General Wallenstein's horoscope

General Wallenstein’s Horoscope with Ancient Astrology

My interests currently are lying elsewhere, but so it happened today that I decided to write and share this article about General Wallenstein’s horoscope with Ancient Astrology. The reason for this is that last night I was watching a video about astronomy and calculating the declination and right ascension of stars, and the one full example the lecturer gave included the star Alphard (the Hydra’s Heart).

Today while doing other things, I came across an article about astronomer and astrologer Johannes Kepler. It contained the chart which Kepler used for General Wallenstein and accurately predicted some events for him. I got intrigued by Wallenstein’s horoscope and decided to study some parts of it. So as I was checking for fixed stars with the Porphyry Magus 2 Ancient Astrology software, I saw the last star that rose heliacally before Wallenstein’s birth and it turned out to be…. the Hydra’s Heart! Thus, I knew that I had to publish this article.

Sources for General Albreht von Wallenstein’s horoscope

The article from the fourth link below, the one written in Bulgarian, does not say what techniques Kepler used to predict for Wallenstein. If I come across this information some day and it is ok to publish it, I will. But anyway, I wanted to see what Babylonian, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology shows about general Albreht von Wallenstein’s horoscope and hence wrote this article.

There is another time of birth given for Wallenstein, which is 22 minutes later, with neither the Rising image nor the major Lots changing zoidia, but I will be using the chart which Kepler used of course, the one with 4.13.47 pm time. Here are the sources I have used so that readers familiarize themselves:,_Albrecht_von



You can see the chart Kepler used here:



Special note:

I found out today (Mar 25) that Wallenstein gave a wrong latitude to Kepler for the first reading of his natal chart in 1608, which Kepler corrected in 1624.

For more about Kepler and Wallenstein, see this link:



I have had to recalculate most of the charts. The initial difference is 1 portion and 20 minutes, changing the Asc from 10.50 Aqu to 12.10. I used the coordinates given by wikipedia: 50N02, 15E05.

The only thing of some significance that changes are two Lots: the Lot of Exaltation which moves within minutes in Vir, which actually increases the eminence of this chart, and the Lot of the Father moving from 29 Can to early Leo.

Also, the orbs of the 2 fixed stars move even closer to the day of birth and the MC respectively as well as with.  The change in latitude changes 2 of the the length of life techniques, as they are sensitive to it. The change goes from a few months up to 1.3 years, but that is fine, given that these techniques are generally not meant to time the exact month or even year of death.

I then rectified the time of birth in Wallenstein’s horoscope, moving it 80 seconds forward to arrive at 4.15.07 pm, with Asc 12.44 Aqu.




General Albreht von Wallenstein’s horoscope with Ancient Astrology





Wallenstein’s horoscope - round





Wallenstein’s horoscope with Decennials







Wallenstein’s horoscope with PM2




(As usual, charts calculated with Delphic Oracle and Porphyry Magus 2, the best programs for Ancient Astrology in the world.)


Eminence in General Wallenstein’s horoscope

At first glance not only does Wallenstein’s chart not look eminent but rather weak.

  • Just one pivotal planet, from both Ascendants, which on top of it is in detriment and contrary to the sect
  • The Asc lord is walking back and falling amiss
  • The lord of the peak is cadent and in its detriment
  • Both Lights are declining.

On the other hand,

  • The Asc domicile lord is together with its dispositor and receiving an application from its exalted lord which is pivotal
  • Also, the second trigon lord of the Sect Light is in its domicile and exaltation, which strongly suggests that the second part of life will be the one where Wallenstein will make his mark.



However, when looking at the fixed stars and a mundane chart, one gets a different story, because Wallenstein’s horoscope becomes eminent.

The Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) the military star, is in paran with the MC.

Add to this the mentioned fact that the Heart of the Hydra was the last bright star which rose heliacally before Albrecht Wallenstein’s birth.

Moreover, 3 out the 5 planets were making a phasis when that native was born – a great sign not necessarily of eminence but of publicity and making the native noticed.

Also, the Moon is within less than 1 portion of the Ascendant of the last eclipse before birth (in June 1583, solar) and the Moon of course signifies the gathering of crowds, bringing public support to Wallenstein, although it is extremely weak in his chart and so the strength of this testimony is strongly decreased.




Alphard last MF star before birth




Wallenstein Antares in paran with MC




Note on the right to paranatellonta where it says Ptolemaic Tropical – 8.46 – within just 23 minutes of the MC.

