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The 7 Major Methods for Timing in Horary Astrology


Timing in horary Astrology refers to when a predicted event will happen, as shown by the significators, and converting this to earth time.

This comprehensive article covers the seven major methods for timing events in horary Astrology. As always, I am basing my work on ancient sources, some of which go back 1,000+ years. As such, they are unlikely to be familiar to modern horary astrologers. I also illustrate each of the timing methods with actual real-life horary charts.

Timing events in horary Astrology is tricky

For some reason, timing events is not as clear-cut as we would like it be. We make the prediction based on the chart, it clearly gives the correct answer to us, and yet our timing is off more times than it should be. Take locating missing pets or items, something I am known for. The astrologer correctly says where the lost animal or object is, but their timing of its recovery is off. Thus while the general answer given the client is correct, the timing of the prediction is off.

As the astrological chart is in astrological language, the astrologer has to convert that language into human one and earth time.




Timing in Horary Astrology 3




There are two ways in which timing can be off:

1) The astrologer uses the incorrect unit. Say the timing is 3 and 1/2 units. These units can mean hours, days, weeks, months, or years. The astrologer predicts that the event will happen in 3 and 1/2 days, but it happens in 3 1/2 weeks;

2) Using the same distance of 3 1/2 units, the event does not happen in 3 1/2 hours, days, weeks, months or years, and yet the general prediction is correct, the given location or person is correct, etc.

So what is going on here? Well, the answer is that the astrologer must be familiar with other methods for timing in horary Astrology and must get accustomed to checking for them as well and looking for overlapping of testimonies and confirmation. As the ancient astrologers liked to say “Mix discretion with art.”

Method 1 for timing in horary Astrology – the usual application between the major significators

This is the major method which everyone knows about and I am guessing pretty much everyone uses. It is given by all ancient and modern authors, and it works in the majority of cases. But not 100%, of course.

Example chart 1: When will my gift racquets arrive

Here is a most recent example from my horary files:




Will My Gift Racquets Arrive - horary question



Special Note:

I switched to using whole sign houses in horary Astrology 7 years ago, but am showing the charts also with active Porphyry houses for those that use quadrant houses. Also, when it comes to the angles, I pay special attention.


A foreign friend of mine ordered 2 tennis racquets for me last year. He was going to come and visit and bring them to me, but due to “covid 19” he chose not to leave his country. He ordered one of the racquets in August 2019 and the other in November 2019. He informed me in July this year that he wanted to send me the racquets by post and that he was giving them away to me as an early birthday present.

He shipped the racquets on the 13th of July 2020, and as you see by the horary chart, they had not arrived by the 4th of September – over 7 weeks later. I asked the question on that Friday whether my gift racquets would arrive, because I had had enough of waiting and my friend also said that he was considering contacting the postal office and asking for the insurance coverage.

Significators and delineation

My friend is the 11th – Scorpio ruled by Mars in Aries;

The racquets are my friend’s property and as such are 2nd from the 11th = the natal 12th – Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter in Capricorn. Notice that Jupiter also rules Pisces, the 3rd zoidion/image from the Capricorn Ascendant, which is the 5th from the 11th and shows the gifts of friends;

I am the Asc Capricorn and its lord Saturn in Capricorn, and am also represented by the Moon in Aries.

As soon as I calculated the chart, I immediately noticed that both Lights are applying to Jupiter, with the latter being in the Ascendant, although retreating.

Because the Sun is not a significator, I ignored its application to Jupiter within 5 portions. The Moon applies by a square to Jupiter within 8.20 portions/units. Also, there are 8.18 portions between Jupiter/the racquets and Saturn/myself, indicating the same timing.

I judged that I will have racquets for sure, and it will happen within 8 to 9 units.

Because of the opposition of Venus to the Asc, I judged I would have some problems with women in superior position, due to Venus being lord 10. The square of Mars to both Saturn/L1/L2 and the Ascendant, showed some quarreling or expenses, although ameliorated somewhat due to Mars receiving Saturn/me in its exaltation.

