabbing with knife / Shooting”.

I don’t think this requires any explanation – simply 100% fitting, as read from the nature of the chart itself, namely belonging to a murderer, as shown earlier.

I will be showing the murder period, otherwise the article will become really long and I could be tempted to include other techniques.

So what activations must be present then for the murders? Well, Ares of course for one, as it rules Spirit. Kronos also as it is in and rules the place of death of other people. The 7th is also very pertinent. One could use the Moon as significator of the public and ruling the place of dealing with death (and imprisonment and lawsuits), but it is somewhat general.

Dates of the homicides

I advise interested readers to explore in the given links more than the events that I will illustrate. Here they are:

  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration August 1979 (Killed a female hiker)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration October 1979 (Murdered a woman)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration March 1980 (Murdered a woman)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration 13 October 1980 (Murdered a man)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration 28 December 1980 (Murdered a man)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration 29 March 1981 (Murdered a man)
  • Crime : Homicide Perpetration 2 May 1981 (Murdered a man)
  • Crime : Arrest 15 May 1981 (Arrested)
  • Crime : Trial dates 6 July 1984 (Convicted on two counts of murder)

Here is for the first two murders of females:

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit

David Carpenter 1st murder - woman August 1979 Spirit Aphesis

Wow! Moon, Ares, Moon (I don’t know the date here, so no 4th level) and I remind that Ares rules Spirit and that the 2nd level is an angle of Fortuna, and the Moon rules the place of death and is a general significator of women.

Note the 2nd murder in October 1979 happened after the loosening of the bond from Cancer to Capricorn, if it happened prior to the 7th. If it is after then it is the Fortune 10th!

Here is for the 3rd murder, a female:

David Carpenter 3rd murder - woman in March 1980 Spirit Aphesis

This time we have a change on the 2nd level, so Moon, Zeus, Kronos.

Just a reminder that Zeus is in the 7th of other people and aspected by two feminine planets and in the same zoidion with nocturnal Hermes, hence feminine again.

For the 4th murder, a male:

David Carpenter 4th murder - man on October 13 1980 Spirit Aphesis

Amazing! Moon, Zeus, Moon, Kronos, with Kronos being there on the 4th level, being the place of death of other people.

For the 5th and 6th murder, males:

David Carpenter 5th and 6th murder - men on Dec 28 1980 and Mar 28 1981 Spirit Aphesis

Moon, Kronos, with Kronos there (note the change at the second level), Moon on the loosening of the bond from Capricorn to Cancer, Moon. Amazing!

For the 6th: Moon, Kronos, with Kronos there, Leo on the loosening of the bond and the Fortune 10th with the Sun being there, Zeus on the 4th level. Amazing again!

For the 7th murder:

David Carpenter 7th murder - man on May 2 1981 and arrested on May 15 Spirit Aphesis

Moon, Kronos, with Kronos being there, Ares with Ares and Spirit being there, Ares. Breathtaking! A masterpiece of timing!

Note when he got arrested that we have Moon, Kronos, Ares and Moon or Sun (don’t know the hour of the arrest), I favour the Sun as it is the Fortune 10th.

Ancient Astrology’s explanation why David Carpenter started killing men only after turning 50

Now, did you notice that when serial killer David Carpenter turned 50 he started killing men only? Can Hellenistic Astrology explain that? It most definitely can. However, I find the testimony from Babylonian Astrology all the more compelling and primary!

Here is what I mean:

David Carpenter day 50 after birth Kronos making a phasis - the first time he killed

Chart calculated with Porpyrius Magus 2 software and showing the natal chart of the serial killer 50 days after his birth. What we have is a phasis from Kronos. Kronos made an acronychal rising (rose when the Sun set). Just so that there is no misunderstanding, I am talking about real, observable astronomical phenomena, and not some Hellenistic or Medieval approximations, like 15 portions for the beams of the Sun etc. As Rumen Kolev says, we can only get right predictions using correct and real events and calculations.

So the native turned 50 in May 1980 and between October 1980 and May 1981 killed 4 men, and he had killed a woman, his last one, only two months earlier than his turning 50!! All I can say is that I am extremely humbled and astounded by this accuracy!

As for the Hellenistic Astrology explanation, masculine planets Kronos and Zeus (for one of the murders) are active in Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit (see the charts shown earlier) and Ares is the secondary lord of Decennials with Hermes being the first (although again as with Aphesis from Spirit, the Moon in that case is feminine and Hermes is feminine in this chart, but they are long term rulers).

What I am saying is that Babylonian Astrology shows the timing of the murders and the gender of the killed persons much more unambiguously, as for example Kronos ruling the second level prior to Ares in Decennials, but the native killed females then (yes, one could argue that Kronos is a female planet really, or better, that it is feminized in this chart as it is in a feminine zoidion and quarter and western relative to the Sun).

