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Kraft’s Prediction on Hitler’s Chart + Adding Ancient Astrology

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I examine Ernst Kraft’s astrological prediction on Adolf Hitler’s chart and add various predictive techniques from Ancient Astrology. I do this to see the assassination attempt on Hitler’s life could have been predicted with Ancient Astrology only.


Kraft’s astrological prediction on Adolf Hitler’s chart

Knowing how few astrological predictions, which have come to pass and contain analysis, are available for review, with the vast majority of them possibly not survived or in the dusty manuscripts at libraries around the world, I think it is mandatory for every serious astrologer to study those golden mines, regardless of Zodiac or technique.

I have been aware of Ernst Kraft’s prediction for Hitler for a while but for some reason was not pulled to investigate this one. Now the time has come.

I will be using 3 sources:


“The Fated Sky” book by Benson Bobrick

In short, Kraft predicts that (my translation from the user LEONz’s first post on page 1):

It is seen from Hitler’s horoscope that in the period between November 7-10th the Fuhrer will be subject to a great danger and that there is a possibility that he might be killed by an explosive substance.”


Here is page 285 from Benson Bobrick’s book “The Fated Sky” (which is the best book by far on the history of Astrology)



The Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick p.285View Post


On the next page (286) it says that Hitler arrived at 8.10 pm and was scheduled to speak for at least an hour and a half but for some reason suddenly finished at 9.12 pm and left. 8 minutes later the bomb exploded killing everyone on stage.


What technique Ernst Kraft used to make the amazing prediction on Hitler’s chart


How did Kraft make this amazing prediction? Great question! All I know is what I have read from the sources I gave. I don’t know what his general practice was. The only thing I know about the prediction is that as that user LEONz says that (on page 6)

Kraft made his prediction on the basis of the solar eclipse which fell on Hitler’s Asc and Uranus one month before the incident.

Here is the place to answer that even if Uranus was not there an eclipse is bad enough indication for the vitality of a person, but Uranus gave the denouement/conclusion for the things and their specifics.

To time it, he used the transiting Moon coming to Libra – the place of the eclipse. As the event could happen during the transit of the Moon in the whole sign of Libra, Kraft gave a a period of three days – November 7-10th and not a particular date. In the end, he hit the bulls’s eye in terms of precision.”

Note the second sentence. I do not know whether Kraft gave such big attention to Uranus or whether this is LEONz’s own assessment. I do know that Kraft did use Uranus, as shown by the preserved chart from Wolf who rectified it (see the back cover of Rumen Kolev’s Primary Directions I booklet.)


Adolf Hitler’s chart with Wolf’s rectified time of birth


Anyway, I won’t be using Uranus and, as you will see, once the full picture is shown, the eclipse was (with or without Uranus, placed at 19.29 Libra retrograde not shown on my charts) just one trigger, among others, albeit a crucial one.

Here is Adolf Hitler’s natal chart as used (and rectified by Wolf) by Ernst Kraft for 6.03.55 pm CET:




Adolf Hitler's chart with Wolf Kraft time


And here is Adolf Hitler’s nativity with whole sign houses.




Adolf Hitler's chart with Wolf Kraft time - Hellenistic



Here is Adolf Hitler’s chart calculated with the indispensable Porphyry Magus 2:




Adolf Hitler's chart with PM2





The Solar eclipse chart and examining the assassination attempt with Ancient Astrology


Here is the chart for the solar eclipse (total):





Adolf Hitler 1939 Solar Eclipse Total



Just to be clear, I am only interested in this incident so my analysis of the natal figure will be extremely brief. (However, note that Adolf Hitler’s Asc is close to Spica and keep that in mind).

Using a few different methods (not shown), Hitler’s longevity comes out between 52 and 57 years, which means that, all things being equal, he will not die this year (1939).

So in 1939 Hitler was 50 years old or in his 51st year, making it a 3rd place Asc profection. There are no planets or key points in Sagittarius neither natally nor in the SR, so Zeus becomes the Lord of the Year (LoY). Other interesting handings over, on which I will not dwell on at all, are Fortuna to Kronos and Kronos to Asc; also Spirit to Hermes.