I was concerned that something could be wrong with the racquets due to the South Node in the 12th representing the racquets. I was also concerned by Jupiter’s position in fall and walking back, although it is very close to its evening station/second station and is of the sect. Having said that, the racquets are old models and have been used/are second hand, so I was not sure whether this was describing their used condition more rather than showing some flaws in them or the package.

Timing of the prediction

Now comes the timing part and why I am sharing this particular chart for the major method. John Frawley, among other horary astrologers and writers, says that the separation between the significators carries its own timing and by using proportion to extrapolate the future timing, we would be on safer ground rather than using the application between significators. In other words, in this chart Mars separates from Jupiter by 10.25 portions = my friend separating/mailing the racquets. He did that on 13th of July = 53 days before I asked the question. So 10.25 portions = 53 days and by using proportion we can tell when the racquets will arrive, provided this is shown by chart (which it is).

In other words, this 8.20 units distance between the Moon and Jupiter or Jupiter and Saturn would equal me having the racquets in about 42.30 days because 53:10.41 = 5.09 per 1 unit. The point is that the proportion method does not work in this chart if one uses the weekly unit – the one which showed the last event, namely my friend mailing the racquets/separating from them.

Of course, with timing being known to be tricky in horary, it is always preferable to look for confirmation from other parts of the chart.

So in this case, the Moon is in Aries, a movable zoidion, and as far its house position is concerned it is in the 4th by whole sign houses, which I use, or it is in the 2nd by quadrant. I took it to be pivotal and hence it gives the shortest time unit, which in this case is days. I ignored its house position, otherwise it would have shown the middle unit = weeks.

Table for timing in horary

Here is a table from John Frawley’s article How to Beat Time and also in his Horary Textbook. I have worded it in the language ancient astrologers used and added my own contribution:





Major rules for timing in horary Astrology 2





Please keep in mind that many other astrologers use different rules for the same table. And other astrologers use mostly the Moon for timing in horary Astrology. I have found Frawley’s table the most reliable in my experience, BUT only when using the caveats I have added. You cannot just use the table as it is and rely to get the timing right every time without thoroughly examining the whole horary chart.

So continuing with the Moon above, by taking only its movable zoidion, it showed the unit to be days. Did I get further confirmation from the chart that it is days? Well, 4 of the other significators: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Asc are all in movable zoidia/images. Despite the fact that I don’t like like using real-time ingresses/transits and mixing them with horary, because like some authors I consider horary to be a self-contained universe, I noticed that Jupiter makes an evening station on the 13th of September – 9 days after the asking of the question. Thus my conclusion was that I would get the racquets for sure in about 8 or 9 days, but because of the mutual application between the significators, they could arrive a little earlier. Keeping in mind that I asked the question on a Venus day/Friday, and the postal office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, this meant they could not arrive in 8 days/Saturday or 9 days/Sunday, so I would have them in 7 days/Friday or 10 days/Monday.

What happened? They arrived in Bulgaria on Wednesday, in 5 days, BUT they did not arrive  in my town until Friday – 7 days after the asking of the question. Moreover, it was Friday afternoon and I did not yet have a postal notice in my postal box. Thus I had to look for and find the phone number of my local post office branch. I then called the postal office and spoke to a woman whom I asked whether a package has arrived for me – something I had never done before in all these years.

When I got to my local postal office, I had to pay small a fee to the female postal clerk for a “performed customs check” – something I had never done before. I remind about the opposition of Venus and the square of Mars. Fortunately, both racquets arrived safely. Nevertheless, when I got home and put them on the electronic scale to measure them, it turned out that one of the racquets weighs about 5 grams more. Now, that may not seem much, but this Wilson racquet is very heavy to begin with (346 grams strung). In addition I added 10 grams lead tape and 2 overgrips. I always add lead tape to my racquets to increase the swing weight. As such, the racquet now weighs 369 grams, heavier, for example, than the actual frame Roger Federer uses.