Here are the Decennials calculated with Delphic Oracle:

David Carpenter serial killer Decennials

Here is the solar revolution for 1984, keeping in mind that he was convicted for two murders on the 6th of July 1984.

David Carpenter serial killer Solar Return 1984

Oo my! The natal second place rises and SR Zeus is within 1 portion of natal Kronos! The native is 54 so a 7th place year with Hermes Lord of the Year (LoY) along with Aphrodite and Zeus. SR Hermes conjunct the IC of capturing. Note that both malefics are transiting in the 12th of prison and SR Asc ruler Kronos is partile hexagonal to SR Zeus.

For the profection, the natal Asc ruler Zeus is transiting in the 8th from it – the place of imprisonment. Most importantly though, Necessity is handing over to Kronos, and I remind that Necessity and Kronos are at a stake of the other malefic – Ares.

Here is a quote from Valens about the Lot of Necessity and profections from Robert Schmidt’s translation of the Anthology (Book 4, ch. 25, p. 62):

“When malefics are present, it brings on lawsuits and judgments and expenditure; whence those who are bringing their plans to conclusion spend their time wretchedly. If by any means the figure should be afflicted, some are condemned or destroyed.”


A perfect match again. The figure is not afflicted and hence the native was not destroyed.

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit for David Carpenter’s conviction

By the way, another reason that serial killer David Carpenter was not executed is the length of his life, but that is not the purpose of this article.

Here is Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit on for the day he was convicted (July the 6th 1984):

David Carpenter convicted for 2 murders July 6 1984 Spirit Aphesis

Oo my again! Moon, Kronos, Moon after the loosening of the bond, Kronos with Kronos being there, hours before the loosening of the bond on the 3rd level and hitting the Fortune 10th!

I should add that transiting Kronos went into second sitting a week after the conviction!

Fate and magical moments even in the conclusion of David Carpenter’s chart

I strongly hope that cases such as this will stimulate the readers to consider the both the trap of over-reliance on essential dignity and the place of essential dignity in the hierarchy of categories. I also hope that this article will move them to explore this subject further and to think critically and to exercise in ordering the major pieces correctly.

Finally, something incredible again. I picked about twenty serial killers which I then further narrowed down to 5 very dignified charts, so that I can illustrate the mistake of over-reliance on essential dignity in Traditional Astrology.

At first I did not know which one to pick. Then after looking at them for a few minutes each, I chose David Carpenter. I did not know why I was pulled to this chart. Now I do. In fact it is not correct to say that I chose this chart, as you will see. Fate chose it! That might seem too much for some of you, especially of modern inclination, but to illustrate, I will show what I just discovered, because it completely took my breath away!!

Please take a look at the current transits and see what you notice about the chart compared with David Carpenter’s.

Now, take at look at this chart, as I just opened Timaeus software a few minutes ago when I began writing the conclusion of this article.

Current Transits - Magical Time

This is what Regulus Astrology in his book “America is Born: Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope” calls “magical times”. What he discovered, which I find absolutely fascinating, is that when a person studies a chart intensely (he says when working on rectifying a chart) very often transiting Moon and Mercury are closely aspecting important parts of the chart in question. He also says that the chart is loaded into a memory cache in such moments.

Now, when I woke up this morning and Curtis Manwaring’s Timaeus software loaded with Windows, I immediately noted that Hermes had ingressed into the Ram and that transiting Moon was conjunct Aphrodite in the serial killer’s chart, and Zeus was conjunct his Dsc within 1 portion.

I was stunned! I knew then right away that this was the right chart to study, which “I” chose earlier this week. It also became obvious that I did not pick this chart but someone or something picked it for me. And this is because if I had picked another one, I would not have had this magical moment. I can say this now because the selection process happened 4-5 days ago, but I was busy and did not have a chance to sit down and write an article.

So not only does the current chart have Hermes conjunct Spirit and Moon between the Dsc and natal Zeus, and Zeus conjunct the Dsc within 1 portion, but most importantly perhaps, it has the Asc partile conjunct Kronos, the planet which I probably wrote most about, as it is in the 2nd of other people’s death.

Addendum: After writing this, I decided to check the trans-Saturnian planets, which I have disabled in my Delphic Oracle as well. What I noticed was again so staggering that I uploaded the chart with them. So transiting Uranus has made its return and is conjunct and moving towards natal Ares within 10 minutes.

The opposition of Neptune to natal Moon is too wide for its movement. I don’t know what to make Pluto 24 minutes from the Asc of the chart and walking back towards it. So transiting Pluto conjunct natal Kronos within 6 minutes

From where I stand, it is probably worth living and enough to feel fulfilled in a way only for moments like this, even if nothing else existed!!

Written in April 2013

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