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The Assertions of the Babylonian Astrologers about the Invisible Planets Are Wrong

In this video you will learn:

What is an invisible planet according to Babylonian Astrology and astronomy;

How to tell if a planet is invisible;

How the definition of an invisible planet changed in Hellenistic Astrology;

How the Perso-Arabic tradition differentiated between a combust planet and a planet under the rays of the Sun;

Examples with real natal charts (accurate time non-rounded time of birth based on birth certificate) of very successful, famous, wealthy, and influential people with invisible planets;

Why the assertions of Babylonian astrologers that invisible planets are dead and powerless/helpless are wrong;

That a doctrine appeared in Hellenistic Astrology according to which invisible planets could be “very powerful” if they met certain conditions. What these conditions are;

That the Perso-Arabic astrologers Abu Mashar, Al Kabizi and others did not agree with this doctrine;

That the greatest French astrologer, Jean Baptiste Morin, rejected the doctrine that combust planets are destroyed by the Sun.


Introductions to Traditional Astrology by Abu Mashar and Al Qabisi translated by Benjamin Dykes, published in 2010.

“Porphyry”, Excerpts from Antiochus’s Introduction edited and translated by Levente László – HOROI Project version 2 (13 August 2020)

My article on the HOROI project and why I recommend that those interested in Astrology support Levente Laszlo, whose translated definition I shared, namely the covered chariot doctrine:

A topic in the British traditional astrological forum sky script, discussing Jean-Baptiste Morin’s position on combust planets (it does not necessarily mean an astronomically invisible planet):

And do you have interesting real horoscopes with invisible planets? I would be interested to learn about them.

If you have any questions or comments, I will happily address them.




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