The bottom line is the racquet turned out to be a a little heavier and the seller had not specified this in his description. All in all, I am very pleased that I got over the effect of the South Node and the square and opposition of the contrary to sect planets with these minor inconveniences.

One last thing: during this 60 day period, from the sending of the racquets to me getting them, I ordered books from England and a tennis string reel from France. They both arrived within the expected time period, without any delay.

Method 2 for timing in horary Astrology – a significator making a heliacal phase/station or ingressing into a new zoidion where it changes dignity

I do not recommend this timing method to be used by itself. The exception is if the question covers a longer period of time, and even then it can be tricky.

With the chart above, Jupiter, one of the significators made a heliacal phase, namely evening station/second station 9 days after the asking of the question.

Another example would be, preferably, a superior planet changing zoidion and going to dignity or outside of essential dignity, which would show an improvement or worsening of whatever the significator indicates. However, unlike heliacal phases, like appearing, disappearing, stopping/going, that concern real-movement in the sky, this is not necessarily the case with changing dignity. It can be either real-time, especially with the superior planets Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, as they move slowest, or symbolic time, as shown by the specific horary chart.

Example chart 2: Timing by the station of a significator




Timing in horary astrology by solar phase



An example from that is a question my sister asked me 10 years ago. Back then, I was using Regiomontanus quadrant houses for horary and also included the Trans-saturnian planets, though never as “rulers of signs”. She asked whether she will get the documents, and when.

The correct timing was shown by Venus, lord of the 11th quadrant house (2nd from the 10th and showing the movable property of the government, because IDs and other similar documents are not our property but of the government) applying to square Mars after Venus leaves Aries and ingresses into Taurus.

However, Saturn as exalted, trigon and bound lord of the 11th house cusp and conjunct the cusp, can also be used. It was going to make evening station/second station on the 31st of May, which coincided with the application of Venus to Mars in both ways:

1) If Mars was standing still the application was 8.53 units = 8 weeks and 6 days, with the unit being weeks = 26th of May – the day they arrived.

2) The perfection as seen in the ephemeris = after 8 days and 15 hours (at 3.23 Tau-3.23Leo) = 8 units and 5/8 = 8 weeks and 5/8 of a week = 56 days + 4.37 days = 60.37 days from 25 March at 10.23 pm = 25th of May – 1 day early.

Example chart 3: Timing by the significator changing dignity





Timing in horary by the significator changing dignity



Here is another example from 10 years ago from my early horary practice. A man asked me whether he should continue working for his current employer. Because his Asc ruler Saturn was going to enter Libra, its exaltation, triplicity and bound. I told him to wait until that happens. He would become very strong and valued by the employer and would be able to take advantage then. I advised him when that happens (22nd of July from the ephemeris) to send another email to his employer asking for a big raise. 


There are other considerations of the delineation, which, along with the previous chart, I have published here, but the point is that the ingress of the significator in the place of its major dignity was the key in that horary chart. Of course, a I predicted, it ended very positively for the querent, to his disbelief.

Method 3 for timing in horary Astrology – when the Moon or the lord of the Ascendant reaches the significator with their body

Special note: I have taken this rule from Al Kindi. It is on p. 337 of the Book of the Nine Judges translated by Ben Dykes, and it concerns lost things. Dykes says in a footnote that this reaching is by transit. I found a chart that proves how valuable this rule is. However, it works by tweaking the rule and using the application of the significators, because if the lord of the Ascendant is Saturn or Jupiter, then it applies to no planets in the first case, and only to Saturn in the second, all things being equal and the significators direct in movement.

Having said that, keep in mind this rule may also work in regular horaries.