So if one had to give a broad meaning of this native’s life, the Hydra being a devastating creature, feared for its brutal nature and being extremely hard to get rid of or destroy, sums up brilliantly the life of Wallenstein. Moreover, the Hydra is a type of snake (depending on the legend, but anyway it is a reptile), so we have deviousness, poison, betrayal.

Add to this the Heart of the Scorpion is with the MC and that both the Asc and Fortuna and Spirit are in solid zoidia and the lord of Spirit is Ares. Hence we get a bloodthirsty, goal-driven and tenacious general, who by the way is said to have continued his battles with the famous Hannibal after his own death and moving to the astral plane!

The length of life in General Wallenstein’s horoscope

As far as the length of life of Wallenstein is concerned, unfortunately I could not find any details with dates of his injuries of illnesses, so the only thing to rely on, for confirmation that is, is his death. I say this because the chart is tricky and there are 4 candidates for Giver of Life/Apheta.

I had to do lots of checking and calculations before coming to the conclusion that the Asc is the Apheta. Still, there exist 2 more viable versions (Fortuna and the SAN), but the Asc works better than both and has more testimonies.

1) If one uses Medieval Astrology’s method to calculate the length of life of general Wallenstein, with the Ascendant being Giver or Life/Hyleg, the confine lord Aphrodite is overcoming, though a bid wide, with all other lords: Kronos, Zeus and Hermes being in aversion to it.
Aphrodite grants 82 years, Kronos deducts 30 and Zeus walking back and ruling bad places adds its minor 12 years as months. This gives 53 years. One could choose to include Hermes to deduct (or add), but it escapes before Aphrodite can reach it, so I will skip it. This gives 53 years of life.

2) The Asc being the Apheta, the Moon is killing by hurling rays by ascensions. Its hexagon falls in the end of the second decan of the Bull and when it is reached it is very likely that Wallenstein would die. Doing the calculations with this method for the length of life, the calculated longevity using Hellenistic Astrology is 47.56 years.

3) Using another method given by Vettius Valens for determining the length of life, taking pivotal Fortuna’s ascensions in months and adding its domicile lord’s in years and adding the minor years as months of the Moon – a sect mate and providing testimony to both dispositors of Fortuna, and adding the ascensions in months of the declining dispositor of Fortuna’s pivotal lord, the final length of life comes to be 48.97 years

These methods are more than enough to confirm the length of life in this chart (Wallenstein’s life lasted 50 years and 5 months), especially as when one examines the times around the expected period of death, as will be done later.
Before doing that I want to examine a few other accidents in Wallenstein’s chart.


The death of Wallenstein’s parents

As I have alread written that by using Ancient Astrology, the well-trained practitioner can predict the length of life and subsequent death of people in a native’s live from that person’s astrological chart. They could be parents, siblings, husbands, wives, grandparents, uncles, even friends or pets.

The wiki article given above says Wallenstein’s mother died in 1593 and his father in 1595 (no months given).
It looks way more likely that she died before his birthday in Sep 1593.

Here are the Distributions for the Asc and MC calculated with Delphic Oracle. Really zoom in to see after clicking on the picture.





Wallenstein Asc and MC Distributions





Wallenstein general 1592 SR




Either way, Kronos is distributing the Asc, with the hexagon of Ares partnering, and ruling the Decennials with Aphrodite partnering (Moon takes over from April 1593) and Kronos is with Zeus in the nativity. Zeus is lord of the 11th, which is the 8th from the 4th showing the death of parents. Ares rules the Lot of the Mother at 2 Ari.

1592 was a 10th place year with Aphrodite present in the Scorpion and Ares ruling it. Aphrodite rules the 4th of parents.

In the solar revolution (SR) the Lot of the Death of the Mother at 15 Gem is conjunct the Asc at 18 Gem, the lord of the 4th (L4) is overcome by Kronos and on top of that L11 is in the 4th – death comes to a parent. Moreover, natal L11 Zeus is opposed to the SR Asc.

Why the mother?

Well, Ares rules the Lot of the Mother, it is in the SR 4th and the Moon has ingressed into the natal 4th in revolution, the Moon being the exalted lord of the natal 4th and signifying the mother in a very general way. Needless to say, if the astrologer examines the charts year by year and compares them with the state of the native or other their people in their lives, it becomes way much easier as context is very important.

For the death of Wallenstein’s father, I again am much more convinced that he died in the 1594 SR, so before September 24 1595:




Wallenstein general 1594 SR




Kronos is still distributing the Asc, Aphrodite is partnering, so again there is a 4-11 connection. Moreover, the Decennials has been taken over by Zeus and it rules the 11th.
It is a 12th place year with the Moon present and Kronos ruling the zoidion of the profected Asc. Kronos rules the Lot of the Death of the Father, at 16 Aqu, and of course is with L11.