The key planets to look for are Kronos, the distributor of the Asc, which has reached Scorpio, Aphrodite, whose diameter partners Kronos, and of course Zeus as LoY.




Hitler Asc Distributions



Depending on whether one uses Firdaria or Decennials or not at all, we have Saturn/Moon in Firdaria and Ares/Hermes in Decennials.

So natally Kronos afflicted but not that much because the figure is separating and he is of the sect, in his bounds and receives an application from its domicile lord.

Aphrodite is very afflicted, of the other sect and one of the two killing planets.

Zeus is very afflicted too but is at least in its confines and of the sect. What is crucial for the analysis is that Zeus, the LoY is receiving an adhering from the Moon, which is the second killing planet. Also, Zeus and the Moon are ruled by Kronos but are in aversion to their domicile lord, but they are configured with Ares in the place of death which is with Aprodite and in the antiscion of Kronos.), with the Moon giving testimony to it with an attempt of reception.

As you see, the situation is very unfortunate as all the planets are afflicted and all except Kronos are strongly determined to death in one way or another. Thus, there is ample testimony that this year shows definite danger of death (and disease as well which in general is not that surprising as the figure itself is quite afflicted). The “when” and the potential “how” will be discussed later.

Here is the solar revolution (SR) for 1939:



Adolf Hitler Wolf Kraft time Modern Solar Return 1939



Oo my! The 2nd place rises, ruled by Ares in the natal 8th of death (violent at that). Moreover, Ares, the contrary to sect malefic ingresses onto the natal Moon and Zeus (the LoY). This is extremely unfortunate and dangerous (as per Dorotheus). Ares is partile conjunct the Tail, whatever that means.

The Moon, the second killing planet has ingressed in the 8th place of death where the Sun, Aphrodite and Ares are, so there is an exchange in places between Ares and the Moon. What is more, the distribution of the Asc has reached about 27-28 Sco, which is a place to note, as per Abu Mashar. The Moon opposes that, which is highly negative, for she also rules the 8th by exaltation.

There is more. Kronos, the distributor, scrutinizes the natal Asc by opposition from the place of injury and enemies (enemies is a 6th house/place signification in Hellenistic Astrology).

Even though Valens and Abu Mashar advise to recalculate the Lots in the revolution, I don’t do it, but it is worth noting that SR Fortuna is conjunct the Asc and hence opposed by SR Kronos (remember the handing over of Fortuna to Kronos and Kronos to the Asc).

The LoY is partile conjunct killing planet Aphrodite in a good place, the 5th, but it is with reception and is major testimony that Hitler would not die this year, for Aphrodite is a benefic above all. However, sickness would come as it is in the natal 6th, ruled by both planets, but I digress.

The natal Asc is in the SR 12th, LoY Zeus and the partner Aprodite are in the profection 4th.



The point is to show that using Ancient Astrology there are many indications for danger of death in Hitler’s chart this year. The trick is to time when this will happen.


Still, for those who might want more indications this is Hitler’s chart 50 days after birth (note, it is not the date when it happened, so one must add):



Adolf Hitler Wolf Craft time Secondary progressions +50 days after birth on birthday not on Nov 8 1939



Just in case you modern practitioners of Astrology do not know, secondary progressions are a very old technique which dates back to Valens (as per Book 9) and at least to the Babylonians (as per their timing keys as explained by Rumen Kolev).

Progressed (pr.) Ares at about 21.39 Gemini opposes by antiscion Zeus (LoY) at 8.15 Capricorn.

  1. Asc at about 26.40 Sco is opposed to the Lot of Life at 25.42 Tau.




Timing the period of danger to Hitler’s life following the solar eclipse, by using many Ancient Astrology predictive techniques


Here is one more:

Profected Asc as per Umar 2.5 portions per month is partile conjunct Zeus and applying to the Moon. This is on the day of the incident.




Adolf Hitler Umar 2.5 portions per month profections



Now, I do not intend to go chart after chart to pinpoint the month first, as it will take a lot of work, time and space. The thing to do is to really analyze the period of danger, that is, from the eclipse on the 12th of October to the 3 day period which Kraft gives – 7-10th of November.