Example chart 4: Where is my ring




Timing by the conjunction of the significators by transit




This is not my chart but that of astrologer Derek Appleby. It is on p. 167 in his book Horary Astrology. I hope he or the publisher does not mind me sharing it. I will not quote the author’s delineation but just summarize what happened. Derek uses Placidus quadrant houses and this is how I calculated the chart, though I used whole sign houses in my delineation.

A woman came to him at an astrological conference to ask him a horary question about a ring that had been missing for over 3 years. Derek cast the chart and interpreted it with 3 other colleagues and they concluded the ring would be found, they correctly predicted where it would found, but the timing of their prediction was off.

The ring was found 63 days after the asking of the question and all Derek could say was that transiting Venus made a conjunction with Neptune at the MC. Of course, I don’t use Neptune, nor am I satisfied with this explanation. Anyway, that chart is from the year 1979, when there was no Project Hindsight, no published translations of James Holden, Robert Zoller, Ben Dykes, etc.

When I studied the chart, I noticed that on the day when the ring was found, transiting Mars was conjunct Jupiter. Thus the lord of the 2nd zoidion from the Pisces Ascendant came to conjunct the lord of the Ascendant – hence my tweaking this rule.

If one reads the Book of the Nine Judges, they will see that other methods for timing events in horary Astrology include the bound lord of the Moon, etc. Well, Jupiter is the bound lord of the Moon, the bound lord of lord 2 and the exalted and bound lord of Mars/lord 2.


Method 4 for timing in horary Astrology – the distance between the planet showing recovery to the angle to which it goes first

Special note: I have also taken this rule from Al Kindi. It is on p. 337 of the Book of the Nine Judges translated by Ben Dykes, and it also concerns lost things. Having said that, keep in mind this rule also works in regular horaries. I know of astrologers who love using this rule for all kinds of horaries.

Please note that Al Kindi does not say in what direction to take the distance “in degrees”: by primary or secondary motion, and it of course makes a difference.

Example chart 5: Is our cat alive, where is she




Method for timing events - distance of significator promising recovery to an angle



Here is a horary question that a foreign client asked me about a missing cat. She asked whether their cat was alive and where it was. She did not ask, in the case of the chart showing that the cat would be found, when they would find it.

Based on the chart, I predicted that they would find their missing cat and told them what places to look. They had looked for the cat for 12 days prior to finding me, contacting me and asking me the question. By following the direction and descriptions I gave them, they were able to find the cat 3 days after the asking of the question. To be exact, it was about 2 hours short of 3 days = 70 hours since the asking of the question.

Notice that the Moon at 18 Gemini is exactly 70 portions from the Ascendant at 28 Leo in secondary/zodiacal motion, signifying 70 hours. Also, Saturn, lord 6 in the 7th place at 0 Aquarius is also 70 portions from the IC at 20 Scorpio.

Notice that directing the Moon to the MC and Saturn to the Dsc would not have worked.

There is another indication, which I consider more important, and it concerns the rule below, which is the next method for timing events in horary.

Method 5 for timing in horary Astrology – the Lot of Fortune, the Moon (or another Lot) directed to its lord, to the Moon, or to the lord of the Ascendant

Special note: I have also taken this rule from the Book of the Nine Judges translated by Ben Dykes, and it also concerns lost things. Having said that, keep in mind this rule also works in regular horaries.

I want to add that I am not entirely sure whether that book contains the rule for directing another Lot to its lord, but this rule is from natal or even mundane Astrology, and it works.

Example chart 6: Will the missing dog be found and taken to surgery





Timing in horary Astrology - directing the Lot Fortune to its lord or vice versa



This is another horary question about a missing animal a client asked me, this time about a stray dog. The dog’s leg had been hit by a car 5 days prior to the asking of the question, as is seen in the chart – with lord 6 Mars being afflicted by the South Node, and its lord Saturn in the 3rd of cars.