In the SR the testimonies are piling up:

  • SR L4 is in the 11th of death of the father (now that the mother has died) and this is Kronos, perhaps the most important Ruler of the Times
  • The Moon is conjunct the IC and it is the exalted lord of the natal 4th – another strong indication that the father will die this year
  • Zeus, the Decennials lord is conjunct the Lot of the Death of the Father
  • The SR Asc is ruled by Aphrodite, L4 whose natal position is being destroyed by the Tail of the Dragon – another indication that the father will die this year.

General Wallenstein’s marriages

Again, no months just years: 1609 and 1623.

For the 1609, the 1609 SR seems more obvious than the 1608, meaning that the marriage is more likely to have happened after Sep 23 1609. That is not as crucial as other topics, however, because often times the marriage itself is just officially announced whereas partners had agreed to share their live together earlier, which could be in the previous year (birthday to birthday always in Western Astrology).




Wallenstein general 1609 SR



So for 1609, a 3rd place year ruled by Ares, Aphrodite therefore ruling the profected Dsc, the Crab rises in the SR with its lord the Moon conjunct the natal Dsc, conjunct Aphrodite ruler of profected Dsc and of the Hermes Lot of Male Marriage at 10 Lib and present with the Asc-Dsc-Aphrodite Marriage Lot at 8 Sco.

The Sun becomes the partner of the Asc distributions of Zeus and it rules the 7th of marriage and it also became the partner of the MC distributions of Hermes and note the emphasis on the 2nd and 8th houses and money and financial partnership.

I find it very impressive that Aphrodite in the nativity is occidental and elongated at 46 portions, whereas in the SR it is oriental and elongated at 46 portions! This is all the more impressive because of the astronomical rules, namely that she can’t be more than 46-47 portions away from the Sun. More importantly in this chart, she can’t conjunct the natal Dsc to the portion because of that. So she did the best she could to get close to the marriage angle in Wallenstein’s horoscope and I really appreciate that chart! 🙂

In 1614 the rich widow, whom Wallenstein had married, died and he inherited her estates (Fortuna in the 4th and Zeus in 8th from the 7th and in the 11th from the Lot). Again, no month given.
I prefer the 1613 SR and 7th place year at the same time.




Wallenstein - primary directions to the Sun as sig - Ptolemy 1




Between July 1613 and Feb 1616 the trigonal figures of Kronos and Zeus respectively are primary directed to the Sun, lord of the 7th of marriage, with both planets being in the 2nd, being the 8th from the 7th and showing the death of the native’s patner.

Moreover, these two planets are partnering with Hermes (in the natal 8th) in the Decennials from Jan 1612 till Jul 1615 – massive indications when coupled with the annual techniques that the Wallenstein’s spouse will die in this period.




Wallenstein general SR 1613




In the 1613 SR, the Sun being Lord of the Year (LoY) is in the 4th applying to Zeus natal L2 – again a very strong indication of the death of the partner.
The SR ruler the Moon is in the SR 8th of the partner’s wealth, showing the inheritance he received.

Wallenstein married again in 1623 (no month given).




Wallenstein general 1622 SR




During that time the Sun was ruling the Decennials and Kronos was distributing the months till June 1623, with both planets ruling the Asc and Dsc – a classic case of marriage.

I also prefer the 1622 SR and 4th year profection. Aphrodite is LoY and holds one of the Marriage Lots while being present with the other. Also, the natal 7th Rises in the SR, with Aprodite conjunct the Asc. Zeus is in the stakes of the Hermes Lot of Men’s marriages, and Kronos, the Asc domicile lord, ingresses into the Dsc zoidion!

Wallenstein’s great military successes, reversals, powerful enemies, being recalled to duty and betrayed

By these I mean starting from July 1625 till his death in February 1634.




Wallenstein Fortune and Spirit Aphesis




Here is another reason why I am glad I examined Wallenstein’s horoscope the way it deserves. I am talking about the Aphesis/Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Fortune and Spirit.

One can argue that it is better to release from Spirit as I am discussing his professional actions and his initiatives, BUT if one reads carefully what the wiki article says and examines the vicissitudes of Walenstein’s life in this period, one would see that circumstances arose and things happened which resulted in the emperor assigning, releasing and recalling Wallenstein in this or that region etc. This means that Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Fortune, not Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit works better. It is especially so after Aug 1628 (the Loosening of the bond from Light to Darkness – Can to Cap). This is reinforced by the fact that in Spirit Aphesis we have the reverse – from Darkness to Light!