Decennials in Hitler's chart




So, Ares distributes the days and Kronos the hours in Decennials. Makes perfect sense.




Adolf Hitler Annual Divisions Standard - from Root not SR



Aphrodite distributes the days in the annual divisions of Zeus in the annual divisions technique. Again, good sense (especially taking into account the other activations I will show).

For a monthly chart, I can use monthly profections (the Asc comes to Gemini, which contains Fortune, is the natal 9th and a profection angle).

I can use a lunar revolution (LR):




Adolf Hitler Wolf Kraft time Lunar Return 18 of October 1939



I am not impressed at all. Only Hermes is adhering (conjoining by body within 3 portions) the SR Asc and rules the SR and LR 8th of death. But Hermes does not have much power to act (if one ignores the Decennials)…at least yet.

I can use monthly SR, as used by Luca Gaurico, but is a much older technique. Here it is in Hitler’s chart, as calculated with Delphic Oracle:




Adolf Hitler Wolf Kraft time Modern Solar Return Gauricus Monthly Revolution latest



That is what I am talking about! The natal 4th rises, where Zeus LoY is and within 1 portion where SR Ares is, the ruler of the revolution. The monthly Asc ruler is in the 4th conjunct the Tail and the same planet is the distributor. The Moon applies to the opposition of Ares from the place of death.  Aphrodite, the partner and killing planet, is conjunct the distributed Asc. Hermes has ingressed into the zoidion of the profected Asc. An incredibly powerful and telling chart.



Narrowing down the danger period to within a few days

So how does one narrow it down?

I can safely, well not ignore, but put away the LR and focus on the powerful monthly SR. This saves me 17 days as the monthly SR stars on the 4th of November.




Hitler Phasis around the explosion




I also notice, using Porphyry Magus 2 program, that Aphrodite has come out of the beams and become visible in the evening on the 1st of November. Just so that we are clear and I have mentioned this in another article, I am not talking about some Medieval or Hellenistic approximations of 15 degrees around the Sun to be under the beams or out of the beams. I am talking about the real, astronomical position of the planet, as viewed and taught by the Babylonians. Again, as Rumen Kolev says, we can only get correct predictions if we use real things.

I remind that Aphrodite is the partner in Hitler’s chart and is to be carefully followed in its movement and phases, not just the Lord of the Year, as some teach.

In this particular case, however, this Babylonian knowledge is almost not helpful as we know that the event will happen between the 4th and the 10th of November.

Again, how does one narrow it down further?

One can direct the SR Asc to the natal planets, especially by body and to the body and aspects of the LoY, or one can direct the SR to the SR planets likewise.

So using those two methods one sees that directing the SR Asc around the SR does not help at all, but directing it around the nativity does help:



Hitler root and SR SR to natal



Really zoom and see that the SR Asc came to the diameter of Zeus (LoY) on the 1st of November and will not meet another planet till the 11th. This is further confirmation that the event will happen between the 1st and the 11th, or rather between the 4th and the 10th as established by the monthly SR and Kraft, deadline.

What to do now then?

The last thing, but it is extremely powerful, is to return to the basics and remember how the ancient astrologers used transits. I mean they used them as triggers and that they start at the beginning of a zoidion.

Remembering that Aphrodite was conjunct the distributed Asc in the monthly SR 4 days before the event.  As she is direct and moving away from the Sun, she will enter a new zoidion, being one of the Rulers of the Times, the killing planet, the lord of the Asc etc.

Which zoidion will that be in Adolf Hitler’s chart.

It will be the one of the profected Asc, the most important place for the whole year in terms of the meaning of the native’s life and his health! So Aphrodite ingresses into Sagittarius on the 7th of November. (It is perhaps worthy to note that Sagittarius is the 8th place from natal Aphrodite, she being in the natal 8th)

That is fantastic – it narrows down 3 more days and leaves from the 7th to the 10th of November.

Again, how does one narrow it down further?