The mother of the querent’s boyfriend was driven to another city to take the dog to surgery. The dog somehow got away when going to pee, and she could not catch it. She phoned her son and the querent and they quickly drove to this city with their car in search for the dog. They saw it but could not catch it or lure it, not matter how much they ran after it and tried. They posted many posters in the city, left a note on facebook and other channels, but nothing happened. Then they offered a big reward to anyone who catches the dog. Many people were searching in the city, the vast majority of them were volunteers and some of them were even children. This is when the native asked me the question – 2 days and about 7 hours after losing the dog.

Delineation and prediction

As Mars ruled both the Ascendant and the 6th domicile and house, I gave the Moon to the female querent and used Mars for the dog. The reason is because it is the dog that is primary, and Mars describes its condition and situation perfectly, unlike the Moon.

Upon immediately seeing the sextile in related Sagittarius-Aquarius zoidia, I predicted that the dog would be found easily, much to the disbelief of the querent. The two benefics in the primary angles also confirmed that the dog would be found.

I described the dog’s location but was unsure of the timing of its recovery. You can’t see it in this software, but Mars is actually making a /morning station/1st station in 2 days. Thus the dog is standing still, which would help finding it. Notice that the last planet that separated from Mars/the dog is Venus in the 10th, even conjunct the MC within minutes. The 10th is the 4th from the 7th showing the parents of the querent’s boyfriend, specifically the mother, as Venus is also associated with the mother by day by some astrologers. Anyway, the point is the separation is by 4.16 portions and yet she lost the dog 2 days and 7 hours prior to asking the question. I also did not like the fact that the Moon was succedent and not in a movable zoidion. So her aspect perfecting in 4.48 portions means 4.48 units, and all this inclined more to weeks than to days.

Given the deteriorating condition of the dog’s leg, it was not quickly captured, it could worsen to the point where surgery could not help. It was limping and running, quite fast, on its 3 remaining legs. I also noticed that, in real time, the transiting Moon would come to conjunct Mars/the dog in about 5 days. Because Saturday was that 5th day, there was a chance that the dog could be found then. The other alternative was that the units would be weeks, so 4.48 weeks, which meant bad news for the dog’s health.

The astrologer travels 200 km to look for the stray dog in a big city

Because the querent and her boyfriend were a friends of mine, and because and I wanted to save them the big reward by finding the missing dog with horary Astrology only, I decided to travel to this city on my day off and search for the dog. They covered my travelling expenses and I met up with a woman who was a volunteer and loves animals. She drove me by car to the location where the dog was lost.

I had printed out a map and circled a specific part of this particular neighbourood/district of the city and, based on my reading of the horary chart, insisted the this is where all of us must look (there were 2 more people). It did not matter to me that I had never been to this part of this particular city. I was relying entirely on the science of Ancient Astrology and my experience. We searched unsuccessfully for about 90 minutes when it started to rain. The others left and I was on my own. I was carrying my backpack and searched for another 4 hours in the rain, but to no avail. I was 100% certain that the dog was in the part I circled, but I was not sure whether it would be found on that day or in 4.48 weeks. I had to give up or miss my transport back to my town.

The stray dog was found where I said it would be, but my timing was off

Long story short, even though there were over 10,000 views of the facebook message with the reward, even though quite a number of people looked for the dog for WEEKS, and some of them were very motivated to find it because of the money offered, the dog was not found until the horary chart allowed it.

The dog was successfully captured on the 18th of July 2018 around 7 pm – 23 days after the asking of the question = 3 weeks 2 days and 3 hours = 3.30 weeks. The dog was found where I said it would be. It was lured by a man with food, after earning its trust first. He had to act like this. The dog is a small breed and very quick. Some of the people who had seen it in the previous days could not catch it, and it always hid. Others were carrying sedating darts, but could not hit it. As promised, my friends sent the reward.

This is where the timing rules of horary Astrology comes into play. The only timing method that works in this chart is the Lot of Fortune directed to its lord in weeks. The Lot is in the 6th/ the Ascendant of the Dog at 5.57 Aries = 3.15 portions to its lord Mars in Aquarius at 9.12 Aquarius = 3.15 weeks = 3 weeks 1 day and a few hours = 1 day early.