Here are some relevant quotes from wikipedia, illustrating that Wallenstein’s career took a downhill after the successes from 1625 to 1628 (before the Loosening of the bond) as can be read in the link provided at the start of my article:

“However, in 1628 he failed to capture Stralsund, which resisted the Capitulation of Franzburg and the subsequent siege with assistance of Danish, Scottish and Swedish troops, a blow that denied him access to the Baltic and the chance of challenging the naval power of the Scandinavian kingdoms and of the Netherlands.[23] Though he succeeded in defeating Christian IV of Denmark in the Battle of Wolgast and neutralizing Denmark in the subsequent Peace of Lübeck,[26] the situation further deteriorated when the presence of the Imperial catholic troops on the Baltic and the Emperor’s “Edict of Restitution” brought King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden into the conflict.[23] He attempted to aid forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski, which were fighting Sweden in 1629; however, Wallenstein failed to engage any major Swedish forces and this significantly affected the outcome of the conflict.[27]
Over the course of the war Wallenstein’s ambitions and the exactions of his army had made him a host of enemies, both Catholic and Protestant princes and non-princes. Ferdinand suspected Wallenstein of planning a coup to take control of the Holy Roman Empire. The Emperor’s advisors advocated dismissing him, and in September 1630 envoys were sent to Wallenstein to announce his removal.[19] Wallenstein gave over his army to General Tilly, and retired to Jičín, the capital of his Duchy of Friedland.
However, circumstances forced Ferdinand to call Wallenstein into the field again.[19] The successes of Gustavus Adolphus over General Tilly at the Battle of Breitenfeld and on the Lech (1632), where Tilly was killed, and his advance to Munich and occupation of Bohemia, demanded action.[28] In the spring of 1632, Wallenstein raised a fresh army within a few weeks and took to the field. He drove the Saxon army from Bohemia and then advanced against Gustavus Adolphus, whom he opposed near Nuremberg and after the Battle of the Alte Veste dislodged. In November, came the great Battle of Lützen, in which Wallenstein was forced to retreat but in the confused melee, Gustavus Adolphus was killed. Wallenstein then withdrew to winter quarters in Bohemia.”[28]
“In the campaigning of 1633, Wallenstein’s apparent unwillingness to attack the enemy caused much concern in Vienna and in Spain. At this time the dimensions of the war grew more European. “

Note what happened in 1632 when he engaged the enemies again – Fortune 10th on the 2nd level, with the ruler Kronos, the trigon lord of the Sect Light and in Spirit Aphesis – Vir is the period with Hermes, the other trigon lord of the Sect Light.

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit and why Wallenstein was unwilling to attack the enemy

Note how Wallenstein was unwilling to attack the enemy and what was present on the 2nd level from Spirit – Ares being the lord of Spirit. But Ares is in the Balance, a zoidion not known for fighting, quite the reverse and its detriment! Breathtaking, taking into consideration the length of the war so far!

When the 2nd level reached the Scorpion with Ares in the stake of the first level and ruling the 2nd, the Scorpion being a mute zoidion and one of hate and betrayal, and remember Antares, a star of Ares’s nature and as the planet is impeded, the star will signify that the native cannot hold on to its gifts and is brought down violently. Look at this quote:

Wallenstein’s death at the hands of his enemies

“On 24 January 1634 the Emperor signed a secret patent (shown only to certain of Wallenstein’s officers) removing him from his command. Finally an open patent charging Wallenstein with high treason was signed on 18 February and published in Prague.[19] Losing the support of his army, Wallenstein now realized the extent of his peril, and on 23 February with a company of some hundred men, he went from Plzeň to Cheb, hoping to meet the Swedes under Duke Bernhard. After his arrival at Cheb, however, certain senior Scottish and Irish officers in his force assassinated him on the night of February 25.[28
The Holy Roman Emperor may not have commanded the murder, nor even desired it, but he had given free rein to the party who he knew wished “to bring in Wallenstein, alive or dead.” After the assassination, he rewarded the murderers with honour and riches”.[30]

As far as the native having strong enemies, Wallenstein’s horoscope shows that the lord of his culminating place is in the fall of the L7, being the Sun in the 9th of kings! So it is quite natural that the emperor did not like him or appreciate him and give him what he deserved.

Moreover, the Lot of Necessity is in the 7th place in Wallenstein’s horoscope, confirming that fighting and war are a crucial part of the native’s life. With the lord of the Lot in the 9th of kings and religion, one is starting to understand the 30 years war!