If one uses daily profections, the 2.5 days ones, starting from Gemini in October (having the SR date as a starting point, not the birth date), the profected Asc reaches the 4th place at 8 am on  November the 8th and will remain there until 8pm on November the 10th.

So confirmation as LoY Zeus is activated as well as the Moon as the second killing planet (rules the 2nd level of Firdaria if chooses to use it), but again one needs to zoom in more. So some more hours are written off and one has a November 8-10th window.


Narrowing down the danger period to the day


Last weapon I choose to get the day is Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Fortune (ZRF or Aphesis from Fortuna):




Hitler ZRF




Oo my! On the 7th of November Sagittarius became the 4th level in Hitler’s chart. It lasts until the 9th when the Loosening of the bond (LB) comes! The LB is a dramatic period, often peaking the energy so to speak. I have seen surgeries and incidents within few days of it.

It is really difficult to say whether the incident might happen in Sag. or at the LB. I choose that it might happen in Sag. because it is the profected Asc, has planets transiting in it and Cancer has none.

So ZRF narrows it down to the morning of November the 7th to 5pm on November the 9th.

As ALL this work for narrowing down about day and a few hours – 28 hours.

This is where I choose to give up (November the 8th 8.10 am to November the 9th 5 pm, at least for now, as I am at a dead end, astrologically. 🙂 )

However, if one takes context into account, and must always do, this speech and meeting were annual, so it was known when would take place. Still, in the defence of the practitioner of Astrology, he/she does not always have such information.




Ancient Astrology explains why the danger to Adolf Hitler’s life came from an exposion


As far as why the danger might come from an explosion, Ares is very configured in the revolution and is partile conjunct both major Rulers of the Times – Kronos and Aphrodite.

Moreover, Ares as said, rules Zeus the LoY and is the cause and source of his significations because Kronos is averse to his zoidion.

One last thing: both Hermes (the monthly profection lord and ingressing into the profected zoidion and ruling the SR and monthly SR 8th of death, the natal 12th and in the 7th and ruled by Ares) and Ares, are astronomically invisible in the nativity. If they were visible, or at least Ares, then one could have considered a shooting, a stabbing or another open way. The again, one must consider context, which the assassins clearly did, when they decided to use a hidden (invisible planet falling amiss/in a dark place) weapon.

Moreover, Ares rules the years of the Decennials, Hermes the months and Ares the days!



How the fixed star Spica protected Adolf Hitler’s life


One last thing that took my breath away. Remember Spica, one of the most benevolent and protective stars? Guess what happened? ON THE DAY of the incident Spica rose heliacally at Hitler’s birth location!!! This is the most powerful phase and this is a huge indication that Hitler would be saved on this day. And so it happened.

Chart calculated with Porphyry Magus 2 software, written by Rumen Kolev




Spica MF on the 8th of November 1939 in Hitler's birth location





This is how real, authentic Astrology is done, and by that I mean the amount of work and dedication it takes to study a single chart, make judgement and predict. This is how the Ancients worked. ONLY in this way can the chart be coaxed so to say to reveal what it promises. There is no possibility that this can be accomplished in a short, modern and superficial consultation. Everyone should draw their own conclusions.

Finally, Ernst Kraft’s incredible astrological ability ultimately led to his demise, time in a concentration camp and death. This type of Astrology is not for hobbyists or trying to impress someone!

It will indeed be very interesting to study this astrologer’s chart and see how accidents in the life correlate with the prediction and what followed. I might do that someday.

P.S. A big thank you to LEONz (a well known Astrology practitioner in Bulgaria) for giving this information about Kraft’s prediction and for also giving his nativity, which I will use to close this article which has been a delight to write.

He says (in the same link I gave) Kraft was born on the 10th of May 1900 at 12.45 pm  (в Комуни, Швейцария – I can’t find a city with the name of Communy or Comuny or Komuny, Switzerland etc, but in wikipedia it says he was born in Basel, Switzerland) Asc 0.37 Virgo.

Using Basel, here is Ernst Kraft’s chart with the Virgin Rising early:



Karl Erns von Kraft Astro Hitler nativity


Written in July 2013


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