Why this method for this chart? Well, notice that Mars is conjunct the IC. If one directs Mars to this closest angle, the timing would also be off. Note that Mars is square the Ascendant, but the timing is also not as accurate as the Lot of Fortune to Mars.

Also, why did the Moon not show the timing? Well, back in July 2018 Ben Dykes had not yet published The Astrology of Sahl ibn Bishr. On p. 236-237 Sahl says we take the indicator of time from the lord of the Ascendant and the Lights, especially the one which is stronger and more authoritative in the question, and more victorious over it. He also adds that the indicator of time is more authoritative than the Lights, and if we use a luminary, to take the time from the one which is looking at the Ascendant.

Bingo! Is the Moon looking at the Ascendant? No, it is averse. This rule is golden and emphasizes the importance of light.

Now someone could say, well, notice that the Moon scrutinizes Fortune by a trine, the Sun scrutunizes Fortune by a squre and Saturn squares Fortune within 3 minutes, though separating. The point is, the chart is screaming at the Lot of Fortune. Of course, Mars will sextile the Lot of Fortune when it starts to walk back.

So this is the rule for this method of timing in horary Astrology, namely that we direct the Lot of Fortune to its lord.

Another version of the rule is to direct the Moon to its lord or vice versa. Go back to the previous chart about the lost cat and enter the data in your program. If you direct/move Mercury/the lord of the Moon to the Moon, with the Moon standing still, you will see that Mercury perfects the superior square in just over 3 days in the ephemeris. In this case, these 3 units in days = 72+ hours = the 70 portions from the Moon directed to the Ascendant and Saturn to the IC.

Method 6 for timing in horary Astrology – Umar’s fourfold way

This quote comes from Ben Dykes’ translation of Hermann of Carinthia:




Umar's method for timing in horary Astrology




In my email communication with Dykes, he said that “the ascending part of the circle” refers to the Eastern part of the chart, that is, the left half of the chart aka the free will part in modern astrology. Reading what Masha’allah and other authors, who also mention this term, does seem to confirm this is what 8th century astrologer Umar meant as well.

Notice that Umar skips the week unit and goes from days to months, which I firmly disagree with. We have 7 days of the week, ruled of course by the 7 planets in Ancient Astrology. 7 is among the most used numbers in the christian bible as well. Besides, let’s face it, how many of the horary questions last for years, as opposed to weeks. As such, I advise not to skip a unit and use common sense when assigning them. Thus we have 3 options:

1) Minutes, hours, days or weeks;

2) Hours, days, weeks or months;

3) Days, weeks, months or years.


I will apply the method to 3 of the charts:

Example chart 7: Will I get my documents




Umar horary timing method chart 1



This is example 2 chart about the documents my sister asked me about. The major and applying significator is Venus, lord of the 11th house of the documents applying to its domicile lord, Mars – also the Ascendant ruler.

The shortest unit cannot be minutes nor days, so it is option 2: hours, days, weeks, months.

1) Venus is not in the ascending part of the circle;

2) Venus is not eastern of the Sun (although I hope the author does not mean “oriental” in the sense of Ptolemy, because Venus is visible and thus oriental. Venus is also in an eastern quadrant);

3) Venus is moving quickly;

4) Its receiving lord is not moving quickly


3 of the conditions are missing. If all 4 were missing it would be months. Therefore the unit is weeks.

Another way to put it is reversely, namely that only 1 condition is present = it is not hours, it is not days, but it is weeks.

Example chart 8




Umar horary timing method chart 3



This is example chart 6 of the missing stray dog. The significator is Mars, as was established.

The most appropriate unit is number 2: hours, days, weeks or months.

1) Mars is in the ascending part of the circle;

2) Mars, while preceding the Sun is making a morning station and is hence no longer eastern in the way ancient astrologers considered it.