Let me add something I just noticed: adding the ascensions as years of the 7th place, the Lion – 41.89 to the lesser years of the lord the Sun – 19, one gets 60.89, 1/2 of which is 30.45 years. Amazing!

One could instead add the ascensions of the zoidion the Sun is in, which is the 9th of religion and add to this the minor years of the Sun = 41.94 + 19 = 60.94 1/2 of which being 30.47 years. Sure, Wallenstein’s horoscope is just one chart of many, but what a crucial chart this is as history proves!

As far as death is concerned, Ares is ruling the Decennials with Hermes – L8 distributing the months. Wallenstein’s horoscope also has plenty of indications for a violent death, but that is not my point. Kronos is distributing the Asc from May 31 1633 with the trigon of Hermes partnering from Jan 19 1634, both planets in the stakes and configured with both the place of death and the Deadly Place and their rulers or being them!

Hermes is crucial for timing, keeping in mind that two of the 3 astrological techniques for determining the length of life showed it to be between 47.50 and 53 years. This is because Hermes rules the place of death and is about to become a very major Ruler of the Times in July 1633.

Before that time, benefics were guarding the times and the life of Wallenstein. True, there were 2 dangerous solar revolutions, where general Wallenstein’s life was in danger (see the 1630 and 1631 SR not shown here), but they cannot override the superior Rulers of the Times.

But note what happens in mid 1633 in Wallentein’s horoscope. Ares rules the Decennials, Hermes starts to distribute with Kronos taking over the Distributions of the Asc and Hermes took over close to 4 months after Wallenstein turned 50. Thus one must be very watchful, because death is already knocking hard on the door (or is already in Samara) so to say!




Wallenstein last SR 1633 and Fortune Aphesis for death Feb 24 1634




In Fortune Aphesis, Kronos rules the major period, is present with the lord of the 2nd level and the Deadly Place – Zeus, and opposed by Hermes L8 – amazing!

Wallenstein’s SR of death

In the 1633 SR and 3rd place year:

  • The natal 4th of endings and death is rising, which is all the more important because Fortuna is there natally, which is one indication of death.
    Ares, LoY is opposing the natal Asc – a massive indication of death.
    The natal Asc domicile lord has ingressed into the Deadly Place – just one indication and not at all that serious just by itself, but there a few already.
    The lord of the natal Asc and SR 10th is in the SR 8th of death.
    Natal L4 Aphrodite is present in the SR 4th and opposing the natal Asc – another indication.



Wallenstein’s month and day of death

On the day of death – Feb 24-25th 1634, transiting Hermes (being not just natal L8 but the partner of the Asc distributions, is conjunct the natal Asc within 2-3 portions. Moreover, the LoY Ares is walking back within 3 portions of Hermes, the lord of the place of death!





Wallenstein general LR of death - 2 days after



For the last lunar revolution (LR) of Wallenstein’s life, the natal Asc is the 8th place of death. Yes, upon checking, out 13 LRs for this year, this occurs 3 times, BUT:

1) in none of the other 2 LRs, L8 and a Ruler of the Times Hermes is conjunct the natal Asc;

2) transiting LoY Ares is adhering to natal Hermes;

3) and LoY Ares is conjunct/adhering to the LR IC within 2 portions and some minutes!!

4) Moreover, transiting Ares sat for the first time (first station in the last portion of the Virgin!) a few days after the order of the emperor to get rid of Wallenstein and then started walking back to conjunct the natal lord of death – Hermes.




Wallenstein 1632 SR and Spirit Aphesis when killoing king Gustav Adolph Nov 1632




One last thing worth mentioning for those who have not noticed it. Even though the general was in a very difficult period in Spirit Aphesis (using Aphesis from both Lots at the same time is ok and there is no contradiction when one knows how to do it as per Valens), when he reached the Fortune 10th and had a Loosening of the bond on the 2nd level, and then again on the 3rd level, while he was forced to retreat, his side and army was able to kill king Gustav Adolph. Yes, the same king, which French astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin writes about in his Astrologia Gallica book 23 pages 27-29 and for whom I might write an article some day. And this success happened in Wallenstein’s  horoscope during a Fortune 10th on the 4th level as well!!

One who would want go even deeper than that, would notice that both the level 1 and level 2 lord is Kronos in the 8th from the 7th. This gives prominence due to death of other people, but in this case it also even works better with Capricorn, the Goat Horned One on level 1 and level 3. It is the 8th from 9th from the 9th – the death of a king from a foreign country – amazing!!


Written in March 2014

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