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Finding Lost Items and Animals with Astrology Part 2

The present article is about finding lost items with Astrology. This is done through horary Astrology. In other words, the natal chart is not used. Instead, the astrologer takes the moment in which he/she understands the question. This is the birth of the question – its horoscope if you will.

I wrote Finding Lost Animals and Items with Astrology (Part 1) of this article a few months ago. I recommend those who have not read it to do so, as I want to touch on a few intricacies.

Finding lost items with Astrology

Finding lost articles, documents, objects, etc is, as I wrote, one of the most impressive tools in the arsenal of horary Astrology.

Note that I did not write locating lost/missing animals, pets with horary Astrology in the same sentence. This is because there is a differentiation when it comes to finding inanimate vs animate objects with horary Astrology.

This differentiation also brings up the second intricacy. It is such that there is a tangible difference between the object or animal or pet being in the home/yard/garden vs being outside.

If the lost item is in the home, then while the same rules are used, they are slightly modified. Conversely, if it is not in the home, which, actually cannot always be determined (even though a skillful horary astrologer can describe what it is close to or where it is), then the variations increase a lot. Therefore this makes finding missing items or animals with Astrology more demanding.

finding lost items with Astrology

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Peculiarities in finding lost items or animals with Astrology when they are not in the client’s home

What do I mean? Well, just imagine the type of variations the practitioner would have to deal with when it comes to locating inanimate objects/items, documents, belongings with horary Astrology, when they are no longer in the home of the querent.

To make it more difficult, imagine when an animal/pet is involved.

They are animate and they can move quite a lot, which increases the variations even more. I would say the most difficult horaries about missing animals/pets are those where the animal is a flying bird. Or one that can go under ground or under water. In the first case, the bird can fly kilometres or even to other cities or neighbouring countries. In the second case, other people are unlikely to be of help in seeing the missing/lost animal, because it will have under ground or deep under water.

On the other hand, there is certain advantage in locating missing/lost animals/pets with Astrology, namely that they have volition and they move. Conversely, documents, items, personal belongings and other inanimate objects do not move.

As such, when it comes to the timing of their recovery (provided the chart shows it of course), for various reasons, it is actually more difficult. In some cases, horary Astrology kind of does not show mercy so to the say to the practitioner.  Once horary Astrology has shown where the missing object is and that it will be recovered, then it is up to the querent to be the active party, use their volition and go and locate it.

The importance of Man, Heaven, and Earth Luck in locating lost objects or animals

Doing lost objects and missing animals/pets horaries should always keep the practitioner humble and make them realize again and again just how sacred and divine Ancient Astrology is.

At the same time, it should reinforce the awareness of the Cosmic Trinity of Chinese Metaphysics. It is comprised of Heaven (Astrology), Man (the human aspect being the most important one in this case – using the volition to actively search for information/an astrologer who can help them find their lost item/animal, and Earth (to know their environment and make the most of it).

Therefore, those people who are meant to find an astrologer capable of locating their missing objects, documents/animals, have to play the active part. The reasons is, it is the way the magnificent horary Astrology works.

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