3) Mars is not proceeding quickly;

4) Its lord Saturn is not proceeding quickly


Same in this chart. 3 of the conditions are missing. If all 4 were missing it would be months. Therefore the unit is weeks.

Another way to put it is reversely, namely that only 1 condition is present = it is not hours, it is not days, but it is weeks.

Example chart 9




Umar horary timing method chart 2



This is example chart 5 for the missing cat. The Moon is the timing indicator, as was shown. Besides, it also rules animals.

Option 2 makes the most sense: hours, days, weeks, months.

1) The Moon is in the eastern part of the chart;

2) The Moon is eastern (ancient astrologers consider the Moon eastern from conjunction with the Sun to the opposition);

3) The Moon is not moving quickly (under 13 portions per day);

4) The Moon’s lord Mercury is moving quickly (1.16 portions per day and increasing);


3 of the 4 conditions are met = it is not hours but days = the correct unit.

Notice that for this Umar method to work, we would have to give the primary importance to the direction of the Moon’s lord to the Moon, not to the direction of the Moon to the Asc.

The former shows just over 3 days, while the latter is 70 and one would have to convert the 70 to hours. I prefer to work in the same unit and not convert one into the other for confirmation.

Method 7 for timing in horary Astrology – the ascensional times of the zoidia of the significators and the minor years of the planets in their respective unit

This is also from the Book of the Nine Judges, from Sahl, from Valens in natal Astrology, etc.

I have never used this method because I know how tricky it is from Valens. Even though it looks easy, it is not. It has many variations which makes a technique far more complex and demanding than it ought to be.  I would use it as a tertiary indication or on hindsight.

Example chart 10

Here is the chart of the missing cat again. This time I have added the rising times of the zoidia.




Timing in horary by the rising times of the zoidia and the minor years of the planets



Notice that if you combine the minor period of the Moon in Gemini + its ascensional times + the ascensional times of its lord Mercury in Pisces = 25+28.21+16.67 = 69.88 units = 3 days short of 2 hours and about 8 minutes – unbelievably accurate.

One can also combine the the minor period of the Moon + its rising times + the minor period of its lord Mercury = 25+28.21+20=73.21 = 3 days 1 hour and 20 minutes – not as accurate.


Example chart 11

Here is chart 2 and 7 about the documents again. I have added the ascensions of the zoidia.




Timing in horary by the rising times of the signs and the minor years of the planets 2



As usual, we combine the rising times and planetary periods of the significators. In this case, they are Venus, lord 11 of the documents, and Mars, its domicile lord and also the lord of the Ascendant. The minor period of Venus + the minor period of Mars+ its rising times

= 8+15+39.31= 62.31 = unit is days to match the 8+ unit in weeks.

= 62.31 days from the asking of the question on the 25 March = early morning of 27th of May – 1 day late, as the documents arrived on the 26th of May.

However, notice that this method for timing in horary Astrology does not work for the missing stray dog/example chart 6 and 8. It does not work for example chart 1 about the racquets either, unless one resorts to adding in the major periods of at least one of the significators and uses the hour unit. I mean the Moon 25 + Jupiter 79 + Saturn 30 + rising times of Capricorn 28.21 = 162.21 in hours = almost 6 hours short of 7 days. I got the racquets 4 hours short of 7 days after asking the question. We don’t need such accuracy, and horary is not supposed to be that involved. Remember, horary is the lowest branch of Ancient Astrology. Otherwise one could get tempted into using the full method given, by Valens in his Book VII, by using the major periods of the planets, as well as 1/2 and 1/3 of the total result.

Conclusion on timing in horary Astrology

There are some other methods for timing events in horary, but these are by far the major ones.

I trust this article will be of big use for those that wish to increase their learning about timing in horary Astrology. We astrologers should remain humble and remember that the truth is in the chart. I love (horary) Astrology and its amazing accuracy. 


My usual thanks to the website and to the author for the free picture:



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